Craig Murray: Active Participants in Genocide

In obedience to Israel, the Western political and media class is isolating itself from public opinion on Gaza in ways hard to believe. But here are a few examples.

May 1 solidarity march in New York. (Pamela Drew, Flickr, CC BY-NC 2.0)

By Craig Murray

Incredibly the Israeli genocide in Gaza is now reaching new heights of violence. Casualty figures are not coming in, as the attacks are so bad that bodies cannot be recovered, medics cannot travel and there are almost no medical facilities operational now anyway.

We now see that the Western injunctions not to attack Rafah were a smokescreen of lies to mask complicity. The final pocket of Gaza is being ruthlessly ethnically cleansed and its infrastructure will be destroyed like all the rest.

It is striking that this is accompanied by an absolutely shameless doubling down of support for Israel by the Western political and media classes. 

Any thought that their isolation from the vast breadth of public opinion would give them pause, must be abandoned. Their Zionist lobby paymasters have jerked the chain, and rather than rowing back, we are seeing a redoubling of their efforts to suppress dissent and obscure the truth.

Some of this shameless distortion is so dissonant with the alleged norms of Western society it is almost impossible to believe it is happening. Here are a few examples.

No. 1). Dr. Ghassan Abu Sitta is a highly respected reconstructive surgeon who continued to work heroically and tirelessly in Al Shifa hospital, carrying out operation after operation, mostly on women and children, as the hospital was shelled, strafed and machine gunned around him.

He was already a surgeon of great distinction, based in Glasgow where he is now rector of Glasgow University.

When Germany banned him from entering to address the conference on Palestine from which Yanis Varoufakis and others were also barred, it appeared perhaps as a one-off action as part of Germany’s extreme and panicked reaction to pro-Palestinian expression.

[See: German Police Shut Down Palestine Conference]

We have come to understand that Germany has a vicious hatred of Palestinians, remarkably based on the psychological trauma of inherited guilt from the Holocaust. While this is a muddled national psychosis that is plainly immoral and wrongheaded, at least it is possible to have some understanding of how it occurred.

[Related: Beneath Germany’s Unshakeable Support of Israel]

But it then turned out that the travel ban slapped on Dr. Abu Sitta by Germany had a Schengen-wide effect as he was also banned from France. That appeared again to be something that was almost a technical accident as regards the rest of Europe.

But the Western political establishment then banned him from the Netherlands, and this time the Dutch government made it clear that it supports the ban, and is not just caught by a Schengen restriction.

[On May 14, the ICJ overturned the Schengen-wide travel ban on Abbu Sittu, Middle East Eye reports.]

So the major governments of the European Union tried to forbid a distinguished surgeon from giving first-hand medical evidence of the genocide taking place. I cannot think of anything that more sharply exposes the willingness of the Western political class to abandon the most basic tenets of supposed “Western democracy” in the interests of Israel.

No. 2). The willingness of the United States to use extreme violence against pro-Palestinian students on college campuses is another demonstration of the same abandonment of the pretence of democracy when it comes to Israel.

It also illustrates what has come to be a serious generational divide in Western public opinion, with young people very strongly motivated to oppose the genocide (which is not to say that older people are pro-genocide, just that they are more split, particularly in the U.S.).

This is being followed up with yet more crazed pro-Israeli legislation in the United States, seeking to designate anti-genocide and pro-Palestinian expression on campuses as anti-Semitic and thus illegal.

In many ways this typifies the reaction of the ruling class across the West. Their reaction to suddenly being exposed as the paid servants of an Israel which no longer has popular support and now causes public revulsion, is simply to attempt to ban free expression and make it specifically illegal to disagree with them.

Protester at the 11th National Ceasefire Now Protest on Palestine Land Day, London, March 30. (Steve Eason, Flickr, CC BY-NC 2.0)

No. 3). The British Labour Party has gone even madder. Keir Starmer’s Genocide Party is an outstanding example of the success of the Israeli lobby in buying up both sides of the aisle and controlling the entire neoliberal uniparty that poses as the repository of democratic “choice” in the West.

Starmer had been doing his best to conceal his explicitly expressed “unequivocal support for Israel” lately, and to row back from his straightforward assertion that Israel has the right to cut off food and water from the population of Gaza. 

