WATCH: ‘This Is Not a Dream’ (UPDATED)

Supporters of Julian Assange gathered at the Harold Park Hotel in Sydney on Sunday to celebrate his release from prison and arrival in Australia.

Speakers include: Mary Kostakidis, journalist, former SBS news presenter; Mark Davis, lawyer, former ABC correspondent; Kym Staton, director of The Trust Fall; Peter Cronau, former ABC Four Corners producer; Scott Ludlam, former Australian senator; Joe Lauria, editor-in-chief of Consortium News; Cathy Vogan, executive producer of CN Live!; Ian Rose, MC and Sydney activist; and an open microphone for Assange supporters. Cameras: Cathy Vogan and Frontyard Films. This is the edited version of the event. 


00:00 Preview – historic videos

02:27 A message from Mary Kostakidis

04:42 Ian Rose (MC for Politics in the Pub)

06:17 Kym Staton (‘The Trust Fall’) + poetry reading

15:48 Joe Lauria (Consortium News)

28:52 Cathy Vogan (Consortium News)

33:25 Mark Davis (criminal lawyer & investigative journalist)

38:44 Mark Davis on John Pilger

41:06 Scott Ludlam (former Greens senator)

47:19 Peter Cronau (Declassified AU)

53:12 Grass roots activists: Adriana Navarro + Karen Hemmings + Tribute to others including Diane Davy (+ film of Christine Assange at 1st protest) + Christine Keavney

1:03:45 Historic clip: ‘Did You Have Any Idea?’

1:04:43 OPEN MIC grass roots activists & some Q & A

1:24:55 Joe Lauria on compensation for Julian

1:28:35 END

2 comments for “WATCH: ‘This Is Not a Dream’ (UPDATED)

  1. LeoSun
    July 8, 2024 at 12:00

    “HELLO,” People of the Universe,” *“an impossible thing just happened,”

    Kym Staton authored, “The Trust Fall,” never met Julian Assange; and, “SEEING” Julian Assange, “Free at Last,” fist pump, in the air,” is/was OVERWHELMING! F/Awesome!!! It’s time to celebrate. “Where Julian Assange goes, free speech goes w/him.” Kym Staton

    …. IAN ROSE ‘rings the bell,’ “Bar’s Open!” Time for cheers, tears & beers!!! “All hail, the underdogs. It’s our time to make a move. It’s our time to make amends. It’s our time to break the rules. Let’s begin.” Livin’ Like Renegades! AND,

    “Standing w/Assange,” CN, Kostadidas, Staton, Lauria, Vogan, Ludlum, Cronau, Rose, Davies, People for Assange, imo, “Leadership,” *“Living & Loving, Out Loud!”

    “L O N G LIVE” the energy, empathy, an understanding of the enormity of Assange’s Defense Team’s COLOSSAL victory, i.e., ‘Justice For Julian.’ “Will you catch me cause I’m falling?” Absophknlutely! (Australia).

    The colossal take-always, “Julian Assange doesn’t have to do another bloody thing in his life. He’s done enough!!!” (IAN ROSE); “The law is wrong.” (JULIAN ASSANGE); “Learn How the World Works! (MARK DAVIES); the MUSIC, (LOWKEY)….“Crank it Up!” The “JOY.” TY, CN, et al. “Keep It Lit!” Ciao.

    * After Assange, Anything Is Possible,” Johnstone/Foley @ hxxps://

    * “Living and Loving, Out Loud.” Dr. Cornel West

  2. LeoSun
    July 8, 2024 at 11:43

    Ya gotta love, Joe Lauria’s take, “If, “we” don’t give up and “we” don’t give in; “we” just might win.”

    ……… “AND, on June 24, 2024, before the cock crowed, in the morning, Julian Assange w/his Defense Team, “Justice For Julian” booked it outta HM Prison Belmarsh. Julian Assange, Saved. Protected. Rescued. Finally, FREE!!!

    Chris Hedges, called it, the USG’s *“SURRENDER.” Joe Lauria, confirmed it. Basically, in “The United States vs. Julian Assange,” the USG’s defense is f/indefensible, “you can’t win w/a losing hand.” Julian Assange is innocent! “Set Him Free.” Consequently, Julian Assange agreed to the USG’s “plea deal,” a [SINGLE] violation of the U.S. Espionage Act; &, “Sentenced” for time already “SERVED!”

    .… “With this pronouncement, it appears that you will be able to walk out of this courtroom a free man,” Judge Ramona Manglona.

    .…. “Hello, Australia!” Julian Assange is “Free as a Bird.” (*Mr. Fish); and, a “FREE Press” hangs in the balance. “Mums da word,” from the USG, i.e., Zero. Zip. Zilch “assurances” that the 1st Amendment protects journalists, publishers, people, from persecution, prosecution, prison.

    ….Memo To: The USG, “Hands Off.” Give the people what they want, “peace of mind,” a “FREE, Press.”

    * “You Saved Julian Assange,” Hedges/Fish @ hxxps://

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