YouTube Lifts Block on CN Live! — ‘Palestine: 20 Years Later’ with John Pilger & Ilan Pappé

YouTube blocked a CN Live! program on Palestine in the 20 years since John Pilger’s film Palestine is Still the Issue with Pilger and Israeli historian Ilan Pappé.  

YouTube has lifted the block it put on CN Live!‘s latest program, “Palestine: 20 Years Later.” The full episode can be seen here:

The episode can also be seen in its entirety on Twitter’s Periscope.


Acclaimed journalist and filmmaker John Pilger discussed the changes that have come over Palestine since the making of his film Palestine is Still the Issue, released in 1974 and 2002.

A screening of the full documentary was shown before the discussion.  Pilger gave Consortium News permission to show the entire film, which is on, and then he appeared on the show for an hour to talk about it.

YouTube had stopped the film after 16 minutes claiming that it was “Spam or deceptive practices.”

YouTube then claimed a copyright violation.

It was the second time YouTube has taken down an episode of CN Live!  The first time was in February, when again without explanation, it removed an interview with journalist Greg Palast about voter suppression in the Georgia Senate run-off race. 

The Show

The episode is about the past two decades that have seen an extreme turn to the right in Israeli politics with grave consequences for Palestine and its quest for independence, including four major Israeli attacks against Gaza.

Pilger and Israeli historian Ilan Pappé, who appeared in the 2002 film, discussed the worsening situation over the decades for Palestinians and where the future of Palestine and Israel is headed.

Pappé is the author of many books, including The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, in which he documents that ethnic cleansing was a long-standing Zionist goal that was planned in detail by Ben-Gurion in the Red House headquarters outside Tel Aviv and included a much greater number of atrocities against Palestinians in the establishment of Israel in the late 1940s.

Pappé says it was the start of a process of ethnic cleansing that continues until today.

About the book, Publisher’s Weekly wrote:

“Denied for almost six decades, had it happened today it could only have been called ‘ethnic cleansing.’ Decisively debunking the myth that the Palestinian population left of their own accord in the course of this war, Ilan Pappé offers impressive archival evidence to demonstrate that, from its very inception, a central plank in Israel’s founding ideology was the forcible removal of the indigenous population. Indispensable for anyone interested in the current crisis in the Middle East.”

Produced by Cathy Vogan, with hosts Elizabeth Vos and Joe Lauria. 

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34 comments for “YouTube Lifts Block on CN Live! — ‘Palestine: 20 Years Later’ with John Pilger & Ilan Pappé

  1. Zhu
    July 28, 2021 at 19:39

    US Fundamentalists want a Jewish state in order to bring Jesus back real soon. Palestinians don’t fit into that future history fantasy. Ethnic cleansing is real common in US history, so Americans are cool with it in their fantasy Jewish state, too. Since US Fundies vote by the tens of millions, their nonsensical fantasies have real political clout and determine US Middle East policy.

    Western journalists don’t like to think about Dispensationalism, interpretations of the apocalyptic books of the Bible, the 38th chapter of Ezekiel, etc., but nonsense fantasies can have great power. Look at both world wars for example.

  2. July 28, 2021 at 18:29

    So, the take away point of this is it was bad 20 years ago and it is worse now today.
    Seems like that is pushing justice into a corner, and so how do you think justice will respond.
    I think it is simple.
    You get what you deserve.
    The Zionist ideology is not indicative of the Jewish faith.
    The state of Israel is based upon Zionist ideology.
    Zionist ideology is one full of zealots.
    Here is the definition of zealot per Merriam Webster:
    a person who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of their religious, political, or other ideals.
    The Jewish faith has zealots but don’t all faiths have this?
    Sometimes a zealot has a good idea, but most times not.
    I disassociate Zionism and the Jewish faith, but the state of Israel is presently being “run” by Zionist, and it is obvious – they are as wrong as could be. So, what is taking so long for other companies to have courage like Ben & Jerry’s? Do you need it pushed into your face to understand the obvious. This could be arranged if need be.
    Sorry – that is the way it goes.

    • Keith McClary
      July 29, 2021 at 13:50

      Origin of the word:

      (historical) A member of an ancient Jewish sect that aimed at a world Jewish theocracy and resisted the Romans until AD 70.

