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US Defends Israeli Occupation at World Court

Among nations participating in the ICJ proceedings on Israel’s occupation, only the U.S. and Fiji are urging the court not to issue an opinion that declares the nearly six-decade occupation of Palestinian territory illegal.

US Again Vetoes UN Cease-Fire Resolution

Algeria’s ambassador, who brought the resolution, said Washington’s lone opposing vote should be understood as “approval of starvation as a means of war against hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.”

Caitlin Johnstone: Israel Needs to be Hated

Perceived anti-semitism is cited as evidence for why Israel needs to be even more violent, militaristic and tyrannical than it already was, and why its brutal treatment of Palestinians is justified and correct.

Israel’s Big Game Propaganda

Israel took advantage of 123 million TV viewers — the most since the 1969 Moon landing — to ply its propaganda during Sunday’s U.S. football championship match, writes Alan MacLeod.

The Killing Fields of Gaza

Throughout, and to its eternal shame, the West along with Arab governments in the region have stood by and offered nothing in the way of serious and meaningful intervention, writes John Wight.