In Case You Missed…

Some of our special stories in April examined the expanding conflicts in the Middle East, the prospect of a peaceful nuclear agreement with Iran, and the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

Yemen as Vietnam or Afghanistan” by William R. Polk, Apr. 1, 2015

Why Iran Distrusts the US in Nuke Talks” by Ray McGovern, Apr. 1, 2015

The US-Israel-Iran Triangle’s Tangled History” Robert Parry, Apr. 2, 2015

Misunderstanding Jesus’s Execution” by Rev. Howard Bess, Apr. 2, 2015

Was Sgt. Bergdahl a Whistleblower?” by Matthew Hoh, Apr. 2, 2015

Iran Deal: A Possible Crossroads to Peace” by Robert Parry, Apr. 3, 2015

Reasons for Despair and Hope” by Kathy Kelly, Apr. 4, 2015

When Occupation Becomes Apartheid” by Gil Maguire, Apr. 5, 2015

Obama’s Fateful Indecision” by Robert Parry, Apr. 6, 2015

Israel’s Unsavory New ‘Allies’” by Lawrence Davidson, Apr. 7, 2015

Judith Miller’s Blame-Shifting Memoir” by Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, Apr. 7, 2015

Neocons, R2Pers and Hypocrisy” by Robert Parry, Apr. 10, 2015

Reasons for the Mideast’s Despair” by Alon Ben-Meir, Apr. 10, 2015

The Nasty Blowback from America’s Wars” by Ray McGovern, Apr. 12, 2015

How Washington Adds to Yemen’s Nightmare” by Jonathan Marshall, Apr. 13, 2015

Neocon ‘Chaos Promotion’ in the Mideast” by Ray McGovern, Apr. 13, 2015

Saudis Pour Oil on the Mideast Fire” by Anthony F. Shaker, Apr. 14, 2015

Russia Impinges on Israeli ‘Right’ to Bomb Iran” by Ray McGovern, Apr. 14, 2015

Did Money Seal Israeli-Saudi Alliance?” by Robert Parry, Apr. 15, 2015

Anti-Islam Hate in City of Brotherly Love” by Lawrence Davidson, Apr. 16, 2015

Syrian Rebels Caught in ‘False-Flag’ Kidnapping” by Robert Parry, Apr. 16, 2015

Prisoners Inside America’s Raging Storm” by Kathy Kelly, Apr. 16, 2015

How Ukraine Commemorates the Holocaust” by Robert Parry, Apr. 17, 2015

The West Snubs Russia over V-E Day” by Ray McGovern, Apr. 20, 2015

A Fact-Resistant ‘Group Think’ on Syria” by Robert Parry, Apr. 20, 2015

The US Hand in Libya’s Tragedy” by Robert Parry, Apr. 21, 2015

We Lucky Molecules” by Robert Parry, Apr. 22, 2015

Seeking Justice for Egyptian Massacres” by Marjorie Cohn, Apr. 23, 2015

Obama’s ‘Openness’ and Deceit” by Robert Parry, Apr. 24, 2015

Embracing the Saudi War on Yemen” by Robert Parry, Apr. 25, 2015

Shutting Down Debate about Israel” by Lawrence Davidson, Apr. 26, 2015

Syria’s Nightmarish Narrative” by Robert Parry, Apr. 27, 2015

How Discrimination Breeds Radicalism” by Alon Ben-Meir, Apr. 28, 2015

Double Standards and Drones” by Marjorie Cohn, Apr. 28, 2015

The Day After Damascus Falls” by Robert Parry, Apr. 29, 2015

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