19 comments for “As Another Perjury Trap is Exposed the FBI’s Case Against Trump Collapses

  1. Anastasiia Lebedieva
    May 18, 2020 at 07:10

    Nice !

  2. Dave
    May 17, 2020 at 21:08

    Fascinating and incredible! And incredibly believable because …FACTS.

    However, as someone far away but following closely, can anyone tell me if there is a correlation between the work Binney and McGovern did to uncover the internal email download trail? At a glance, and with my limited knowledge, this seems to be at odds with what they found.
    Am I misreading or misinterpreting?

  3. Zalamander
    May 16, 2020 at 10:55

    Now that the truth has been exposed that Joseph Mifsud had nothing to do with the Wikileak DNC emails, he can come in from the cold and answer who he was working for.

  4. dean 1000
    May 16, 2020 at 10:38

    Great piece Scott. If Michael Flynn was running the National Security Council there would have been less slaughter in Syria.

    One aspect of Mueller’s indictment storyline seems more implausible every time i read about it. According to Mueller the GRU hacked the DNC, zipped the data and “moved” it to GRU leased computers in Illinois and Arizona. Why would foreign agents lease computers (conveniently leaving a paper trail & MAC #’s for Mueller or domestic intelligence to find?) instead of requisitioning a computer from their embassy, doing the hack and immediately returning the computer to their embassy.

    Alternatively, they build a PC per u-tube video, take it online, join social media, move around the web until domestic intelligence logs it as just another new computer. They don’t install the big HHD/SSD until they are ready to do the hack. After the hack the SSD is immediately hand carried to the home country embassy or consulate and moved out of the US asap.

    The Russiagate hoax also collapsed because the public simply doesn’t believe it. An indication that Americans recognize party propaganda as readily as Russians came to recognize soviet propaganda.

  5. robert e williamson jr
    May 15, 2020 at 18:48

    I have a comment for the author. Scott you work always seems to be rock solid and this piece is no different. Good stuff.

    I’ve been a rabid fan of yours from day one, it takes character to take on intelligence community, even when its your survival you are fighting for.

    I left a comment on Patrick Lawrence’s “See No Evil” phase of Russia Gate, May 14, 2020 at 22:53. I think while you may not agree with my comments you may have an appreciation for and knowledge of where I’m headed with them.

    The favor here is can you read my comments and the material I refer to in them. I’m trying not to offend CN by using this space for personal use other than making comments. I did manage to list a site in my comment and I don’t want to abuse that privilege.

    Realizing that I do not want to be viewed as digging for info I’ll ask a rhetorical question to make my intentions clear.

    After reading my comments to Patrick Lawrence’s “SEE NO EVIL” and then reading the article I refer to there ,hereis my question.

    Doesn’t the simple fact that everyone involved here seems to have themselves tied in knots trying to make this story go away tells me we need to very cautious while dealing with this issue and how the truth does end up being revealed?

    We have the intelligence community, law enforcement and the attorney general all involved in what MUST BE essentially a political matter. WHY?

    Could it be because no one listed here has any respect for the rule of law or is this all a farce designed to increase and protect the already abused Presidential Powers. This whole thing stinks, I’m thinking someone got caught up in this because of a major mistake. We all know the cover up in most cases is what gets everyone caught..

    Something happened here, wiki leaks ended up with data, Julian Assange is jailed for no real reason and Seth Rich got murdered in the process.

    I don’t need a reply from you, I need to know what the hell happened here. All American do!

    Thanks to all at CN

    • David G Horsman
      May 18, 2020 at 02:56

      You are very diplomatic and polite. I felt both your comments really didn’t need a response but for one thing. They didn’t seem contraversial (errant) in any way.
      But correct my understanding of your very nuanced set of points.
      As a student and project manager, …

      A) Most of the system was very much behind O’Bama. That’s democracy and not nefarious but sociological. However that can become very distorted and has risks.

      B) All groups talk and plan privately. As every person has an ideology and plan. I could have said conspiracy and agenda setting a tone imply bad intent. So you must (did) speak to the character of the group and members, their intentions and actions. Is the plan even written down and have a concensus?

      C) I’m philosophically a skeptic / stoic / minimalist. I study cognitive bias and corruption from a biological slant. You won’t get a argument from me about KEEPING AN OPEN MIND. That should be default state where you examine your feelings (emotions) carefully.

      D) I started in 2017. They seemed terribly conflicted internally on both sides. The whole country. But as a rule I assume it’s my ignorance that’s the problem. But YOU said that, so I then might confirm impressions as maybe valid.

