WATCH: John Pilger’s First Interview With Julian Assange

In John Pilger’s first interview with Julian Assange in 2010, Assange explains how WikiLeaks works, the impact of its journalism and governments’ efforts to stop it.

Ahead of this week’s appeal hearing, John Pilger re-released his first interview with the WikiLeaks publisher. Assange speaks of the privatization of censorship in the West, the role of private money-making in war, indiscriminate attacks on civilians in Iraq, including that there were worst videos of U.S. atrocities in Iraq than ‘Collateral Murder’ that didn’t leak, his relationships with corporate media and much more. 


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2 comments for “WATCH: John Pilger’s First Interview With Julian Assange

  1. Lily
    October 26, 2021 at 08:53

    The interview shows a young idealistic Assange who believes that wikileaks will change the world to the better. But it does look as if the evil is going to win at least for now. Still the Belmarsh Tribunal creates hope. Don’t give up Julian!

    Also see John Pilger’s film on the English Health System. Makes you cry. Thank you, John.

  2. Skip Edwards
    October 25, 2021 at 12:47

    A big thanks to those in journalism who expose the true complicity in governments to cover up their own war crimes and their crimes against humanity in persecuting those brave journalists who do.

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