Mueller Report Gets the Trump Tower Meeting Wrong; Promotes Browder Hoax

Natalia Veselnitskaya didn’t have “dirt” on Hillary Clinton and when the Russian lawyer met with Trump’s people her focus was not on the 2016 campaign, writes Lucy Komisar.

By Lucy Komisar
Special to Consortium News

A “key event” described in the Mueller Report is the Trump Tower meeting where a Russian lawyer met with the president’s son Donald Trump Jr, his son-in-law Jared Kushner and his campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Russiagaters have been obsessed with the meeting saying it was the smoking gun to prove collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign to steal the 2016 election. Months after Mueller concluded that there was no collusion at all, the obsession has switched to “obstruction of justice,” which is like someone being apprehended for resisting arrest without committing any other crime.

Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who met with Trump team members in Trump Tower, and her interpreter, in background. (Lucy Komisar)

The Mueller report thus focuses instead on “efforts to prevent disclosure of information about the June 9, 2016 Trump Tower meeting between Russians and senior campaign officials.”

But the report on this topic is deceptive. Ironically, as it attacks Donald Trump and top campaign officials for lying, the report itself lies about the issue the meeting addressed.

It wasn’t to provide dirt on Hillary Clinton, which the Russian lawyer did not have and never produced. That was a ploy by Robert Goldstone, a British music publicist whose job is to get what his clients want, in this case, a meeting. So, recklessly, he invented the idea of Clinton dirt as a bait-and-switch to get Trump’s people to come to it. He got the lawyer the meeting for her to lobby a potentially incoming administration against the Magnitsky Act, which is why she was in the United States in the first place.

The Magnitsky Act is a 2012 U.S. law that was promoted by William Browder, an American-born British citizen and hedge fund investor, who claimed his “lawyer” Sergei Magnitsky had been imprisoned and murdered because he uncovered a scheme by Russian officials to steal $230 million from the Russian Treasury. It sanctioned Russians he said were involved or benefitted from Magnitsky’s death. It has since been used by the U.S. to put sanctions on other Russians and nationals from other countries.

The lawyer lobbying against the act, Natalia Veselnitskaya, told Trump Jr., Kushner and Manafort that Browder’s story was fake, a smokescreen to block the Russians from going after him for multi-millions in tax evasion. She argued the Magnitsky Act was built on this fraud. Manafort’s notes, included in the Mueller Report, trace what she said.

Nothing Illegal

The Trump people did nothing illegal to meet with her. Their problem was the exaggerating communications Goldstone sent them about Veselnitskaya having “dirt” on Clinton. (While U.S. election laws says it’s illegal for a campaign to receive “a thing of value” from a foreign source, it’s never been established by a court that opposition research fits that description, the Mueller Report admits. ) Veselnitskaya testified to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee in November 2017 that Browder’s major American client, the Ziff brothers, had cheated on American and Russian taxes and contributed the “dirty money” to the Democrats.

The Mueller investigators appear not to have looked into her charges. The report promotes Browder’s fabrications, citing “the Magnitsky Act, which imposed financial sanctions and travel restrictions on Russian officials and which was named for a Russian tax specialist who exposed a fraud and later died in a Russian prison.”

But instead of his “lawyer” Magnitsky exposing Russian fraud, for which he was jailed and killed in prison, Magnitsky was actually Browder’s accountant who was detained under investigation for his part in Browder’s tax evasion and died of natural causes in prison, as Magnitsky’s own mother admits to filmmaker Andrei Nekrasov in the film “The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes.”

Magnitsky’s mother in Nekrasov film.

Mueller’s investigators might have started with documents filed in U.S. federal court in the case of Veselnitskaya’s client, Prevezon, a Russian holding company that settled a civil-forfeiture claim by the U.S. government that linked it, without proof, to the tax fraud.

The documents include a deposition where Browder admits that the alleged “lawyer” Magnitsky did not go to law school nor have a law degree. Magnitsky’s own testimony file identifies him as an “auditor.”

Why does that matter? Because it was Browder’s red herring. Magnitsky had worked as Browder’s accountant since 1997, fiddling on Browder’s taxes on profits from sales of shares held by Russian shell companies run by his Hermitage Fund. He was not an attorney hired in 2007 to investigate and then expose a tax fraud against the Russian Treasury.

That fraud was exposed by Rimma Starova, the Russian nominee director of a British Virgin Islands shell company that held Hermitage’s reregistered companies and who gave testimony to Russian police on April 9 and July 10, 2008. It was reported by The New York Times and  Vedomosti on July 24, 2008, months before Magnitsky mentioned it in an Oct. 7 interrogation.


Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan. (Jorge Láscar, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

The Mueller Report says Veselnitskaya promised dirt on Hillary Clinton as “part of Russia and its government support for Trump.”  Two days before the meeting, Goldstone emailed Trump Jr. and said “the Russian government attorney” was flying in from Moscow. She had not been a government attorney since 2001, 15 years earlier.

I interviewed Veselnitskaya in New York in November 2016. She explained what she later told the Trump group, that Browder’s clients the Ziff Brothers had invested in Russian shares in a way that routed the money through loans so that they could evade U.S. taxes. [“Not invest – loans” in Manafort’s notes.]

The report says, “Natalia Veselnitskaya had previously worked for the Russian government and maintained a relationship with that government throughout this period of time.” Later it says that from 1998 to 2001, she had worked as a prosecutor for the “Central Administrative District” of the Russian Prosecutor’s office. “And continued to perform government-related work and maintain ties to the Russian government following her departure.” We are meant to presume, with no evidence, as the media does – that means “a Kremlin-connected lawyer.”

When Trump Jr asked for evidence, how the payments could be tied to the Clinton campaign, she said she couldn’t trace them, according to the Mueller Report. 

Then she turned to the Magnitsky Act. The report repeats earlier fakery: “She lobbied and testified about the Magnitsky Act, which imposed financial sanctions and travel restrictions on Russian officials and which was named for a Russian tax specialist who exposed a fraud and later died in a Russian prison.” Magnitsky did not expose a fraud. Rimma Starova did.

A footnote in the report said: “Browder hired Magnitsky to investigate tax fraud by Russian officials, and Magnitsky was charged with helping Browder embezzle money.” Browder did not hire Magnitsky to investigate the fraud. Magnitsky had been the accountant in charge of Hermitage since 1997, 10 years before the fraud.  Embezzlement refers to Browder shifting assets out of Russia without paying taxes.

