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Reclaiming the Commons

March in Madison, Wisconsin, commemorating the first anniversary of the public uprising against Gov. Scott Walker's anti-union legislation. (Photo from OccupyWallSt.org)

A new law, known as H.R. 347, expands the power of the Secret Service and police to arrest protesters near a “protected person” or at special public events like nominating conventions, a further intrusion on the right of Americans to…

Seeking Justice for Wall St.’s Victims

The Wall Street bull statue by Arturo Di Modica

International agencies and global movements target human rights violators from small or isolated countries, but the idea of holding accountable the powerful and well-connected who cause much greater human suffering is considered unthinkable, a paradigm that Danny Schechter challenges.

Regaining a Spirit of Defiance

Nike's new Foamcomposite Galaxy shoe

When kids scramble to buy the latest Nike running shoe, they’re mocked for their consumerism; yet, when Mitt Romney mentions his wife’s Cadillacs and other one-percenters tool around in their luxury autos, they’re admired for their success — a commentary…

America’s Road to Nowhere

U.S. Marines patrol street in Shah Karez in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, on Feb. 10. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Staff Sgt. Robert Storm)

The fact that the American Left lacks the media outreach to the public that the Right has is proving decisive as conservatives consolidate their influence in blue-collar communities that, ironically, are suffering from right-wing excesses of the past three decades, as…

Which Way for the Occupy Protests?

Police -- some in Hazmat suits -- clear away Occupy DC on Feb. 4 (Photo credit: OccupyWallStreet.org)

The Occupy movement is at a divide, with the initial encampments mostly disbanded but with new plans for marches and civil disobedience this spring. There are also schisms between non-violent activists and some anarchists who favor more aggressive action, a…

A Biohazard Valentine of Dissent

Image of Planet Earth taken from Apollo 17

The powers-that-be would prefer the common folk to accept their fate quietly, even as many are made surplus to the work force and all are facing global warming’s coming devastation of the planet. But more and more people are choosing…

Wall Street Parties On

A Gilded Age party at the Breakers in Newport, Rhode Island, in 1909

Police have cleared out most Occupy Wall Street encampments around America, but no one is stopping the ultra-rich from partying on with the trillions of dollars in bailout help from the feds and the Fed, as Bill Moyers and Michael…

Why the Rich Keep Getting Richer

Mr. Moneybags from the "Monopoly" game

Mitt Romney, who wants talk of income inequality confined to “quiet rooms,” admits he’s spent the last decade living mostly on investments and paying less than half the taxes that would apply to a salary, just one more example of why…

Muscling What’s Left of Democracy

Standard & Poor's headquarters in New York City

The Standard & Poor’s rating agency has downgraded European countries in a move that may force the governments to crack down more on their populations and divert more money to wealthy investors, thus helping the super-rich short-circuit what’s left of democracy,…

On Occupying the New Year

The year 2011 wasn't so happy for many.

For many people around the world, 2011 was a very tough year, as millions lost jobs, suffered foreclosures and faced austerity, while the rich did fine and corporations hoarded trillions of dollars in cash. But there were glimmers of hope…