      E) Yes this community should figure out the W5H. It’s why I follow you folks.
      Or the who, what, where , why and how. How is distinct. When all you will ever have is scraps of info actions and (contradictive) words are what you got. Scenario fields. Only actions really matter in the end.

      Anyway I agree that the backroom room stuff is intense these days. And these folks come up with some ideologically distorted, often niave and just weird strategies.

      However whatever that is, it seems what’s driving it is very surface level. Society has seen big changes (the Internet and big data), the polarization issue and a slow collapse of empire.
      There is the left and now right dominance over recent decades. And the normalization, not a collapse per se, of the US empire is a one hundred year slow rolling event.

      That said, this situation can just blow up suddenly or collapse suddenly and unpredictably. That is becoming likely.

      The multipolar world, geofascism and potential dollar collapse is a terribly long discussion. One where my questions might be of value but my provisional views and opinion is not.

      I didn’t think your comment needed a response because nobody, not I, not even our elite clowns, knows what going on or what the plan is.

      Yeah. We better figure this out and defuse this conflict between the liberal and conservative classes everywhere. It’s global.

  6. Jeff Harrison
    May 15, 2020 at 12:44

    Two aphorisms:
    Bullshit walks and money talks.
    What goes around, comes around.

    The US has been perpetrating “regime change” (a regime being anyone we don’t like) for decades. This is a case of the locals trying to do regime change in Washington. The effort’s not much different than what we fomented in Brazil.

    • David G Horsman
      May 18, 2020 at 03:14

      In the emergent or here middle phase, fascism goes from attacking external others to attacking it’s population internally. That’s how I reduce this to a statement.
      I see Robert the Deep State blog on CN. I have been led to their articles a few times. What do you think of them?

  7. Nathan Mulcahy
    May 15, 2020 at 09:36

    The “Russian Collusion” is a regime change coup attempt. All perpetrators should be brought to justice and punished – I’d say by hanging or firing squad, if I were not opposed to capital punishment. But since this is not happening – US of A is a country that one was….

    • Anna
      May 15, 2020 at 12:28

      It was not Russain Collusion — it was Israeli Collusion but Mr. Adam Schiff is cognitive blind towards the unholy alliance of ziocons with Al Qaeda in the Middle East and with neo-Nazi in Ukraine:

      see: unz.com/pgiraldi/israel-to-annex-the-united-states/?showcomments#new_comments

      General Michael Flynn was set up by the FBI after Flynn openly stated that the Obama administration used terror groups against Bashar al-Assad to win the war in Syria. Israelis and Israel-firsters in the US want Golan Heights by any means, the US and human decency be damned: see: hannenabintuherland.com/usa/general-michael-flynn-was-set-up-by-fbi-after-calling-out-obama-working-with-al-qaida-in-syria/
      It is ridiculous that Adam Schiff is the Democratic chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

    • ARI
      May 17, 2020 at 13:36

      Anna, You are correct it was Israeli Collusion, but you are wrong about the reason why.

      In the call to the Russian Ambassador, Flynn asked Mr. Kislyak, to veto a UN Security Council resolution condemning Israel’s settlements in the West Bank.

      The Obama administration was going to abstain, but Trump’s transition team decided to reach out to Russia and see if it would be willing to veto the resolution.

      The Trump team’s decision to contact Russia was made following requests by senior Israeli officials that they try to intervene.

      While the focus is on Flynn’s lying, why no mention of the underlying crime of working for the Israeli government which was the reason for his lying? Flynn, with Trump’s approval was working on behalf of the Israeli government to undermine US policy at the UN. Betraying one’s country by undermining it’s policies is called treason and its a crime.

      But I guess it isn’t a crime to work for the Israeli government to undermine our own government.

    • David G Horsman
      May 18, 2020 at 03:48

      Violent regime change rarely has a good outcome. IE vs Gandi. However as I play a sort of comedic character frequently online the lamp posts topic has been material lately.
      That’s important.

      Upset Guy: We don’t have enough lamp posts to hang all these people.
      Me: Hey don’t worry, they can make them for us.

      I am sure you all see the reference to camps and slavery, or the US prison system, left fascism here and all the horrific implications.

      A war could happen in theory. You defend yourself. But I think it’s a question of how extreme you are forced to be. Or… some folk want to bathe in blood. It’s true.
      So while the anti-fascist (or ANTIFA) strategy is in theory emulating fascist tactics that really depends on the people involved. Any power structure attracts deviant types. It concerns me.

      Yeah so I focus on this. And I feel it. So being predisposed to hanging these criminals really worries me. Jokes reflect truth.