But the investigation’s focus was not on Browder’s fakery — the substance of the Trump Tower meeting — but on the communications organizing the event. The section on obstruction says Trump became aware of “emails setting up the June 9, 2016 meeting between senior campaign officials and Russians who offered derogatory information on Hillary Clinton as ‘part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.’”

That would have been inflated Goldstone’s promises.

The report says “at the meeting the Russian attorney claimed that funds derived from illegal activities in Russia were provided to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats.” Trump Jr. told a White House press officer that “they started with some Hillary thing, which was bs and some other nonsense, which we shot down fast.”

As Veselnitskaya told me, she knew the Ziffs made contributions to Democrats. She probably started with that. Manafort’s notes don’t report a “Hillary thing,” but are about Browder and the Ziffs.

On the issue of Browder, the Magnitsky story and the essence of the Trump Tower meeting, the Mueller Report is a deception intended to keep the myth of collusion in the air while dismissing that any collusion took place. 

Lucy Komisar is an investigative reporter who writes about financial corruption and won a Gerald Loeb award, the most important prize in financial journalism, for breaking the story about how Ponzi schemer Allen Stanford got the Florida Banking Dept to allow him to move money offshore with no regulation. Her stories about William Browder focus on tax evasion.  Find out more on The Komisar Scoop and on Twitter, @lucykomisar.

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72 comments for “Mueller Report Gets the Trump Tower Meeting Wrong; Promotes Browder Hoax

  1. CitizenOne
    July 8, 2019 at 23:51

    The fabricated story about a “Russian Lawyer” working for Putin who met with Trumps team to discuss how the “Russians” could supply information damaging to Clinton in an effort to elect Trump was known from the start by everyone as a BS made up contrivance fabricated out of thin air to support the hive minded democrats who, like an angry nest of disrupted hornets were out to sting anything and anyone in sight because they believed that some nefarious agent was responsible for the upset election.

    Actually, that is not true. They were not like angry hornets. They were like guided missiles programmed to attack Russia not anything or anyone. Angry Hornets would have surely attacked James Comey for reopening the investigation into Server Gate 11 days before the election. Even a stupid Hornet would have pounced on the Justice Departments written warning to Comey that reopening the Server Gate investigation based on allegedly having new evidence from Anthony Weiner’s laptop computer would be seen as a blatant attempt to influence the election throwing it to Trump.

    Angry Hornets would have surely brought up Comey’s attempt to influence the election and would have stung him in order to get him to admit that his actions were not at all the purist of motives based on new information that he felt compelled to reopen the investigation in the nations best interests.

    But these hornets were not about to do what any logical sane person would do. The Hornets flew out of the hearing room like guided missiles turning away from Comey and instead focused all of their attention on the Russians.

    I submit that the democrats are indeed like guided missiles that lack any capability of perceiving the real targets they should be after and have mired the US and Russia in a new Cold War. But the election was not the start of our guided missile approach toward Russia.

    The US has continuously engaged in fabricated news about Russia and has hidden US involvement in Russian affairs to paint Russia in a negative light for decades. These angry hornets have been paid for decades to create the boogeyman of Russia in order to wage economic warfare on Russia and to provide the basis in “facts” justifying year over year expansion of our 700 billion dollar a year defense industry.
    How guided are these angry hornet missiles and how willing are they to ignore real targets and attack made up ones programmed into their hornet brains?


    Russia did not really attack Ukraine for no reason but that was the angry hornets conclusion in Congress and they slapped Russia with Sanctions for attacking Ukraine and annexing Crimea. The real reason they did what they did was a US backed coup that overthrew the elected Russia friendly president and put in place a nationalist government that began ethnic purges of ethnic Russians from Ukraine. The nationalists had roots going back to support for the Nazis in WWII but that was no matter for the USA.

    The angry hornets supported ISIS in Syria in order to overthrow an old soviet ally killing hundreds of thousands in a WWII style war we are not really even aware of. The stupid angry Hornet programmed missile and wannabe president Gary Johnson did not even know what Aleppo was. I think he was rather a decommissioned missile since he had chosen complete ignorance of World events as his best case for becoming president.

    I add these things to expand on the excellent article and to show that there is a much larger context to the governments creation of Russia Gate in the last election as the sole cause of Trump’s election and the years long failed efforts to produce one tangible illegal act that would justify it while simultaneously ignoring all the the very tangible evidence that there were other very real sources of election influence we ignore in our journey like programmed guided missiles to always create false narratives to get all the angry hornets to sting Russia.

  2. Guy
    July 8, 2019 at 12:55

    Once again , very good article and a very very good contribution from all the posted materials.
    Now I am going to donate to consortium news .

  3. Guy
    July 8, 2019 at 11:20

    A good book to read is from Alex Krainer “The Killing of William Browder”
    I highly recommend it .I watched the documentary which was very factual but had a hard time connecting the dots.The book is better IMHO.
    Free PDF but send Alex something for his work.

  4. robert e williamson jr
    July 8, 2019 at 11:13

    Your tip on Tulsi is great!

    Thanks Skip

  5. robert e williamson jr
    July 8, 2019 at 11:11

    The threat is that if someone files a false police report they can be looked up.

    Browder can hardly be exempt from lying to congress , if as everyone here seems to agree , he has lied to congress. Let’s get him and lock him up until he tell the Dogdamned truth!

    Oh ya I l forgot he is working for the CIA and DOJ and the deep state.

    Anyone one keeping an eye on George Soros and the Kochs?

  6. July 7, 2019 at 12:55

    So, what is the proper response by honest, upright, morality-guided Americans and people around the Earth, – particularly ALL candidates vying for the office of President of the United States 2020 – to the newly raised, immeasurably important, $64,000,000,000,000 question:

    “Is William Browder lying, or not?”


    • Skip Scott
      July 8, 2019 at 07:40

      The MSM will avoid that question since it does not serve their Oligarchs’ interests. It would be great if Tulsi Gabbard would bring it up somehow in the debates, along with Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning’s unjust persecution. She’s already ruined the DNC’s “garden party” by bringing up the inhumanity of regime change wars. We can only hope she gets more chances to shock the DNC’s “potted plants” in upcoming debates. Maybe she could encourage people to watch Nekrasov’s film and start asking questions. I encourage everyone who can afford it to give small donations on a regular basis to ensure her inclusion in the televised debates.

    • Guy
      July 8, 2019 at 11:09

      Is that a rhetorical question …LOL
      Cheers .