There had been a fake shift, from refusing to countenance the word “ceasefire” to supporting a temporary ceasefire or a “sustainable” ceasefire — the latter being code for a ceasefire after Israel had achieved all its ethnic cleansing objectives.

But then David Lammy, the U.K.’s shadow secretary of state for foreign affairs, blew this out of the water with an address to U.S. Republican senators in which he made the totally bonkers assertion that Nelson Mandela would have opposed the college protests for Palestine. Lammy is a truly despicable individual, one of the ultimate examples of the corrupt politician whose voice is bought. But this was a move far beyond the pale.

No. 4). Even today, the Western media continues to spout Israeli propaganda at mains pressure. The Guardian, despite the thousands and thousands of dead women and children we have seen on our mobile phones this past seven months, continues to pretend that the genocidal attack is on “Hamas militants.”

The bombing and shelling of civilians in tents is still described as “clashes.” This propaganda really does not wash any more, though it may reinforce the morale of hardened Zionists. Everybody else has seen through it months ago. Yet still they persist.

No. 5). The endgame is becoming very apparent. The United States is completing its floating harbour for Gaza, and Israel has gained control of the Rafah crossing into Egypt, giving the U.S. and Israel total control of entry points into Gaza. 

Israel has announced that the Rafah crossing is to be handed over to a U.S. mercenary force. The U.S. can then say it is complying with U.S. President Joe Biden’s pledge not to put U.S. forces’ boots on the ground in Gaza, while actually taking control.

The U.S. has justified the Israeli attack on Rafah as a “limited military operation,” thus claiming it does not violate Biden’s purported “red line,” even though Israel has ordered over a million displaced people in Rafah to evacuate again, to nowhere.

The only possible conclusion from all of the above is to reinforce my analysis that the Zionist political and media classes in the West, including Biden, Starmer, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron, U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, are active and willing participants in a programme of genocide.

They had numerous opportunities to turn back. We all saw what was happening months ago. 

The endgame remains the processing of the remaining Palestinian population out of Gaza through the U.S.-controlled points of the Rafah crossing and the floating harbour, primarily into camps in the Sinai desert. The Western powers are doubling down on their genocide and on their colonial project.

I see nothing whatsoever that indicates they can have any other long-term objective in mind than the complete Israeli annexation of Gaza minus its civilian population. What do you see?

Craig Murray is an author, broadcaster and human rights activist. He was British ambassador to Uzbekistan from August 2002 to October 2004 and rector of the University of Dundee from 2007 to 2010. His coverage is entirely dependent on reader support. Subscriptions to keep this blog going are gratefully received.

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42 comments for “Craig Murray: Active Participants in Genocide

  1. Piotr Berman
    May 20, 2024 at 08:22

    Published on Tue May 14 2024 hxxps://

    May 15, 2024

    Berlin, Administrative court Potsdam slams German Federal Police: Schengen-Information-System entry for Prof. Dr Ghassan Abu Sittah has no legal basis and is to be revoked immediately after an emergency appeal by ELSC lawyer Alexander Gorski with support from lawyers from the International Centre of Justice for Palestinians (ICJP). This effectively ends the Schengen-area travel ban imposed on Prof. Dr. Abu Sittah by German authorities. He was previously prevented from entering Germany, France and most recently the Netherlands.

    The court’s ruling follows ELSC lawyer Alexander Gorski’s arguments in all points and recognizes the urgency of the case vis-a-vis developments in Gaza. The court rejects all accusations by German Federal Police against Dr Abu Sittah and holds that the Federal Police provided no grounds according to the legal basis provided by Art. 24 EU-Verordnung 2018/1861 and § 30 Abs. 5 BundespolizeiG.

  2. Francis (Frank) Lee
    May 19, 2024 at 06:26

    Those in positions of power – be they corporate or political – are able to mould the outlook of the masses who are not even aware of what is being done to them. We find the same attempts by the powers that be – mostly favourable – to contact and activate the subconscious, and the same technique of creating the favourable and unfavourable associations, which are more the effective and the less rational they are. We have the same evasions and reticence that is successful , and the same trick of producing opinion by reiterated assertion that is successful precisely to the extent to which it avoids rational argument and the danger of awakening the critical faculties of the people … Newspaper readers, TV audiences, members of a political party, even if not physically gathered together are terribly easy to work up into a psychological crowd into a state of frenzy in which any attempt of rational argument only spurs the animal spirits.”