      I don’t even believe in the death penalty. But all people have these thoughts. They can be swayed. And even act on them. Yikes.

  8. DW Bartoo
    May 15, 2020 at 09:31

    My appreciation to Scot Ritter for this clear description of one of the initiating elements of the criminal fiasco of what has become known and long-endured, these last three and a half years, as Russiagate.

    Recent “evidence” of former Predident Barack Obama’s concerns about the “Rule of Law” as expressed in the “leaked” phone call (to whom is not made clear) ring rather hollow.

    Obama’s gravest concern, one may reasonably speculate, is his own vulnerability to consequence, historical and legal, for what may, possibly, his own involvement in, and knowledge about, the contrived predicates used to entrap Papadopolous and Flynn.

    Despite the fact (or allegation) that Obama is a “Constitutional Scholar”, or even because of that claim, Obama must have known that, should the made up justifications to go after Papadopolous and Flynn be revealed as fallacious, or collapse under their own weight, as both the FBI and the DoJ were clearly being made political use of, even as FISA court judges were being snookered, he must have considered that he, personally, would not, could not, be called to account. One imagines that Joe Biden assumes similar immunity from serious consequences, should he be shown to have been “in the loop”, and appraised, periodically about the “progress” of “Hurricane”.

    Just as Obama may well have felt no compunction, as Presudent, in terming Chelsea (then Bradley) Manning “guilty”, before Manning even went to trial – a proclamation clearly prejudicial TO the outcome of that trial, an action one should think thoroughly repugnant TO the Rule of Law – so too, might Obama have felt privileged to encourage, or tolerate, what must be understood as amounting to nothing less than an attempted coup against his successor.

    It matters not what one may think of Donald Trump or the Trump presidency (though my assessment of both is not admiration), what matters is whether we respect what a genuine rule of law, premised upon actual and unchanging principles truly requires and insists upon.

    As well, if information systems (the media) are compromised and become simply conduits for propaganda and manipulation of awareness, then truth, perspective, nuance, and “history” become meaningless rituals of convenience and pretense (not unlike “elections” held, not to further actual democracy, but simply to further a pretense of democracy to lend “legitimacy” to corruption and oligarchic rule).

    At this point, as “Russia-did-it” unravels totally, even as much of the media seeks to further ignore and thus hide or obscure the truth of things, a very real question of legitimacy, of justice, and of the rule of law must be made clear: If Joe Biden, or any other replacement Democrat is elected in November, then will all the criminal behavior of members of the U$ government and “other” actors (and it is criminal behavior which transpired) now being exposed, simply be excused and forgotten?

    Indeed, might Trump, if re-elected, pull an Obama and say, “Look forward”, as Obama did regarding the use, by U$ “Intelligence” agencies and the U$ military, of torture, and excuse such behavior, as engaged in by the FBI and DoJ, as mere “policy differences” with the implication that it does not matter and that, “It is not us”?

    Both torture and corruption at the highest levels, actually IS “us”.

    And, when those things are joined to “our” tendency and policy to see war and violence as “solution”, mewlings about respecting the “rule of law”, of complying with “international law” while waging both “hot” and economic warfare by a military empire (“us”), then “we” (and the rest of the world) face a most uncertain, vicious, and “interesting” future.

    As a parting thought, considering the rule of law; Since “our” legal system is premised upon money, it always tends to favor the privileges of wealth and power to the disadvantage of the many who are neither wealthy nor powerful and, should any fundamental and substantive challenge to wealth or power arise, U$ law permits the courts to use the issue of “standing” to preclude both justice and necessary change.

    Just as Julian Assange or Dred Scott.

    • Skip Scott
      May 16, 2020 at 08:02

      No US president has the power to do anything but “look forward” regarding war crimes and other violations of the rule of law. In fact it is even worse. They must soon after inauguration become the next “war criminal in chief” or TPTB will soon realize that the new president must be subverted or worse. It is like becoming a “made guy” in the Mafia.

    • DW Bartoo
      May 16, 2020 at 11:49

      Precisely so, Skip Scott.

      The main purpiss of seeking to gain the U$ presidency is control of the spoils.

      Graft, grift, bribery, and the “good life”.

      Unfortunately, the average U$ian KNOWS that the U$ is the greatest country, ever. That the President, whoever he (or she) may be, is the manifestation either of all that is good, or all that is vile and despicable, according to the corporate duopoly which also conveniently own the channels of communication (the media) and, as well, control the educational system from grade school to grad school such that critical thinking skills, which would allow that average U$ian to see the truth of things, are snuffed out as early as possible or marginalized effectively to limit the contagion.