  7. Abe
    July 7, 2019 at 12:14

    “In his Magnitsky narrative Browder omits many facts of his eventful life in Russia, and the early noughties tax evasion case in particular. I think that’s mainly because he can’t claim a human rights high moral ground in tax evasion, while he does present himself as a one of the world’s most prominent human rights activists. The human rights element is one big red herring of Browder’s narrative. Sergei Magnitsky, Browder’s accountant, died in a Moscow jail, and tragic though that death was (and there’s no evidence to support Browder’s claim Magnitsky was beaten to death), it has nothing to do with the cause-effect chain in the financial plots Browder was a main protagonist of. The case should actually be called the Browder case, not the Magnitsky case – another red herring.

    “f you look up Magnitsky on the internet, you will read that he was the whistleblower who investigated, uncovered and reported that very 230 million dollar scam. Well, he did not. There’s not a shred of evidence of Magnitsky uncovering anything of the kind. Amazingly, the Browder organisation was able to present transcripts of police questioning Magnitsky as the evidence that Magnitsky had reported the crime. The transcripts show that it was the police who were investigating, not Magnitsky, and the whole world having been bamboozled into believing Magnitsky is a whistleblower, alongside Chelsea Manning, Snowden and others, is a very disturbing phenomenon.”

    Andrei Nekrasov’s presentation at the 7th OffshoreAlert Conference in London, November 13, 2018

    • Skip Scott
      July 8, 2019 at 07:28

      Great link Abe. Thanks for the update.

  8. Abe
    July 6, 2019 at 11:22

    Leading pro-Israel senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman promoters of the Magnitsky Act, which was signed into law in 2012.

    William Browder then eagerly promoted his “story” in a book called Red Notice, leading to a string of TV appearances.

    Outside the Daily Show’s studios in New York on 3 February 2015, Browder was served a subpoena.

    Browder tried to refuse to accept the subpoena and fled.

    United States Federal Judge, Thomas Griesa of the Southern District of New York issued a ruling that compels Browder to travel to New York for a deposition.

    Browder’s lawyer, Randy Mastro, a partner at Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP said Browder “does not have to consent to a deposition.” He claimed that Browder is living and working in England and is currently carrying a British passport. Browder is a former U.S. citizen.

    In his ruling, Judge Griesa emphasized that Browder must comply with the subpoena in New York because he conducts his business in the city on a “reasonably regular basis.”

    Browder’s lawyer argued that the hedge fund manager was unable to attend in a deposition because there are “credible threats” to his personal safety. In response, the judge pointed out that the threats did not prevent Browder from going to different cable news networks to promote his book.

    The federal court’s order for Browder was connected to the civil case filed by federal prosecutors in Manhattan against Russian businessman Denis Katsyv.

    Browder had urged prosecutors to file lawsuits against Katsyv, who denied the allegations against him. The lawyer representing Katsyv repeatedly tried to serve subpoenas to Browder as the primary source of information in the complaint against the Russian businessman.

    Browder opted to run away instead of complying with the subpoena.

    It is clear that running away from the law is Browder’s modus operandi.

  9. Abe
    July 6, 2019 at 03:08

    The lobbying scheme behind the Magnitsky Act has been revealed, as it turns out, to be promoted not only by William Browder, but also Mikhail Khodorkovsky directly himself.

  10. July 5, 2019 at 20:00

    Joseph Mifsud, Konstanin Kilimnik and now Bill Browder have all been exposed as frauds. The Russiagate dominoes are collapsing one by one.

  11. Abe
    July 5, 2019 at 19:06

    The Magnitsky Act was signed into law in 2012. Browder then published a book, Red Notice, leading to a string of TV appearances.

    Outside the Daily Show’s studios in New York on 3 February 2015, Browder was served a subpoena.

    Browder tried to refuse to accept the subpoena and fled.

    United States Federal Judge, Thomas Griesa of the Southern District of New York issued a ruling that compels Browder to travel to New York for a deposition.

    Browder’s lawyer, Randy Mastro, a partner at Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP said Browder “does not have to consent to a deposition.” He claimed that Browder is living and working in England and is currently carrying a British passport. Browder is a former U.S. citizen.

    In his ruling, Judge Griesa emphasized that Browder must comply with the subpoena in New York because he conducts his business in the city on a “reasonably regular basis.”

    Browder’s lawyer argued that the hedge fund manager was unable to attend in a deposition because there are “credible threats” to his personal safety. In response, the judge pointed out that the threats did not prevent Browder from going to different cable news networks to promote his book.

    The federal court’s order for Browder was connected to the civil case filed by federal prosecutors in Manhattan against Russian businessman Denis Katsyv.

    Browder had urged prosecutors to file lawsuits against Katsyv, who denied the allegations against him. The lawyer representing Katsyv repeatedly tried to serve subpoenas to Browder as the primary source of information in the complaint against the Russian businessman.

    Browder opted to run away instead of complying with the subpoena.

  12. tom
    July 5, 2019 at 16:29

    She was also working with Fusion GPS……and had nothing?

    Trump Dossier Firm Also Supplied Info Used in Meeting of Russians, Trump Team

    “The information that a Russian lawyer brought with her when she met Donald Trump Jr. in June 2016 stemmed from research conducted by Fusion GPS, the same firm that compiled the infamous Trump dossier, according to the lawyer and a source familiar with the matter.”

    • DW Bartoo
      July 6, 2019 at 18:26

      Tom, you might find it interesting that Kamala Harris, who may very well become the Dem presidential nominee in 2020, has just hired Marc Elias, of Perkins Coie. Elias is the lawyer who hired Fusion GPS.

    • DW Bartoo
      July 6, 2019 at 18:36

      Tom, do you think that Fusion GPS and others associated with it, might play a role in the 2020 election?

      Marc Elias, the Perkins Coie lawyer who engaged Fusion GPS in 2016, has, apparently, been hired by one of the Dem presidential aspirants.

  13. robert e williamson jr
    July 5, 2019 at 15:44

    Bret Harris yes sir.

    Can anyone clarify the exact manner in which contractors for the State department become operatives for CIA or are handled by CIA?

    The entire Russia – Gate thing seems very CIA-ish . See CHALMERS JOHNSON’S “THE SORROWS OF EMPIRE”, seems like since I read it ~ 2004 I have been watching Chalmers prediction come true in slow motion.

    One thing about CIA being the most powerful entity in the U.S. when they screw up they have no place to hide. except behind the skirt of Lady Justice!

    Mr. Mueller are you back there also?

  14. robert e williamson jr
    July 5, 2019 at 13:53

    I would wonder just how many files Mueller has gotten from ICIJ. Maybe we all need to call bull shit on this entire affair.

    Everyone says follow the money but no one seems to be able to do so here. Why not. ICIJ sure as hell seems able to get info.

