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Retirees Fighting Own Unions’ Health Cuts

Jenny Brown reports on the vote by New York City’s Municipal Labor Committee to  scrap some of the best retiree health care coverage in the country and push retirees onto the for-profit Medicare Advantage plan. 

Getting Stiffed on Health Care — Again

Provisions passed by the House last year that subjected insulin products to Medicare price negotiation and capped Medicare insulin copays at $35 per month have been left out of the latest draft of the bill.

The Push for a Medicare-for-All Plan

America’s complex and inefficient healthcare system ends up being both very expensive and limited in its coverage, a problem that Sen. Bernie Sanders is targeting in his Medicare-for-all plan, reports Dennis J Bernstein.

The Clintons’ Cheap Shot at Sanders

Seeing the polls tighten, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has gone on the attack against Sen. Bernie Sanders over his support for Medicare for all, accusing him of seeking to destroy Obamacare (though he voted for it). It’s a deceptive assault, say…

Romney-Ryan Bet on ‘Greedy Geezers’

Exclusive: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were quick to assure U.S. seniors that they will be grandfathered in to today’s Medicare  even if younger Americans get stuck with an inferior system a bet that the selfishness of “greedy geezers” will grease the way…

Taking the Side of the Billionaires

Exclusive: America’s Right pitches itself as populist, taking the side of the common man against “big guv-mint” and “lib-rhul elites,” but its actual policies from the NFL lockout to Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget side with the billionaires in what amounts…