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WATCH: Lavrov at UN on Avoiding WWIII

Condemning U.S. exceptionalism, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov laid out to the Security Council how the world can overcome U.S.-led aggression to find peaceful co-existence in a multilateral world.

NATO SUMMIT: Collectively Losing Their Minds

Soon after Russia entered Ukraine, the Pentagon corrected Antony Blinken for saying Kiev would get NATO fighter jets. Blinken was applauded at the NATO summit yesterday for saying F-16s would soon arrive in Ukraine. What changed? asks Joe Lauria.

Biden: ‘I’m Running the World’

The comment by the sitting U.S. president in Friday’s interview has been ignored by the mainstream, but its megalomania is at the heart of why Joe Biden is defying his party and remaining in the race, writes Joe Lauria.