    I’ll state it again, I wonder just how much data Mueller got from ICIJ since CIA didn’t have it?

    Bill Browder shows up in D.C and gets special booking to go before congress. Why? Because he runs a hedge fund? B.S. there is much more to it than that.

    I have written plenty about Browder’s actions and I have always thought him showing up when he did, the way he did was very strange. Whether what he claims to be true seems not to have mattered to congress. Look at what the fools have done. Magnitski Act for what.

    So did Bill, the DEEP STATE and CIA all get caught doing what they have always done in third world countries for the last 70 years ?

    If Bill didn’t pay his taxes where did all that money go? Why is it DOJ is hog tied so badly it cannot produce evidence? What is it that all the above want to keep secret? Why all the lies?

    It appears someone has gotten to DOJ. AGAIN!

    I have some very bad news for many here. If what I witnessed here in the last couple of years here is the only way for those who contribute and those who comment here to expose evil doers we all are thoroughly screwed.

    The county is running out of time. If Mueller has received data from ICIJ maybe we all should be after someone to get the information about what files he got.

    Lets us suppose that the CIA who has been in the money laundering business for years and who likely wrote the book on the subject, had a plan. Maybe that plan was to have Browder do exactly what he did,. Except for the getting caught part.

    Just what do you suppose that carnage would look like.

    Think about what the rest of the planet is thinking about the U.S. singing happy birthday to it’s self at such a chaotic time.

    Isn’t that something to be expected from 2 and 3 year old children?

    JFK lamented that for a government to keep secrets from it’s people because it feared telling them the truth was not acceptable.

    Maybe he saw then what I see now, a public that increasingly threatened by it’s government.

    We have the trump mafia running the repugniklans and the Israeli mafia running the dimocraps, and the DEEP STATE hoarding the proceeds.

    “Off with their heads “, the Queen Shouted. She must have been familiar with the heads of hedge funds!

  15. July 5, 2019 at 06:09

    The Magnitsky myth continues to unravel. Thank you, Consortium News.

    Lucy Komisar, a Gerald Loeb Award-winning journalist (America’s top prize for financial reporting), is tireless in exposing this harmful scam. eg. Norway’s Oscar-nominated Piraya Film AS has produced the revelatory documentary film from director Andrei Nekrasov, “The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes”@ Other journos, writers+ incl. Lee Stranahan, Jimmy’s Llamma, and Alex Krainer are among those contributing mightily to shining a light on the truth of these matters.

    In the 1990s I received an NNA – National Newspaper Award (Canada’s top prize for print journalism) for a series of newspaper articles first exposing the presence of Russian mafia money laundering behind North American public and private co.s – and shut down the YBM Magnex fraud – which led to Semion Mogilevitch being placed on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list. The late Robert I. Friedman’s “Red Mafiya” book (2000) included info from this case – and he broke the word in the US via a 1998 feature in “The Village Voice”.

    I retired from active investigation of white collar / organized crime at the turn of the century – and just last year became aware that the con-man Bill Browder, who, in the 1990s, was being mentored by another international scammer, Edmond Safra, is today falsely portrayed as an “anti-corruption crusader”. This geopolitical smoke-and-mirrors act is maintained through the support of state actors and a western “legacy” media that is failed in so many ways.

    Fortunately, the inter-twined myths are all coming undone. To do my part, I’ve launched a website “J’Accuse News” @

    There is more than enough independent information – corporate, court, police+ records, employee interviews etc. – accessible on the public record for anyone that chooses to know the truth of the “Magnitsky” campaign to do so.

    Key to understanding this illusory narrative is the exploding-cigar of a case (Prevezon) rolled by convicted tax-evader Bill Browder’s team and lit by Preet Bharara, then US Attorney for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) – and mentioned in the article above. For the full court docket, (which you can read for free), visit–13-cv-06326/United_States_of_America_v._Prevezon_Holdings_Ltd._et_al/

    In a recent newspaper column renowned Danish journalist and editor+ Flemming Rose examines in detail some core, false, claims made by such propagators of the myth as Browder, his connected supporters Jonathan Winer (USA), Irwin Cotler (Canada) and others.

    “In his own words, Sergey Magnitsky was neither Bill Browder’s lawyer nor a whistleblower. It is in his witness statements.” Rose concludes: “I salute the fight against human rights abuses and personally was active in this fight in the former Soviet Union. But I fear that, by relying on untruths, Browder’s campaign could undermine this fight rather than support it.”

    Fittingly, in Denmark, the land which gave the world Hans Christian Andersen, author of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, the Browder/Magnitsky con is unraveling and the naked truth is revealed:

    Editorial columns penned by Flemming Rose published by“Berlingske”:

    • 05.04: “Bill Browder and the hunt for foreign agents” –

    • 19.03: “Hvidvaskjægeren« og russiske agenter” –


    Due diligence by journalists Jette Aagaard & Kristoffer Brahm and colleagues brings us a series of news articles published in “Finans”:

    • 12.03: “The whitewash gunner Bill Browder is hiding on a splendid past” –

    • 14.03: “Bill Browder even used tax havens for his companies” –

    • 13.03: “The whitewash gunner Bill Browder will not reveal who is financing his work” –

    • 12.03: “Danske Bank and Nordea’s evil money laundering have enormous influence – but can you trust the man who has been sentenced to nine years’ imprisonment for tax fraud?” –

    • 14.03: “Magnitsky or not: The EU moves one step closer to sanctions against human rights abusers” –

    • 05.03: “Nordea again in the spotlight for money laundering, but what is the new one?” –

    • 01.04: “Svensk bagmandspoliti dropper Browder-anmeldelse i hvidvasksag” –

    Danish investigative authors Birgitte Derykilde and Lars Abild have just announced their book, which promises to reveal “The Emperor’s New Clothes” of geopolitics, will be published August12, 2019 (with a focus on the elements within that country eg. Danske Bank). The book’s title, “Troldmanden”, translates fully into English as “The Wizard (master of trolls) – the story about Danske Bank, money laundering and the man who deceived/fooled the world”:


    • DW Bartoo
      July 6, 2019 at 16:54

      The information and perspectives revealed in your comment, Adrian, are very much appreciated. I hope we may see you comment here in future.

      I will be visiting your website on a regular basis.


      • July 7, 2019 at 06:34

        Thank you, kindly, DW. I’d not been planning to write about this matter – expecting that by alerting some of the news organizations for/with whom I once broke such international stories in past, they’d reveal this enormous, and enormously harmful, scam. The biggest eye-opener for me, coming out of retirement for the moment, is not that Bill Browder is still conning people, but that what we now call the “legacy” media is worse than MIA, it’s furthering the fraud. Thankfully, we have Consortium News.

