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Harris Would Continue Genocide in Gaza

The empire’s behavior is no more changed with a new president — Trump or Harris — than a corporation is changed with a new secretary at the front desk of its main office, writes Caitlin Johnstone.

Profiles in Cowardice

The Australian Labor Party, which suspended a senator for breaking with the party to vote for recognition of Palestine, never heard of JFK’s concept of Senate courage, reports Joe Lauria.

Australia’s Palestine Problem

If progress on a peace process leading to a two-state solution remains Australia’s sole pathway to recognition of a Palestinian state, Palestinians have been hung out to dry, writes Stefan Moore.

UK Labour — the Party of Big Business

Ethan Shone reports on the access that Starmer’s frontbencher provided to corporate lobbying over the past 18 months or so, ever since the implosion of the Liz Truss regime made an opposition victory likely.

Biden: ‘I’m Running the World’

The comment by the sitting U.S. president in Friday’s interview has been ignored by the mainstream, but its megalomania is at the heart of why Joe Biden is defying his party and remaining in the race, writes Joe Lauria.