Month: November 2011


Clint Eastwood’s Dishonest ‘J. Edgar’

Actor/director Clint Eastwood

Exclusive: In the movie J. Edgar, director Clint Eastwood glosses over the long train of abuses committed by the late FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover so there’s more time for a psychological profile. But James DiEugenio says that leaves a…

Help Us Rewrite Recent US History

Journalist Robert Parry

From Editor Robert Parry: The other day, I was on a West Coast radio show and a caller accused me of “trying to rewrite history” a charge to which I must plead guilty.

Ivan Eland Disputes War-for-Oil Dogma

Ivan Eland's book "No War for Oil: U.S. Dependency and the Middle East"

At least since the oil shocks of the 1970s, it has been Official Washington’s dogma that the United States must stand ready to fight wars over access to Middle East oil, but the Independent Institute’s Ivan Eland questions that certainty…

Next Challenge for Occupy Wall Street

Scene from Occupy Phillie (Photo by Ted Lieverman)

Despite a lack of policy prescriptions, Occupy Wall Street dramatized the crisis of income inequality in America. Now, Danny Schechter says the challenge for the movement is to expand on that message with outreach to the broader national population.

Upholding Justice in the ‘War on Terror’

Former Justice Department attorney Jesselyn Radack

As a Justice Department ethics adviser, Jesselyn Radack objected when U.S. citizen John Walker Lindh (dubbed the “American Taliban” after his capture in Afghanistan) was denied constitutional rights. For her integrity, Radack lost her job, but her courage earned her an award…

What Country Do We Want to Keep?

Seal of the National Security Agency

On Nov. 21, former National Security Agency official Thomas Drake was honored for his courage in blowing the whistle on the U.S. government’s abuse of its secrecy powers. In his acceptance speech, Drake explained the larger and more frightening context…

Would Jesus Join the Occupy Protests?

Martin Luther King Jr. monument in Washington DC

In the holiday season, many Christians take pride in helping the poor by donating food and toys but U.S. religious leaders have stayed in the background of challenges to an inequitable economic system, leaving that Jesus work to mostly secular young people…

Will Holiday Splurge Save US Economy?

A "Black Friday" scene from 2009

As the United States has de-industrialized over the past several decades, an illusion of prosperity was maintained by rampant consumerism fueled by easy credit and bubble economies. Now U.S. businesses are hoping for another fix from shoppers rushing to the…

Gingrich, the Ultimate Beltway Bandit

Ex-House Speaker Newt Gingrich

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich epitomizes the licentious lifestyle and lucrative cronyism that American conservatives claim to hate, yet he is the latest Republican presidential hopeful to soar into frontrunner status, as Michael Winship notes.

Questions to Ask the Candidates

Cold War architect George Kennan

Exclusive: During recent presidential debates, moderators have asked mostly predictable questions and except for some notable gaffes have elicited mostly talking-point answers. But ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern says it’s time for citizens to put politicians on the spot with some…