        The shape of “J’Accuse” is still evolving. It’s not as chronological nor as linear in content as the inspiring Lucy Komisar’s invaluable “The Komisar Scoop”. There’s an huge mass of documentation that lays out the network of players and continuum from the Safra days to the current times of Browder being a face to the operation. In fact, there’s far too much to write/read – as there’s real urgency to exposing this hoax. So, best I can say, I’ll aim to keep updating all pages on the website – with the next new postings being centred on pages 5 and 6 (and coming soon).

    • Guy
      July 8, 2019 at 12:33

      Thank you for providing us with this wealth of information .I can see that you have been on this for some time , as have I , but you have done what amounts to forensic investigations on this case.You even mention our once in house snake Irwin Cotler here in Canada.
      I have noted you new web site .
      Bravo and merci encore une foi .

      • July 13, 2019 at 04:52

        Merci beaucoup, Guy. As long as we all keep sharing what we know – truth will out.
        Yes, Irwin Cotler is deserving of attention for his elemental role in this country, Canada. He introduced the ‘Magnitsky’ legislation when he was in parliament, and, years later, he lobbied along with such characters as Garry Kasparov and Thor Halvorssen Mendoza, (first-cousin to Leopoldo Lopez – mentor to Juan Guaido), for the passing of this act founded on lies and misrepresentations.
        Cotler provided con-man and convicted tax-evader Bill Browder his entree into Ottawa’s political corridors. He vouched for Browder and his bogus narrative.
        On the US side of the border, players such as Jonathan Winer, Ben Cardin and the late John McCain sold the Magnitsky myth. In Canada, Cotler’s key to the con.
        I shall be updating and in-filling the “J’Accuse” website as time/opportunity can be found – and will strive to bring attention to those parties, including Canada’s former AG and Minister of Justice, Cotler, responsible for this scam’s furtherance.

  16. Zhu
    July 5, 2019 at 05:22

    Remeber the Historians’ Rule, folks: Stupidity always trumps conspiracy.

  17. John McCarthy
    July 5, 2019 at 00:09

    From your article:

    ” Veselnitskaya testified to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee in November 2017 that Browder’s major American client, the Ziff brothers, had cheated on American and Russian taxes and contributed the “dirty money” to the Democrats.

    The Mueller investigators appear not to have looked into her charges. ”

    If Law Enforcement Officers come across evidence of a crime during an investigation, are they not obligated by Law to report it and to investigate it? Didn’t the Mueller Team break the Law if they ignored this?

  18. Abby
    July 4, 2019 at 21:06

    One thing about this Russian lawyer who met with Trump Jr is that she originally couldn’t get into the country because she had problems with her passport. The Obama state department had to fix it for her. And after the meeting she met with Simpson from Fusion GPS for dinner.

    Almost every person who ended up having contact with someone to make it look like they were colluding with Russians was setup by the FBI or were members or connected to the Clinton’s foundation.

    Russia Gate was created out of smoke by Hillary and her campaign and people in the Obama administration and justice department. I’m hoping that Barr will release all the information that is being gathered, but I doubt that he will let Obama be snared in it. Mueller took the country on the biggest snipe hunt in history. Lots of people are thinking that they got lots of snipes.

    • July 5, 2019 at 04:54

      False. That is the disinformation spread by Fox News, John Solomon and Sara Carter, most likely originating with Browder. Yes, she did meet Simpson on July 8, because he was hired by US law firm Baker-Hostetler, who she hired to conduct the defence for her client Denis Katsyv, in the Prevezon case.

      In 2013, Browder had secretly passed US Attorney Preet Bharara a bundle of documents, accusing Katsyv, wrongly as it turned out, of using proceeds of the alleged “Russian Tax Fraud”, central to his Magnitsky story. Browder was working with the State Dept’s Jonathan Winer, now his his personal lawyer, to have his Magnitsky story enshrined in US Case Law, effectively giving the State the ability to confiscate any Russian property in the US by linking it to the so called tax fraud.

      The problems began for Browder, when his was discovered, and BH hired Simpson to check out his story. Simpson recounts in his Senate Testimony, that they tracked Browder to Aspen, Colorado, twice he evaded the subpoena, and again in New York, after he told the Judge Greisa he would be overseas, he ran away from the server, after coming out of NBC studios plugging his fictional book “Red Notice”

      The Judge ordered Browder to appear on 15 April 2015, for a Deposition under oath. The reason why he ran became clear, he couldn’t substantiate any of the evidence he provided, mostly complied by his staff, and he couldn’t substantiate his Magnitsky Story either.

      Highlights of Browder’s Deposition:

      So what did he do? What he always does, attempt to shut down proceedings, on a thin pretext, and his appeal was, guess what, in New York on morning of 9 June.

      The meeting between NV and Simpson was about Browder’s appeal, both have sworn to that effect and there is zero evidence they setup the Trump Tower meeting. The also went to a full defence team dinner a few days after, all above board.

      However Browder always accuses others of his crimes, there is good evidence that Browder was working with the State Dept’s Robert Otto and Jonathan Winer, from Otto’s leaked emails, showing a menacing photograph of Veselnitskaya’s Moscow home, the same day, she was granted a work visa by the State Dept, 6 June 2016, three days before Browder’s appeal. Same day, Goldstone had Don Jr and Emin Agalarov agree on 9 June for Trump Tower. The problem is that Goldstone invented most of the conversation, he told Veselnitskaya via Emin, that Don Jr could help her arrange a Senate hearing about Browder, and told Don Jr she would have “dirt”on Hillary.

      Even if Browder has a good reason for this, it is still obstruction of Justice, most likely can throw in Conspiracy to Interfere with the Election as a foreign agent by giving Steele a fake meeting. Browder desperately wanted to discredit Simpson, and it’s likely Browder suggested Winer hire Simpson, so he can get embroiled with the Steele Dossier.

      • Haruspex
        July 6, 2019 at 00:27

        And the Phoenix tarmac meeting was about grandchildren and golf between two people who never chatted socially. And you are trying to claim, the architect of the Steele dossier, had nothing to do with Veselnitskaya meeting the Trump team? That it’s coincidental? And it’s coincidental that Mike Isikoff runs into Jim Baker and warns him about the Steele dossier? And it’s coincidental that some unconnected oil industry specialist in London all of a suddenly becomes the most courted man in Europe once it’s determined he is associated with Trump’s campaign? And it’s coincidental that Nellie Ohr gets a ham radio license the month after Adm Rogers tossed her off all US intel data sites? And it’s coincidental that Nellie is married to the DoJ conduit between Steele and the FBI? Too many coincidences and in law enforcement, they teach you there is no such thing as coincidences.

