For a Different Angle on Ukraine

Starting with Robert Parry’s groundbreaking reporting on the 2014 Maidan coup, through the Russian intervention this year, Consortium News has been a leading source of analysis on Ukraine that defies the ‘psyopcracy.’

Biden and Zelensky at COP 26 climate conference, November 2021. (President of Ukraine/Wikimedia Commons)

Consortium News has been on the leading edge of Ukraine coverage, beginning with Robert Parry’s work in 2014 to identify U.S. involvement in the coup and the role of neo-Nazis.  He also warned as early as 2015 that the Ukraine crisis could lead to nuclear war. 

Here is a list of some of the most important original Consortium News stories on Ukraine since 2014. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help us continue our Ukraine coverage into 2023. 


Neocons and the Ukraine Coup Feb. 23, 2014

Who’s Telling the Big Lie on Ukraine? Sept. 2, 2014

Ready for Nuclear War Over Ukraine? Feb. 23, 2015

The Mess That Nuland Made – July 13, 2015

Troubling Gaps in the New MH-17 ReportSept. 28, 2016


Tangled Tale of NATO Expansion at the Heart of Ukraine CrisisJan. 28, 2022

What a US Trap for Russia in Ukraine Might Look Like Feb. 4, 2022

Why Putin Went to WarFeb. 24, 2022

On a Knife’s Edge in Ukraine – March 11, 2002

Biden Confirms Why the US Needed This WarMarch 27, 2022

Defensive West Smears Samarkand Summit – Sept. 21, 2022

On the Influence of Neo-Nazism in Ukraine – Dec. 29, 2022

Evidence of US-Backed Coup in KievDec. 29, 2022


Pity the Nation – March 7, 2022

Phase Three in Ukraine – May 30, 2022

Reaping the Whirlwind – Sept. 22, 2022

Nuclear High Noon in Europe – Oct. 19, 2022

A ‘Dangerous, Bloody & Dirty Game – Nov. 3, 2022

Merkel Reveals West’s Duplicity – Dec. 5, 2022


The Great Acquiescence – Glory to Ukraine – April 16, 2022

Ukraine & the Strength of Nonalignment – April 27, 2022

The New Iron Curtain – May 16, 2022

The Imaginary War – July 13, 2022

War as Presentation – Nov. 1, 2022

A War of Rhetoric & Reality – Dec. 27, 2022

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4 comments for “For a Different Angle on Ukraine

  1. Eddie S
    January 2, 2023 at 09:42

    CN has been my go-to source for CREDIBLE, realistic information on US foreign policy and activities, especially since the 2003 Iraq War(crime). Just to inform the younger readers here, that was when the US neo-cons orchestrated a war based on blatant lies and a militaristic world view, killing at least 100,000 people (with some estimates as high as 1M !) in Iraq, some 6200 miles away. The MSM was 100% behind the war and reliably parroted every official pronouncement regarding the purported WMDs as the unquestioned truth, with only a few nonMSM websites like CN taking a position of healthy skepticism. Ultimately, after NO stockpiles of WMDs were ever found *EVEN the MSM* had to admit it was all 99% BS, and they had been supposedly duped. After a few empty apologies, mea culpas and half-hearted phony promises to be more vigilant in the future, it was back to the same-old-same-old for the MSM (or one could argue it emboldened them to be even more casual about their reporting since they essentially ‘got away with it’ and suffered no financial repercussions — just like the’W’ administration who promoted it all.). Meantime, CN and a couple of other sources got it 100% right, and cemented their credibility for me.

  2. January 1, 2023 at 22:13

    Dog shelter caring for hundreds of dogs in Donetsk appeals for your support


    I wonder how many of the more than 800 dogs in a Donetsk dog shelter are there because their owners have been killed by Australian military aid.

    On 4 July 2022 at a joint ‘press conference’ by Albanese and Zelenskyy in Ukraine – where where all journalists critical of the Zelenskyy regime are in hiding, in exile, locked away or dead – Albanese announced an additional (AU or US?) $100 million in military aid to Ukraine, bringing the total of Australian military aid to $390 million. hxxps://

  3. Francis Lee
    December 31, 2022 at 16:03

    During the early days of the rapid German advance into the Soviet Union there were some 140 pogroms in the western Ukraine claiming the lives of between 13000-35000 people (Untermensch, in fascist terminology). In 1943-1944 OUN-B and its armed wing the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (Ukrainska povstanska armia – UPA) one Roman Shukhevych carried out large scale ethnic cleansing resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands; this was a particularly gruesome affair in Volhynia where some 90000 Poles and thousands of Jews were murdered. The campaign of the UPA continued well into the 1950s until it was wiped out by the Soviet forces.

    It should be said that during this early period Bandera himself had been incarcerated by the German authorities up until his release in 1944, since unlike Bandera they were not enamoured of an independent Ukrainian state but wanted total control. Bandera was only released at this late date since the German high command was endeavouring to build up a pro-German Ukrainian quisling military force to hold up the remorseless advance of the Red Army. Also pursuant to this it is also worth noting that during this period the 14th Galizian Waffen SS Division, a military Ukrainian collaborationist formation established by none other than Heinrich Himmler, was formed to fight the Soviet forces, and yet another being the Nachtingal brigade; (1) this unit was integrated into the 14th Galizian in due course. It is also interesting to note, that every year, and up to 2014 commemoration ceremony including veterans of this unit takes place with a march through Lviv in an evening torchlight parade – genuine Leni Riefensthal Nazi pastiche. The flag of this unit is not dissimilar to the Peugeot logo, the standing lion, and can be seen at ultra-nationalist rallies as well as football matches involving Lviv Karparti FC. There are also numerous statues of Bandera across Ukraine, and since the 2014 coup even street names bearing the same name. Significantly the UPA have now received political rehabilitation from the Kiev Junta, with Bandera declared a hero of the Ukraine and the UPA rebranded as ‘freedom fighters.’ One particularly splendid statue of Bandera stands proudly in Lviv and is lovenly adorned with flowers.

    Other novel attractions the capital of Banderestan – Lviv – include ‘Jewish themed restaurants’ one such is Kryivka (Hideout or Lurking Hole) where guests have a choice of dishes and whose dinning walls are decorated with larger than life portraits of Bandera, the toilet with Russian and Jewish anecdotes. At another Jewish themed restaurant guests are offered black hats of the sort worn by Hasidim. The menu lists no prices for the dishes; instead, one is required to haggle over highly inflated prices ‘’in the Jewish fashion’’. Yes, it’s all good clean fun in Lviv. Anti-Semitism also sells. Out of 19 book vendors on the streets of central Lviv, 16 were openly selling anti-Semitic literature.

  4. Theresa Barzee
    December 31, 2022 at 10:35

    This list is just exactly what we need to comprehend the long range idiocy of controlled narrative, that we do not see. Unless Consortium puts it out here for all to digest! Please do a shout-out for Ben Norton’s coverage of the latest leaks too! So appreciate all of you! Gigantic thanks. Let’s free Assange, while we continue to credit the stories he has put out for this latest piece Ben (also) covered, with great links to sources! Good work, folks.

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