Month: March 2012


GOP Justices Ignore the Founders

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy

Exclusive: As the Republican Supreme Court majority moves toward gutting health-care reform, the justices are making a mockery of the Constitution and the intent of the Founders who had good reasons to include the powerful Commerce Clause. But it appears GOP partisanship will…

Israel to Iran, with Love

An Israeli who  joined a public campaign in 2012 to discourage an Israeli war against Iran.

Almost drowned out by the pounding of war drums is the rare voice for peace and sanity, like that of Israeli graphic artist Rony Edry, who designed a poster with the message, “Iranians. We will never bomb your country. We…

Calling Dr. Strangelove

The mushroom cloud from the U.S. A-bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan, during World War II

Mitt Romney lashed out at President Obama for telling Russia’s President Dmitri Medvedev that after the U.S. elections, there will be more “flexibility” to deal with arms control. But the greater danger may be delays in eliminating land-based missiles that add to…

GOP Justices Clown over Health Care

Broccoli, a vegetable known for its nutritional properties

Exclusive: The questions asked by the Republican partisans on the U.S. Supreme Court suggest they will overturn the Affordable Care Act. Instead of a serious debate about health care and the Constitution, they clowned around with silly what-ifs about mandating broccoli-eating and requiring burial insurance,…

Egypt Pushes Palestinians on Peace

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas

The new Egypt guided by relatively moderate Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood is seeking a unity among Palestinian factions as a way to advance peace talks with Israel. The next question will be whether Israel and the United States welcome…

Help in Our Book Spring Cleaning

From Editor Robert Parry: We’re trying to reduce our stockpiles of books and reach our goal for the spring fundraiser. You can help in both while also getting important facts out to a broader public.

Hunt for the Historical Jesus

Image of Jesus bearing his cross, from a 14th Century fresco at the Visoki Dečani monastery in Kosovo.

For years there has been a debate over not only who Jesus was but whether he existed. Historians remain split on many Jesus-related questions and the issue is fraught with religious overtones but Rev. Howard Bess believes enough is now known…

‘Hunger Games’ Left Appetite for More

Poster for "The Hunger Games"

Exclusive: “The Hunger Games” based on a trilogy of best-selling novels about an apocalyptic future set box-office records for a non-sequel film on an opening weekend, but Lisa Pease also found the film’s story compelling enough to leave her hungry…

Congress Finally Bans Insider Trades

The West Front of the U.S. Capitol

Congress finally banned its members and other federal officials from stock trading based on insider government information, but not before the law was watered down in two key respects, as Michael Winship reports.

Are the GOP Justices Political Hacks?

The nine justices of U.S. Supreme Court before Antonin Scalia's death. The court is still awaiting Scalia's replacement.

Exclusive: The “Obamacare” debate will test whether the U.S. Supreme Court’s five Republican justices are political hacks. After all, a right-wing think tank devised the individual mandate, which was embraced by GOP front-runner Mitt Romney, but it’s now anathema because it was…