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Michael Moore on ‘Occupy Oakland’

Filmmaker Michael Moore

The Right got what it wanted when Bay Area police stormed the Occupy Oakland encampment touching off clashes that left one protester, Iraq War vet Scott Olsen, in critical condition. Filmmaker Michael Moore discussed the protests with Davey D and…

Vatican Decries Financial Excesses

Pope Benedict

The Christian Right talks about applying Biblical tenets to political issues, but ignores the most central of Jesus’s teachings standing with the poor, opposing financial elites and abhoring violence. The Vatican has now issued a reminder of those principles, as Daniel C.…

GOP Sees ‘Mob’ in Wall St. Protests

Former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Virginia, who was defeated in a GOP primary by a Tea Party challenger.

The Republican complaint that any talk about raising taxes on the rich is “class warfare” has now refocused on the protests against Wall Street greed as an example of “mob” rule, instigated by President Barack Obama. But Danny Schechter finds the…