6 comments for “WATCH: CN Live! Election Coverage–Day 4

  1. TS
    November 7, 2020 at 19:34

    Mr. Lauria, get a couple of good nights’ sleep! You look like you need it — and we need you to be in good shape going forward.

  2. David H
    November 7, 2020 at 19:19

    Haven’t heard this yet, but will hear it. The strange thing about Pepe Escobar’s message on censoring (Day 3 which I heard the night of Fri the 6th) was that today Saturday suddenly there was a delay for approving shares on the Useful Idiots Listeners fb page [comments under shares there move a share back to top of page]. I figured they’d had an automatic ID-er for me as they always let me through immediately (though I can’t remember any delay at any time). There is to me questionable stuff on the page today…a number of shares purporting Bush was worse than Trump. I could figure a certain amount of these anyway, but my impression was there were an inordinate amount being let in as the day progressed. I just tried to bring up removed uteruses at the Irwin Detention Center…no point in attempting a new share (due to delay); just had to stick the issue in under previous ones germane.

    I always feel like I owe Pepe plenty, but he did sound like he’d had a ton of coffee. He’s always made the world interesting; I can forgive him for coffee nerves and/or Zoom nerves, or just stuck in one place nerves. That talk on why you guys & gals write at all was heavy…heavy and just thrust in there in almost one instant. Stuff to ponder!

  3. grayslady
    November 7, 2020 at 12:49

    Scott Ritter was incredibly wrong about how mail-in ballots work these days. In my state, at least, there were numerous checks on the mail-in ballot. I was able to request the ballot online, but then I was sent a form that had to be signed and mailed back confirming my signature and address that asked me to verify that, indeed, I wanted to vote by mail (the form was postage prepaid, as I recall, so it was strict but painless). Not until the County Clerk received that form was I mailed my ballot. Thereafter, I was able to track my ballot online so I knew exactly when the ballot had been received and exactly when the election judges had approved my signature and that my ballot would be counted. The ballot was on the same type of paper stock used by our optical scanners for in-person voting so, at least in my county, all ballots were counted by the afternoon of Nov. 4, except for provisionals and absentee ballots. The only thing I think my county could have done better is to have numerous pre-election flyers–mailed and publicly posted–explaining exactly how the process would work, what was involved for each step and when to return the ballot to allow for enough time for processing.

  4. November 7, 2020 at 05:10

    My impression is of people gabbling away with their sophisticated views on what this or that power or person will do and not really facing the seriousness of the authotitarianism that is gaining a stranglehold on the world. There is only one thing to do about Syria – get out of it. Then comes that silly innocuous intervening music instead of an explosive piece by Schoenberg, Boulez or the agonised humanity that finds expression in Alban Berg.

  5. November 7, 2020 at 05:06

    Someone should prepare for the consequences of art-of-the-deal Trump when he will try to negotiate a deal (Ford/Nixon pardon) for immunity and the dropping of criminal,fraud,financialtheft,and civil cases involving him,his family,his organisation in exchange for a crocodile-tear declaration to unite the country. The Biden/establishment democrats will prefer to work and win with Trump republicans rather than with the progressive left wing of the democratic party. This will divide the country even more.
    Than you for your reporting, a candle on windy nights. Alexander Sinclair Mehdevi

  6. November 7, 2020 at 03:26

    The man who is doing most of the talking up to one hour 48 is evidently blind to the destructive forces at work in American and not only American politics. He evinces a cheap optimism -“we Americans will solve all our problems” – Stranglehold of the corporate powers to which Biden and Kamala Horrible adhere, a malthusian polciy in practise of letting the evicted, jobless poor die. censorship and Big Brother descending on us in an uncontrolled way. “Whatever you think of Kàmala, it would be nice to see a female president” – – How miserable and cheap can your thinking become? Disgusting. We are confronted with one shock after the other and one of the biggest would be to see Kàmala becoming President. There is something evil about her, already in her bodylanguage , her false smiles.

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