Category: Labor

WATCH: Why Galloway Won

CN Live! spoke to Galloway campaign manager James Giles and Chris Williamson (below), deputy leader of the Workers Party of Britain, in the vote counting center in Rochdale on Thursday night.

Historic US Healthcare Worker Strike

More than 75,000 employees in six states and Washington, D.C., of Kaiser Permanente, the nation’s largest nonprofit healthcare provider, on Wednesday began a three-day work stoppage.

US LABOR DAY: The Minimum Wage at Age 85

Without any mechanisms to adjust for rising prices, the real value of the federal minimum wage hit a 66-year low in 2023, say the authors. It’s now worth 42 percent less than its highest point in 1968.  

DIANA JOHNSTONE: A Voice Heard in the Land

Planned obsolescence has been the dominant policy of the Western elite toward the working class since the neoliberal power seizure of the 1980s, a message that comes through in a new song suddenly sweeping the world. 

ChatGPT Still Needs Humans

There are many, many people working behind the screen, and they will always be needed if the model is to continue improving, writes John P. Nelson.

Amazon Workers Encouraged by UPS Wage Gains

UPS Teamsters are voting this month on the tentative agreement, Luis Feliz Leon reports. But the big wage gains are already reverberating at Amazon, which is slated to adjust its wage progression in the fall.