      (Their project did not end well.)

  3. PEG
    July 28, 2021 at 11:16

    The commentators below John Stanley and Anonymot draw parallels between the Zionist state and the Nazi and Fascist regimes of Central Europe in the last century.

    In this regard, Eleanor Goldfield makes some very interesting observations in her recent Mint Press News article: “From Judaism to Fascism: How Zionists Turned Their Backs on Their Own Culture.”

    Including this observation: “appeasing anti-Semites was a cornerstone of Zionism from the beginning. Theodore Herzl, known as the ‘father of modern political Zionism,’ wrote in his diaries that ‘[t]he anti-Semites will become our most dependable friends, the anti-Semitic countries our allies’.” Logicially, as one of the regretable goals of Zionism was removing the Jewish population of Europe to a new “homeland.”

    As the great John Pilger and Ilan Pappé point out, Zionism is in its essence – like Nazism and Fascism – an outgrowth of 19th century imperialism and as such an anachronism in the modern world.

    In this regard, note should be taken of the important work now being done by Yasha Levine in analyzing how the Soviet Jews were induced by Israel and its friends in the USA (including the orginal neo-con, Senator “Scoop” Jackson) to leave their real homeland in order to skew the demographic balance in Israel/Palestine against the Palestinians and how immigrants were “instrumentalized” in this area (including, bizarrely, in the USA and Canada, both Jewish immigrants as well as non-Jewish immigrants fron Eastern Europe often of an ultra-nationalist or fascistic persuasion).

  4. john stanley
    July 27, 2021 at 18:05

    Once again we see the Israeli Nazi network weaseling their way into what should be publicly accessible media and killing the truth about Israels practice of genocide on the Palestinian people.
    Goebbels would have been proud of them.

    • Ray
      July 28, 2021 at 00:16

      Mr. Stanley, you are so correct… Israel is a Fascist, Apartheid-practicing, rogue state.

  5. Diana
    July 27, 2021 at 17:44

    Maybe it’s time to boycott YouTube?

    • James Simpson
      July 28, 2021 at 02:35

      How would that make the smallest difference?

  6. worldblee
    July 27, 2021 at 16:51

    This is outrageous while also being completely “normal” for our current times where the tech giants control free speech access.

    • James Simpson
      July 28, 2021 at 02:37

      Whilst the social media corporations remain in private hands they can do whatever they want with the content we provide free of charge for their use. We need to bring them into public ownership as worker cooperatives without the profit motive. You know: socialism.

      • July 28, 2021 at 11:32

        I say it is time for them to be classified as public utilities, and regulated as such.

        • James Simpson
          July 29, 2021 at 02:14

          In the UK, as in other capitalist regimes, public utilities were long ago sold at knock-down prices into the private sector and their regulations demolished. How would classifying social media corporations improve anything for us, the people?

  7. Anonymot
    July 27, 2021 at 16:44

    The fascist government of Israel and our leaders are one. You will not notice the goose step with the Democrats as with the Republicans, but it, too, may come. Be American – sue them.

  8. Bret Bowman
    July 27, 2021 at 16:18

    When was the last time a US citizen testified before Congress explaining how insanely corrupt Congress and the federal government in general have become?
    The American public do not exist in the halls of government, neither do the views of the American public exist in government. This is not a democracy but a technocratic fascism precisely as defined by Mussolini’s own historian wherein all serious criminal activity is very carefully organized and sanctified under color of law to further the ambitions of the combined corporate-state.

    • James Simpson
      July 28, 2021 at 02:38

      That’s how your government was designed from the beginning. Its much-lauded checks and balances are not to ensure government has too much power but to ensure the people are kept away.

  9. Thomas Dickinson
    July 27, 2021 at 15:40

    Please get,, and/or account(s) and put all your videos there to avoid this. This has been going on with many non-mainstream news sites for months and they have made these moves, anticipating such an event. Consortium News now can see it is, too, is not immune to this rampant disease of power despite its impeccable credentials and venerated faces. I don’t use Twitter so cannot view your video now.

