In Case You Missed…

Some of our special stories in October focused on the problematic U.S. presidential campaign, revelations about U.S. alliances in the Middle East and the escalation of the New Cold War with Russia.

How Arms Sales Distort US Foreign Policy” by Jonathan Marshall, Oct. 1, 2016

Clinton Shows a Dovish Side on Nukes” by Jonathan Marshall, Oct. 2, 2016

Trump’s Blindness Toward Slavery, Jim Crow” by Marjorie Cohn, Oct. 2, 2016

Obama Warned to Defuse Tensions with Russia” by Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, Oct. 2, 2016

Do We Really Want Nuclear War with Russia?” by Robert Parry, Oct. 3, 2016

Double Standards for Israel and Syria” by Rick Sterling, Oct. 4, 2016

The NYT’s Neocon ‘Downward Spiral’” by Robert Parry, Oct. 4, 2016

The Unmourned Plutonium Disposal Deal” by Jonathan Marshall, Oct. 5, 2016

New ‘Group Think’ for War with Syria/Russia” by Robert Parry, Oct. 5, 2016

The Joint US-Saudi Guilt for 9/11” by Daniel Lazare, Oct. 6, 2016

To Fight Global Warming, Canada Ponders a Carbon Tax” by Jonathan Marshall, Oct. 6, 2016

The Forgotten Libyan Lessons and the Syrian War” by Robert Parry, Oct. 6, 2016

Key Neocon Calls on US to Oust Putin” by Robert Parry, Oct. 7, 2016

Extracting Lessons from Police Shootings” by William John Cox, Oct. 9, 2016

Low-Brow Debate Skirts Meaningful Issues” by Joe Lauria, Oct. 10, 2016

Are Humans Natural-Born Killers?” by Lawrence Davidson, Oct. 10, 2016

Hillary Clinton: Candidate of War” by Daniel Lazare, Oct. 10, 2016

A First-Hand Account of Women’s Boat to Gaza” by Ann Wright, Oct. 10, 2016

Trump’s Lies About a Nuke ‘Gap’” by Jonathan Marshall, Oct. 11, 2016

Russia Reads US Bluster as Sign of War” by Ray McGovern, Oct. 11, 2016

Debate Moderator Distorted Syrian Reality” by Robert Parry, Oct. 11, 2016

The Life and Death of Hanoi Hannah” by Don North, Oct. 12, 2016

How America Expunges Bad Memories” by Michael Brenner, Oct. 13, 2016

Obama Re-imposes Neoliberalism in Latin America” by Ted Snider, Oct. 13, 2016

‘End of Growth’ Sparks Wide Discontent” by Alastair Crooke, Oct. 14, 2016

Donald Trump’s False Martyrdom” by Robert Parry, Oct. 14, 2016

NYT’s Absurd New Anti-Russian Propaganda” by Robert Parry, Oct. 16, 2016

Why Colombia’s Peace Deal Failed” by Jonathan Marshall, Oct. 17, 2016

Good Deaths in Mosul, Bad Deaths in Aleppo” by Robert Parry, Oct. 17, 2016

Congress Sinks to New Depths” by Mike Lofgren, Oct. 18, 2016

The Democrats’ Joe McCarthy Moment” by Robert Parry, Oct. 19, 2016

Raising More Questions Than Answers” by Joe Lauria, Oct. 20, 2016

Clinton Repackages Her Syrian ‘No-Fly’ Plan” by Robert Parry, Oct. 20, 2016

The Unique Human Capacity for War” by Michael Brenner, Oct. 21, 2016

Finally, Letting the Philippines Go” by Jonathan Marshall, Oct. 21, 2016

Washington’s New Lock-Step March of Folly” by Robert Parry, Oct. 22, 2016

The ‘White Helmets’ Controversy” by Rick Sterling, Oct. 23, 2016

One Iraqi Family’s Struggle Amid Chaos” by Cathy Breen, Oct. 24, 2016

Russia’s Very Different Reality” by Natylie Baldwin, Oct. 24, 2016

Clinton’s Slog Deeper into the Big Muddy” by Robert Parry, Oct. 24, 2016

Women Call for Israel-Palestine Peace” by Ann Wright, Oct. 25, 2016

US Impunity Erodes World Justice” by Nicolas J.S. Davies, Oct. 25, 2016

Tom Hayden, Courageous Warrior for Peace” by Marjorie Cohn, Oct. 26, 2016

The Modern History of ‘Rigged’ US Elections” by Robert Parry, Oct. 27, 2016

Only Making Matters Worse in Syria” by Daniel Lazare, Oct. 28, 2016

Selling ‘Regime Change’ Wars to the Masses” by John Pilger, Oct. 28, 2016

The Abnormal Normal of Nuclear Terror” by Gray Brechin, Oct. 28, 2016

The De Facto US/Al Qaeda Alliance” by Robert Parry, Oct. 29, 2016

Police Clash with Pipeline Protesters” by Ann Wright, Oct. 29, 2016

Why the Truth Might Get You Fired” by Lawrence Davidson, Oct. 29, 2016

Who Will Weed Out the Warmongers?” by Robert Parry, Oct. 30, 2016

How the West Provoked the New Cold War” by Ray McGovern, Oct. 31, 2016

Justifying the Saudi Slaughter in Yemen” by Gareth Porter, Oct. 31, 2016

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