    Joseph A Schumpeter – Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy 1943.

    Alas the gentleman seems correct. But as the Italian Marxists argued. La lotta Continua. The Struggle will and must go on.

  3. John Gilberts
    May 18, 2024 at 17:59

    As an example of western msm complicity, nothing can match of Canada’s national broadcaster CBC:

    CBC Has Whitewashed Israel’s Crimes in Gaza. I Saw It Firsthand.


    Bravo for independent and alternative media like this one for stepping up to the plate!

    • Julia
      May 19, 2024 at 09:09

      The BBC and most of the UK main streem media are following very closely behind, if not caught up…. As you say Bravo to The Consortium and other like minded independent media.

  4. Realist
    May 18, 2024 at 17:38

    Well, that seems to be that: nearly the entirety of Europe seems to have fallen to the theory and practice of fascism whilst just pretending to remain free and democratic, including enforcing an insincere facsimile of “free speech” that really only mocks the concept. Somebody muster Adolph Hitler from Satan’s custody down in Hell and tell him that he has belatedly actually won the Second World War. Gonna be “Springtime for Hitler” just as in Mel Brook’s comedic film from the 1960’s. Germany (and the rest of Europe) tries so hard to decry and repress its guilt-ridden actions of 80 years ago that it actually recreates them in the here and now. What wonderful symmetry. Life imitating art!

    • Susan Siens
      May 19, 2024 at 16:22

      Did you hear Norman Finkelstein talking about his mother (a Holocaust survivor) singing “It’s Springtime for Hitler”?

  5. Napier
    May 18, 2024 at 17:18

    Excellent as always from Mr. Murray. Just one point to note:

    [On May 14, the ICJ overturned the Schengen-wide travel ban on Abbu Sittu, Middle East Eye reports.]

    This text should be reworded. It is the ICJP, the International Centre of Justice for Palestinians which challenged the Schengen ban through the European legal system.
    The ICJ is the international Court of Justice. This text really should be reworded for clarity.

  6. Susan Siens
    May 18, 2024 at 15:05

    Thank you, Craig Murray, for this excellent essay. The only thing I would disagree with is “psychological trauma of inherited guilt from the Holocaust.” If Germany felt any guilt for the Holocaust, they would not be supporting another one. In essence, Germany — and I am NOT saying all Germans — is the same Nazi state it was 90 years ago. They have never altered their essential authoritarian, fascistic outlook, and still believe they — and Israelis who look like them — are superior to everyone else in the world and have the right to do what they please to the “lessers.” Not really that different from the rest of the West, just more blatant.

    • joey_n
      May 18, 2024 at 16:54

      On 1 April, CN posted an article that discusses how Germany came to support Israel. From what I could gleam from it, it has much ado with the USA’s (and to some degree Israel’s) stranglehold on the German govt. and media. And with that comes the gaslighting with which the US and Israel can blackmail Germany into obedience. In that essence, I agree with Mr. Murray.

      • May 19, 2024 at 12:13

        I agree. The stranglehold in which the USA holds Europe is all overpowering. It could pull the plug from our relatively comfortable lives when it wants to. The USA has us in a complete blackmail grip. I have not been able to understand so far how it works exactly. Like the riddle: Why has Germany not stood up to the bombing of Nord Stream? Why do the investigations of the interested parties (Germany, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands) just fizzle out, when America clearly has a lot to answer for in that respect?


      • Susan Siens
        May 19, 2024 at 16:34

        I still feel no sympathy for a country under the thumb of the WEF which is busy destroying itself. What did Merkel do that she could be blackmailed when she was outraged to find out that the U.S. was spying on her? What has Scholz done? I realize they are not much other than puppets, but why were they elected? For a taste of Germany, see Julie Bindel’s work on prostitution in which she wrote that Germany was far worse than the display cages in Amsterdam; she said there is a brothel on every corner. And if the women being sold there are too expensive, Germans go to Prague to have sex with children for a few dollars.