    • Thomas Dickinson
      July 27, 2021 at 15:42

      Why do you think Twitter will be safe? Ms Psaki sez if you are banned on one platform you ought to be banned on all of them and she is the sordid voice of power today.

    • July 28, 2021 at 07:17

      YouTube reviewed the claim of “spam, deceptive practices or scam” and dismissed it. We have now uploaded the show to YouTube. See above.

  10. John Smith
    July 27, 2021 at 15:19

    Again: move to Bitchute. Eff YouTube/Google.

  11. Rael Nidess, M.D.
    July 27, 2021 at 15:18

    Why not upload it to one of the uncensored video channels (Bitchute, NewTube, Odysee, Brighton, or Rumble) rather than confine it to social media so we can all enjoy it.

  12. Jonny James
    July 27, 2021 at 15:02

    All part of the privatization and monopolization of the electromagnetic spectrum. What do we expect when a handful of mega-corporations are allowed to control most of the information? Corporations can censor whatever they want.

    The internet should be a Public Good. Instead, it is bought up by credit-leveraging and QE-inflated stock earnings. Fictitious Capital is used to monopolize information.

    And as we know from the Citizens United ruling: money is Free Speech (TM) and corporations have the rights of legal persons. Until these underlying structural/legal issues and corruption are corrected, we can expect more Corporate Tyranny.

  13. Manuel Lombardero
    July 27, 2021 at 15:01

    Consider putting your programming in Rokfin

  14. July 27, 2021 at 12:56

    Thank you Noam Chomsky for the lesser of two evils.
    Had these blatant violations of our constitutional rights happened under the Trump regime, we’d be all in arms.
    You were right Noam, under Biden fascism is a lot more tolerable. See, no one of the “left” is complaining. . . soon we’ll be in concentration camps and happy to be there. Way to go professor Chomsky!

    • James Simpson
      July 28, 2021 at 02:41

      This is exactly as I predicted last year. I was equally disgusted by Mr Chomsky’s urging of US socialists, anarchists and Greens to vote Biden. I could see that Biden’s election would anaesthetise the Left, and it has done so. Biden’s policies are pretty much the same as Trump’s yet he garners praise from most Left media.

  15. William F Johnson
    July 27, 2021 at 11:34

    Yep. Censorship sucks alright, but it’s to be expected as the rulers continue to try and rewrite history while forgiving their own crimes they could not care less about in the first place. It’s an easy life when you alone get to make law that absolves you of all crimes no matter what such crimes happen to be and in this regard, it might be time for people to make the bought and paid for politicians a little less comfortable along with their masters in the billionaire class.
    Heck, you can’t even discuss this sort of thing anymore without entertaining the possibility of going to Gitmo or some such place and that’s a real problem. The system is practically scaring people into silence and that can never be a good thing.

    • Straay Katz
      July 27, 2021 at 17:36

      So much for the Bill of Rights. Weasels worm around it with corporatocrazy. Nice to see we’re not all giving up in this pointless battle against injustice. Thanks for that Wm.

  16. Me Myself
    July 27, 2021 at 09:50

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    An error occurred during a connection to PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR

    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
    Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

    • Me Myself
      July 27, 2021 at 09:51

      Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. Please try your request again later. Why did this happen?

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      Time: 2021-07-27T13:48:48Z
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  17. Me Myself
    July 27, 2021 at 08:33

    What happened at the Palestinian office is to me proof positive that the accusations of smearing feces at the Ecuadorian embassy was modus operandi of the accusers against Assange and implies the Israelis had a hand in this as well.

  18. Dennis Kraska
    July 27, 2021 at 08:32

    The video has been removed from YouTube. Is there a alternative way to view it?

      July 27, 2021 at 11:03

      Yes, Twitter Periscope above.

      • rosemerry
        July 29, 2021 at 17:35

        We surely should not be encouraged to support these profit-making private antisocial media!!!!
        I waited until the ban was lifted.

  19. hazza
    July 27, 2021 at 08:23

    unit 8200 plebs at work huh

    “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on spam, deceptive practices, and scams.”

  20. Janet Kaiser
    July 27, 2021 at 08:14

    Live stream suspended for policy violations? Looks like friends in high places don’t want the truth telling about Israel and its genocide of Palestinians… :(

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