Corbyn Tells CN Australia Should Press for Assange Release

Former British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn told Consortium News the Australian prime minister should press the U.S. for Julian Assange’s liberty and he held out hope that popular action could end decades of neoliberal economic policies in the West. 


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3 comments for “Corbyn Tells CN Australia Should Press for Assange Release

  1. A Concerned Westerner
    January 22, 2023 at 00:26

    I used to think Corbyn was what the British press and his political adversaries said about him – soft on communism, unsupportive of business as a basis for economic strength of the nation and of course the give away “Jew hater”. Once the red flag was raised about “Jew hater” I realzed I was wrong – Corbyn has been the victim of a targeted smear campaign by both his own party and the opposition, because in the end they ate owned by the City of London banking cartel whose evil is well known and whose evil has backed every war since the age of Napoleon or before. Corbyn is, I retrospect, an admirable man, a man of principle, an intelligent man who is not the puppet of anyone, although he does have his favourites. What he says is important and what he has said in the past rings true about rampant militarism of the UK and NATO. He has been an honorable truthful politician while almost none exist anywhere anymore. He has more courage and more moral authority than all the pinhead politicians in the UK combined and he asked for decency and fair treatment of Assange. Corbyn is not owned by the USA so they smear and hate him. But the hatred for the US and NATO is growing, it’s a fire being fanned by their endless war machine, hated by many people in Canada, the USA, and Europe. And their abuse of their power will never be forgiven, or forgotten, and scores will be settled by the new world masters- China , Russia, India and the CSO & BRICS nations. Free Assange and prosecute US war criminals.

  2. maria
    January 21, 2023 at 11:42

    Many blamed Assange because he proved that there is reason to feel unsafe with the U.S. military.

    Most people looked away from what happened on 9/11 – when the army was stood down – because asking would bring a reality collapse and the understanding that this army is not what it appears to be.
    So they preferred to accept help provided by the MSM to ignore facts.

    Assange published irrefutable proof of events that occurred in reality. He was not among those muddying the waters after the several crimes which is what many other reporters did. When these ‘professional reporters’ failed to report the truth, ordinary people acted on falsehood and voted liars into the offices of state once again. With due consequences.

    The 19.03.23 will be the 20th anniversary of the illegal and unprovoked attack on the people of Iraq.
    And amazingly. the European Union has now been maneuvered into a war with Russia.

    Release Julian Assange. He has served his time.

  3. Valerie
    January 20, 2023 at 13:44

    “The issue isn’t complicated; a journalist is in prison for exposing the truth”. Jeremy Corbyn.
    What I have discovered though, is that the truth is invariably unwelcome.

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