Consortium News Facing Cutbacks With Slow Winter Fund Drive

The pandemic is affecting everyone–except the billionaires–it seems.

Consortium News remains extremely grateful for the generosity of our readers who have kept us–the original online alternative news site–going for 25 years.  

Even during the economic devastation of the pandemic, which has touched nearly everyone except billionaire profiteers, our loyal readers have continued to give. 

We have set a goal of $70,000 for our 25th Anniversary Winter Fund Drive in order to just keep our normal operations going: paying editors, writers, a video producer, administrative staff, a web host and other costs. We would need far more than that to implement our plans for expansion. 

If we do not meet our current fund drive goals we will have no choice but to cutback on operations, meaning we will bring you fewer of the kinds of stories you’ve come to depend on from Consortium News.

To avoid a painful retrenchment, please help us if you can, with a generous donation today. 

Thank you. 

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