In Case You Missed…

Some of our special stories in August followed the strange twists and turns of Campaign 2012, the prospects for war with Iran, and the role of government in improving lives and solving problems.

Why Romney Insulted the Palestinians” by Robert Parry, explaining the neocon meme about cultural inferiority. Aug. 1, 2012

More on Vanity of Perfectionism” by Robert Parry, taking another look at the Left’s hostility to “lesser evil” voting. Aug. 2, 2012

Romney’s Revolutionary War Bungle” by Robert Parry, puzzling over the ex-Massachusetts governor’s confusion about Patriots Day. Aug. 2, 2012

The Threat from the Right” by Beverly Bandler, assessing the danger from extremism in the Republican Party. Aug. 4, 2012

Punishing Iran Endlessly” by Paul R. Pillar, questioning the wisdom of a one-way strategy. Aug. 5, 2012

WPost Defends Romney, Again” by Robert Parry, commenting on the Washington Post’s curious defense of the Bain cover-ups. Aug. 8, 2012

Blaming Obama and Romney Equally” by Robert Parry looking at the media’s tendency to engage in false equivalence. Aug. 10, 2012

Israel’s ‘Bomb Iran’ Timetable” by Ray McGovern, gauging Israeli thinking about Iran’s nuclear program and the U.S. election. Aug. 12, 2012

Romney-Ryan Bet on Greedy Geezers” by Robert Parry, dissecting the cynicism of the GOP delay in implementing Medicare changes. Aug. 13, 2012

Atomized America of Late Capitalism” by Phil Rockstroh, reflecting on the human vacuum at the heart of a decaying empire. Aug. 15, 2012

Israel’s Robust Debate on Iran Threat” by Paul R. Pillar, noting the seriousness of the public discussion on possible war. Aug. 17, 2012

An Israeli ‘October Surprise’ for Obama?” by Robert Parry, recalling a similar temptation by Israeli leaders who disdained Jimmy Carter. Aug. 18, 2012

Forgetting the Why of the New Deal” by Lawrence Davidson, explaining the role of government in stopping abuses of capitalism. Aug. 20, 2012

Pussy Riot’s Appeal for Justice” by Ray McGovern, commenting on a crisis of free expression in Russia. Aug. 20, 2012

Israel’s Drift into Apartheid” by Nima Shirazi, tracking troubling trends in Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. Aug. 21, 2012

Ryan’s Clash with Catholic Teachings” by Daniel C. Maguire, describing Paul Ryan’s disdain for the poor. Aug. 22, 2012

Still Praising Ryan as ‘Fiscal Hawk’” by Robert Parry, challenging media boilerplate that Paul Ryan is a deficit fighter. Aug. 22, 2012

Ignoring International Law on Iran” by Paul R. Pillar, taking note on how the U.S. and Israel are ignoring standards on threatening war. Aug. 23, 2012

The Human Cost of War on Iran” by Elizabeth Murray, assessing the death and destruction from bombing Iran’s nuclear reactors. Aug. 23, 2012

Is Mitt Romney a Racist?” by Robert Parry, questioning the GOP nominee’s troubling remarks that appeal to bigotry. Aug. 25, 2012

Training Societies to Be Bigoted” by Lawrence Davidson, tracing American racism from the KKK to Islamophobia. Aug. 27, 2012

Mitt Romney’s Blood Money” by William Boardman, reporting on how the GOP nominee got his start at Bain Capital, Aug. 27, 2012

Selling War as ‘Smart Power’” by Coleen Rowley, exploring the new rationale for U.S. interventionism. Aug. 28, 2012

Iran/Israel: Who’s Threatening Whom?” by Nima Shirazi, dissecting some of the recent rhetorical salvos. Aug. 28, 2012

Romney World’s Freedom from Facts” by Robert Parry, marveling at what the GOP convention did with reality. Aug. 31, 2012

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