  19. Garrett Connelly
    July 4, 2019 at 20:03

    Seemingly normal congressional representatives became obsessed with sanctions and passing the Magnitsky Act.

  20. Jeff Harrison
    July 4, 2019 at 19:20

    Mueller is a deep state spy who’s “investigation” was nothing but an effort to cover up the deep state’s efforts to direct the outcome of the 2016 election. They get away with this, and they’ll be at it again in 2020. Our democracy is toast.

    • Banana
      July 5, 2019 at 23:44

      You’re a fucking idiot. Who believes in the deepstate

      • July 6, 2019 at 19:11

        Apparently everyone except you

        • Zhu
          July 7, 2019 at 04:23

          The things “everyone knows” are mostly nonsense.

  21. rosemerry
    July 4, 2019 at 16:54

    The excellent film by Andrei Nekrasov has been unavailable for at least a year. It shows too clearly the falsity of the Browder charges, but somehow Browder is supported by those in high places, since it is impossible to find the film anywhere. (I saw it twice online last year before the complete blackout).

    How many people here find the Skripal story in the UK to be as false? We have Theresa May’s word for all the relevant “facts” and that is all.

    • TG
      July 5, 2019 at 01:43

      Here’s the film, it is not “unavailable”:

      It is also not in any way “excellent”: it is almost unwatchably badly made (ARTE/ZDF did not need to be threatened by Browder into pulling it: quality control would be reason enough not to show it).

      So my suspicions are aroused by the many voices supporting the film on this site: could it be that people like the film only because they agree with the premise? Or, worse, that the film is a disinformation exercise being puffed here by paid Browder opponents?

      These are deep waters and I don’t know what to believe but I worked in tv documentaries for thirty years and know a lousy film when I see one.

      • Abe
        July 5, 2019 at 16:42

        So my suspicions are aroused by the “voice” of comrade “TG” disparaging the film on this site:

        Could it be that a lousy troll dislikes the film only because its conclusion cannot be denied?

        Or, worse, that the “suspicions” of “TG” are a disinformation exercise being puffed here by a paid Browder proponent?

      • Haruspex
        July 6, 2019 at 00:33

        I haven’t seen the film but know it is a Glenn Simpson product and if it is anything like his other work product, Steele dossier, then you are correct in your assessment. The dossier was slop work and if one of my consultants or employees handed that to me, I would have tossed it and withheld payment

      • Guy
        July 8, 2019 at 12:43

        I have to agree .It was a last minute attempt .I watched it also and had a hard time getting anything out of it .
        A better option is the book by Alex Krainer “The Killing of William Browder” .It is well written and if one misses something ,one can always go back and re-read .LOL I posted a link for it above or below depending on how they manage posts on this site.

    • July 5, 2019 at 04:58

      The film is available at

      • Skip Scott
        July 6, 2019 at 07:27

        I am glad to see that the film is finally available. I had to email the producers and get a password to see it on Vimeo last year. The flip side in all this is that the Empire knows that the “news cycle” has passed, the vast majority still believes Browder’s BS, and the resulting sanctions will remain in place. Mission Accomplished. So in the end, it matters very little if a small percentage of people know the truth. The “Mighty Wurlitzer” plays on and continues in its vital role. The “evil Rooskies” must be punished!

    • torture this
      July 5, 2019 at 09:28

      Experience tells us that US government/intel statements need to be backed up by perfect evidence or they should be considered propaganda. With regards to Russia, the 5 Eyes have told us nothing but lies for the last 5 years.

  22. Stan W.
    July 4, 2019 at 12:10

    The Browder hoax would make a good sequel to the 1966 movie “The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!”

  23. jsinton
    July 4, 2019 at 10:15

    We keep coming back to Browder. Browder is Russiagate is my sense.

  24. Brian James
    July 4, 2019 at 10:14

    This will reveal their ultimate goal!

    Jul 1, 2019 Democrat Calls On Tech Giants To Censor Conservatives Over Kamala Harris Debate

    Elizabeth Warren Calls On Big Tech To Censor Conservatives Over Kamala Harris Debate.

    • Abby
      July 4, 2019 at 21:14

      You are right that censorship was one of the goals of Russia Gate. Because of it we got Hamilton 68 that said they were able to tell us what tweets came from Russian trolls or bots.

      The Integrity Initiative is another company created during this time and they have stuck around and then there’s NewsGuard who is putting its buttons on Microsoft web browsers.

      Facebook, Twitter and Google all changed their algorithms and alternative websites were so downgraded that some lost up to 90% of their readership. This all came into being after someone leaked the DNC computers and podesta emails and gave them to Wikileaks. Hillary’s campaign said that if they blamed it on Russia then no one would focus on their content. It worked. The DNC rigging the primary is considered CT on many leftists sites.

  25. Skip Scott
    July 4, 2019 at 07:44

    Thanks for another great article that gives us a glimpse behind the curtain. It would be great if the truth regarding Browder were to make it into the mainstream, but I have my doubts about that being possible. People like Mueller and the MSM lackeys are protectors of the powerful. What Robert Parry called the “mighty Wurlitzer” keeps the truth drowned out except for our small “sound proof free speech zone” here at CN and similar sites.

    For people who wish to take a look at the “evil Rooskies” from a more realistic angle, I highly recommend Stephen Cohen’s “War with Russia?” I am just finishing it and it is a good read.

  26. July 4, 2019 at 07:32

    Amazing how long the fraud has been going on, hiding in plain sight, Mueller a clear player for the corrupt Deep State! We who read Consortium News have been informed about Browder’s fraudulent claims for the entire 2+ years of this ongoing chicanery. The swamp muck is deep and thick, and Hillary Rodham Clinton is embedded in it. The confluence of swamp creatures is odd, many don’t even interact but they do in strange ways, all by lying. Thanks for this article, hope for an end to the lies although the US truth decay is pretty far advanced, maybe a sign it is collapsing…?!

  27. Michael Collins
    July 4, 2019 at 00:48

    I think the Magnitsky Act is profoundly arrogant and not in our national interest.

    I believe that Russia’s intervention in Syria was essential and positive.

    I’m not convinced that the Dutch report on MH17 has any persuasive power. This site had the first insider source info that the missile was launched by the Ukrainians.

    Having said that, I must say that this article is pure propaganda.