      Thus, as a result of those two things (and numerous others), the U$ is a “not see” society, even as its military empire is crumbling, which society will permit, even encourage, U$ aggression of the most vicious sort, as it lashes out in spasms of rage at other societies, while placing more and more of its own members in financial, physical, and mental jeopardy.

      Of course, the many can “not see” this as they are captured by myth and manipulation.

      For such a society, karma is going to be both massive and devastating.

      The elite plan to retreat to their hideaway bunkers, staffed by either shock-collared minions or lovely robots, when things become totally untenable.

      Those plans may melt in the event of a nuclear shootout if the ruggedly individualistic elite push the designated “enemies”, primarily Russia and China, too far, despite the Hollywood scenarios of heroic U$ian superheroes valiantly outwitting the Hitler-clone baddies the “not sees” are constantly programmed to hate and despise (those things do have to be taught, after all).

      I would say that Caitlin Johnstone’s most recent article, here, at CN, well sums up the charade, the Kabuki, although I do yet hope that Ray McGovern might be correct, that some small cracks or chinks might be made visible to all, through that (tap! tap!) invisible shield, which keeps the “not see” many in the dark.

      Real “transparency” requires both light and a willing to look at what the light reveals.

  9. May 15, 2020 at 08:39

    Agreed that Scott Ritter is a reliable reporter. His information from Syria has been valuable.

    The difficulty with this report is the peculiar language that American Courts allow. Instead of clarification there is obfuscation. It seems the Judiciary is concerned for something other than the pursuit of truth.

  10. Voice from Europe
    May 15, 2020 at 03:12

    I rank Scott Ritter up there on the list with Hans Blix, Ian Henderson, Katarina Gun, Andrei Nekrasov, Bill Binney, a few independent journalists.
    People who have preserved their sense of personal integrity, justice and honour against the pressure of the system they worked for.
    There are so few good women and men left in this world.

    • evelync
      May 15, 2020 at 17:15

      Yes, Scott Ritter, based on his straightforward unfiltered interviews during the Iraq war based-on-lies fiasco, is a welcome voice to help untangle this shameful politically soaked mess. I hope he and others here, as info beomes available, continue to peel back the layers on this. I feel that may be necessary to save Julian Assange’s life if it’s possible to do in time. This country will not be a country until it values its whistleblowers and stops wasting $trillions on wars for profit that serve only the micimatt and steal from the rest of us and kill/displace millions.

      Thanks to Scott Ritter for the link to the transcripts…it was absurd for the FBI to rely on an outside “expert” to simply take a photo of a server….what purpose does a photo of the outside of a server or computer do to investigate electronic data?
      And if the FBI discovered the “compromise” of the DNC computers why would they not insist on doing the forensics themselves to complete the investigation of what happened? Why would the DNC not demand that too?
      Why trust a firm that was politically connected? It’s not a good look even if they had good intentions….

      It all seems pretty sloppy, dontcha know…..

      Do other countries use absurd tag names such as dancing bear/fancy bear crossfire hurricane that seem tainted with ideology and intention of outcome?

      Why are we expected to pay $trillions for politicized information?
      I for one would appreciate transparency and honesty and respect for decent honest whistleblowers.
      Any disinformation that comes out of the opaque halls of power is intended to fool only us….that’s its purpose, it seems – kabuki theater.
      Is this a democracy?
      Or a kleptocracy?
      Bernie’s not perfect but at least he- as the target of DNC shenanigans – is a decent honest guy who respects people and his wise policy positions all intertwine to work together for goals that serve everyone and are sustainable and stabilizing. Covid-19 is proving MEDICARE4ALL necessary to everyone’s well being. The DNC couped him this time too…couped his voters and any promise of coping with all the ills we face including climate disruption…

      But the MICIMATT doesn’t apparently give a darn about the welfare of the people who are paying for the corruption….in $$$$$ and suffering…

  11. Drew Hunkins
    May 15, 2020 at 02:33

    The capitalist-imperialist state’s attempted soft coup against the Trump regime along with the major media’s propagandizing for the whole disgraceful charade is one of the most shameful episodes in American history.

    Now we see the Covid issue morphing into a ‘get Trump’ campaign as it’s being used as a completely partisan battering ram to weaken Trump in November. Yes, Trump doesn’t deserve the working person’s vote and his lack of an effective response to Covid left something to be desired, but let’s attack him for genuine reasons and not forget that the corporate Dems STILL won’t advocate for Medicare-for-All. So who’s response to Covid is more callous? An inept Commander in Chief or the conscious decision by the Wall St Dems to eschew any thought of Medicare-for-All?

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