Final Hours to Donate to Spring Fund Drive

Thank you to all who have generously donated so far to our Spring drive.

It has been an eventful Spring Fund Drive for Consortium News.

It began with PayPal permanently suspending us in an effort to choke off an avenue for donations.  Then we responded to NewsGuard’s charge that CN has published “false content” on Ukraine. This was followed by word that the former head of the U.S. Disinformation Governance Board thinks Consortium News is a bunch of “useful idiots.”

Our loyal readers and viewers have stood by us throughout these assaults against our journalism, with an outpouring of support, financial and moral. If you have already contributed to our Spring Drive, we heartedly thank you. Your generosity is inspiring.

If you have not yet donated, please take take the opportunity in the final 24 hours of our drive to do so.  Thank you.

Joe Lauria

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