    “Collusion” is a pure Republican propaganda term straight from Trump and his acolyte Barr. The term is the straw man that forms the basis of the author’s argument. The Mueller Report outlines numerous contacts between Russians and the Trump campaign. Were they just chatting about the weather or were the Russians trying to apply influence.

    Whether or not Mueller could prove a conspiracy to commit a crime doe not take away from the clear meddling by the Russians. In terms of outcome, Trump’s performance in Helsinki is the best argument for Russians influence. He was Putin’s bot.

    • T,J
      July 4, 2019 at 02:48

      Michael, you got it right in your first three sentences but then, alas, you allowed your imagination to run wild. The truth is that the Russians had little or no effect on the result of the 2016 elections. The Democrats, alone, were responsible through their own incompetence for the election result and even with their poor choice of candidate they could still have won. The Mueller thing is just a distraction. By not admitting this, to themselves, they have probably forfeited the 2020 election.

    • Mark Kelly
      July 4, 2019 at 09:48

      Quantity or quality? Has the FBI tracked the number of contacts other campaigns have with foreigners, even Russians ? Obama, McCain, Bushes, Clinton’s, Kerry, etc? It would be rather difficult for a campaign not to have documented contacts with foreign nationals, and the Trump contacts like Sessions running into Kislack at receptions seem innocuous. We do know that one campaign actually hired a foreign agent to obtain information from Russia about an opponent and stated that highly placed Kremlin military and intelligence provided information on Trump which was pitched to numerous media outlets.Of course, controlling a few hundred million derived from a sale of control of uranium market is of no interest. These two events seem a bit weightier than Mr. Goldstone’s tee-shirt.
      Mueller may have been a prisoner of his staff, we’ll see how knowledgeable he is about what is in the report, if he actually answers questions . ( Huddles with counsel… “Cannot answer, its classified .”) Then wait for IG and Barr investigations .
      Mr.Parry immediately smelled a great big rat using historical Russiaphobia

    • Clark M Shanahan
      July 4, 2019 at 10:11

      “Trump’s performance in Helsinki is the best argument for Russians influence. He was Putin’s bot.”
      So the dropping of the INF Treaty and the continued massive arms build-up in the ex-Soviet satellites is simply cover for Evil Vlad’s real plans of world domination?
      Same with Bolton’s failed coup in Venezuela and our arming and training of Ukraine’s fascist Azov Battalion?
      Did you know Putin provided us our primary Afghan supply line and introduced us to Afghanistan’s Northern Alliance, all-the-while warning us of the real dangers of creating a quagmire?

      • Zhu
        July 7, 2019 at 04:41

        Well, Shanahab, re “Evil Vlad”, we Americans cannot face much reality and need a “Cosmic Enemy” at all times. It used to be Redskins, then Communists, then Muslims. Now it’s Russians again. Soon, it’ll be China, I suspect,

    • Occupy on!
      July 4, 2019 at 12:54

      There’s a huge difference between “Russia’s connection” with Trump’s 2016 US presidential election and “Russians’ connections” with Trump’s 2016 presidential election……”

    • rosemerry
      July 4, 2019 at 17:00

      Pathetic conclusion. Pres.Putin, with all the faults cast upon him from the West, cannot be considered to be stupid. All the “interference”, which he denies (and unlike Trump he is NOT a liar) would be uncharacteristic and counterproductive, like the alleged novichok/perfume poisoning in the UK of someone already punished and exchanged, by alleged “GRU operatives” botching the job.

    • Zhu
      July 5, 2019 at 06:55

      We Americans chose Godzilla over Mechgodzilla. No one ekse did it to us.

    • tom
      July 5, 2019 at 16:34

      Zero evidence of Russian government interference so why do you want WW3 based on lies?

      • Zhu
        July 7, 2019 at 04:47


    • Haruspex
      July 6, 2019 at 00:59

      Wow, you aren’t paying attention. You are blinded by your distaste for this man. So many parts of this entire narrative to support Russian/Trump collaboration do not exist anymore and further reveal HRC & Co deep foreign ties.
      Mifsud is a western asset and, according to him, is a member of Clinton Foundation. What else is there? The Steele Dossier is total fabrication (Page did not get BILLIONS from Rosneft, Stein was not groomed by Putin, LaRouche was not a Russian spy, Trump’s Russian tie to Putin does not live in Miami, and >30% of dossier claims Cohen in Prague.)
      The IRA had a budget of $100k, and ran most of their ads AFTER the election. The production quality was abysmal. Many were on BLM and Muslims for America, hardly pro-Trump platforms.
      You are wasting your time and will once again be deeply disappointed with your MSM sources come July 17th when Mueller is grilled

  28. bjd
    July 3, 2019 at 21:08

    What an excellent article!

    The author provides another view –from a whole other angle yet again– showing how the Mueller Report is more a work of uninspired wordsmithery and linguistic trickery (with one or two –sometimes not even that carefully– hidden objectives), than an unambiguous work of judicious scrutiny.

    The more of this is revealed, the more the holy Mueller comes forth as an old, tired cop, that has long lost the fine tricks of the trade, who was only still capable of the crude tricks of the trade. His pathology and tragedy is that he doesn’t see it himself; it is likely to become his downfall when he testifies.

  29. July 3, 2019 at 20:09

    Most readers of Consortium News from around the Earth understand the immensity of the Browder-Magnitsky scandal, and so then they are certainly hugely appreciative of Lucy Komisar’s years-long reporting on the scandal, plus thankful to Consortium News for exhibiting the moral courage to publish Ms. Komisar’s truly bombshell, Earth-shaking article. Those people around the world yet unaware of this profound and historically important situation will now, undoubtedly, become fully aware – and soon.

    Every candidate from every political party in America running for the office of President of the United States in 2020 will find it impossible to avoid this just-revealed 800,000,000-pound elephant standing in/on the living room known as planet Earth, as well as find it impossible to respond in any manner but in 100% alignment with the truth. There are nothing but positive consequences coming from this truly historic development – most especially, the forthcoming global paradigm shift featuring exponentially greater effectiveness of international law in deterrence of major criminality. It is a moving and humbling experience to witness. Thank you sincerely.


    • July 4, 2019 at 00:43

      Jerry L.! … that was a tremendous piece of editorial writing! …. I have been on the trail of this “ MAGNITZKY Sting … thing… Josef Mifsud … is the key man of not so much mystery any more…! I have been on this … William Browder… Grifter … of the Hoover Institute _Stanford … John Perkins…. Book “ Confessions of a Economic Hitman “ … is eye opening…. look into Edmond Safra … his bizarre demise or death in 1999’ … in the middle of Monaco… Principality… Párkinson … had ravaged Mr. SAFRA… a third generation… manifestation of Lebanon and Jewish Global financial markets … Financiers Of renowned… Edmond Safra was from family heritage of movers and shakers of Global financial markets and currency manipulators from the … Middle Ages! Rick – Él Cuban cowboy ( 702.767.0072)) … hope all is well

      • Zhu
        July 5, 2019 at 07:01

        The anti-zio-nura have returned, I see.

  30. DW Bartoo
    July 3, 2019 at 19:12

    This article, which I thank Consortium News for publishing, and its author, Lucy Komisar for researching and writing, is very important for a number of reasons.

    Those who know the history of what happened to Russia and the Russian people when U$ “experts”, vulture capitalists and B-School grads, descended on Russia for a sportive slaughter of its economy, all the better to create an oligarchic class and impoverish the many while providing many of those “experts” lucrative, even obscenely lucrative rewards, among them William Browder.

    Those who have seen the film, “The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes.”, by Andrei Nekrasov know that Nekrasov had a sea-change experience, shared by viewers of the film who get a front-seat, close-up look at what went on. That any who see the film could possibly retain a favorable impression of Browder is very hard to imagine.

    That so very much has been done to suppress any public or widespread showing of the film speaks, eloquently and succinctly, to the motivations, if not expressly exposing the reasons, for the suppression.

    Clearly, when Congress passed the Magnitsky Act, in 2012, few of those who voted for that law had seen the film or else they made no serious efforts to ascertain the actual facts. Perhaps, they did not care to know the facts or, worse, do not care, at all, what the facts actually were.

    One hopes that among the questions posed to Robert Mueller will be several seeking clarity about something he, rather obviously, got very wrong, about the infamous “meeting” at Trump Tower.

    Mueller’s apparent lack of curiosity and equally apparent willingness to accept so very many things at face value, based solely on what he was told, without, so it seems, any genuine effort on his part to look more deeply, to actually investigate beyond what really is hearsay, does not paint a picture of an intrepid, dogged pursuit of facts and actual evidence, but rather a slipshod pretense while unctously playing the make believe role of “Special Counsel”.

    His special guest appearance before Congress may well not be a reprise of a Cameo Role, but an opportunity to win the Lifetime Oscar for Pusillanimous Leading Man.

    The Democrats who have arranged this awards ceremony, thinking they are about to unearth manifold riches, may well find that they have bitten off far more crow than they can possibly chew.

    Russiagate may yet become a dead albatross piece of neck ware for those banking on its bonanza.

    The “Ineffective Opposition” may soon confirm its utter uselessness, even as Robert Mueller may find the very real need to embark on a costly “brand” restoration.

    At least, this Second Coming, of Mueller will possibly provide a brief and hilarious respite from the Democratic Debate Circus floperation. And the media is sure to love it, Trump Tweets and all.


    Once again, my appreciation for this timely and important article, which ties together a plethora of peculiarities particularly perceptively well.

    • Nick
      July 4, 2019 at 00:47

      Mueller’s lack of curiosity is something people in Boston are well aware of. He was the US Attorney here when his FBI was covering up for Whitey Bulger, the murderous drug kingpin. It’s crazy, because now, to these same people in Boston, he’s the saint who’s gonna bring down Trump. The fact that he got away in the late 90s when his FBI agents all came up filthy with gifts from this gangster, and was subsequently able to work his way into an FBI directorship, shows that this dude is a skillful liar, and more one of omission than commission. He’ll turn up every rock looking for dirt on Trump, but if someone says ‘Your boy’s dirt is under that rock,’ he’ll just pretend he didn’t see it. There is no reason to ever trust him at all. Dude is an awful investigator, and should have been disbarred when it came to light that Agent John Connolly tipped off Whitey Bulger about a bug that State Police put in the Lancaster St. Garage, which served as Whitey’s office. John Connolly is in prison, and his boss is lionized as a hero.

    • July 4, 2019 at 00:51

      DW Bartooooo… that awas on target !! Like a hell fire missile … a direct hit …. Edmond Safra…. ___ William Browder…he is miscreant Browder’s …..CFO .. and Hermitage Capital’s … Angel of $€£¥• … The OG Vampire Of Junior partner Wild William… Browder… Lavrov and Oleg D… .. Putin’s… Executive Chef de’cuisinE .. also …

    • Seer
      July 4, 2019 at 11:35

      I too watched the film: subtle reminder- people ought to be sure to pay for it!

      Seems to be similar to the well choreographed story of The White Helmets. The deception is so widespread that it’s nearly impossible to fully expose. Seems that the Deep State HAS to be involved in here somewhere: I’ve claimed that the CIA (and or FBI) was active in ensuring Sanders wouldn’t rise above HRC in the 2016 campaign; the trail was leading here so the “players” unleashed the Russiagate circus (and we didn’t even get any bread with it!).

  31. Jerry Markatos
    July 3, 2019 at 18:59

    After watching the important film by Andrei Nekrasov, “The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes,” I was embarrassed for the New Yorker and their running a puff piece with swindler Browder anointing himself as a brave human rights hero standing up to the Russians. I hope I’m not the only one who wrote the New Yorker editor urging a visit to Consortiumnews and an evening with Nekrasov’s docudrama. Robert Parry in a brief series of questions to people who knew Sergei Magnitsky and an investigative reporter’s nose for fraud, swiftly offered key truths about the Magnitsky affair to readers of this site. If anyone else sees a possibility of a mainstream magazine having an appetite either for detailing a fascinating and consequential fraud or a willingness to eat crow, have at it!

    • Clark M Shanahan
      July 4, 2019 at 10:48

      The New Yorker and the lion’s share of our MSM and late night talk shows (Colbert, foremost) became collateral damage to Coronated-Hill’s Clown-Car Fiasco.
      Hill successfully projected her loss into the victimization of nearly half of the Nation.
      Many of the enablers of this hoax must know better, using the “ends justify the means” rationalization; as our self-appointed “protector” Colbert.
      What a sobering eye-opener it has been.
      Robert Wright:

    • Taras77
      July 5, 2019 at 15:45

      Robert Parry was clearly spot on about browder and his fraud.

      But the fraudster will not just go away, why should he, if he has been so successful in his deception and fraud. Now we see that he is “leading” a charge against money laundering in some of the European banks. If nothing else, the fraudster “continues:”

      • Skip Scott
        July 6, 2019 at 07:41

        Wow! Excellent article. Thanks for the link.

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