        Do you realize that I could technically move to Germany because of my blood heritage? Only two countries in the world with that disgusting system: Germany and Israel. And wealthy German Jews had much to do with founding Israel, and cooperated happily with the Third Reich.

        • joey_n
          May 20, 2024 at 07:33

          You may not sympathize with Germany, but I still do, and I reckon so do those of us who recall how the USA and England were threatened by any prospective marriage of German industrial knowhow with Russian resources. But I digress.

        • Piotr Berman
          May 20, 2024 at 08:34

          I think that Italy and Ireland have similar rules, in the case of Israel, the discriminatory aspects of the immigration laws are indeed repulsive, but it is hard to make the case against Germany.

          As I posted, not ALL German authorities are bonkers, as the decision of Potsdam administrative court shows. Would that happen in USA, authorities would appeal to a higher court and win (usually), let us see what will happen in this significant case.

  7. May 18, 2024 at 13:33

    Zionist Gangsta’s desperate for legitimacy seek super spreader event: Morehouse

    “..Lie, cheat, blackmail, threats, intimidation, ultimately murder. It was (former Israeli Premier) Ariel Sharon who murdered my former client, (former Palestinian) President (Yasser) Arafat, with a green light from President George Bush Jr. So, they will stop at nothing. As I said before, these Zionists are gangsters. And the US government, the Zionists, those in the US government supporting them are gangsters, too…” Francis Boyle

    Boyle: (US Secretary of State Antony) “…Blinken was behind me at Harvard. He worked for Marty Peretz in my government department where I got my Ph.D. at Harvard. His career at Harvard wasn’t going anywhere, so his wife bought out for him the (publisher) New Republic and he turned it into a house organ for the Likud Party, a diehard neocon Zionist Likudnik, just like Netanyahu, and Blinken worked for Peretz at the New Republic.??He is a diehard neocon Zionist Likudnik just like Netanyahu. And he controls the State House. As for the White House, the White House Chief of Staff (Jeff) Zients, diehard neocon Zionist and his predecessor before that, (former White House Chief of Staff) Ron Klain behind me at Harvard Law School, another diehard neocon Zionist. This is, I am afraid, what the Palestinians are up against. Türkiye is up against this power and force, as well…”

    Hartsfield Jackson awaits Zionist Gangsta’s: GenocideJoe, Tony, WARnock and Ossoff. West End is READY! Will Ackman/Seinfeld thugs show up to beat down the brothers?

  8. vinnieoh
    May 18, 2024 at 12:51

    Exactly what you see Mr. Murray. Expulsion to nowhere, leading to slow death from starvation and exposure.

  9. Wally Jasper
    May 18, 2024 at 12:33

    I have made a declaration today, on behalf of myself and my dogs, to formally secede from the USA. We have not for a long time belonged to that country; we do not participate in its ridiculous rituals, customs, intentions and agendas, myths and ideology, nor to any of its actions in the world. This land where my dogs and I are living is part of the ancestral lands of the Tiwa people of the northern part of the area the colonialists call New Mexico, in the continent called by the colonialists North America. The twenty acres deeded to me by the colonialist regime is now de facto free from any and all involvement in said colonial farce. (I guess I’ll still have to pay property taxes to the state because otherwise they’d remove “title.” And then there would be no piece of land that could secede. Sigh.)

    • Susan Siens
      May 19, 2024 at 16:29

      I really like your comment as I, too, live on stolen land. Asked the Penobscot Nation if they wanted it back, and the answer was no. Everyone I have contacted would just sell it for maximum profit; next I am going to try Homeworkers Organized for More Employment (H.O.M.E.) to see if they would sell it for a reasonable price to someone who wants to live in an old farmhouse on 44 acres of fields and woods. I’ve tried to find someone to live here as we are aging, but no one wants to do manual labor. Next I have to ask my dogs if they would like to secede! Best wishes to you from the eastern side of Turtle Island!

  10. Andrew Thomas
    May 18, 2024 at 11:39

    I cannot see anything else either, Mr. Murray. The only value to Donald Trump is that he lacks the normal filter between what goes through his head and out of his mouth. As a result, he gives voice to what everyone else is thinking amongst the operatives and operators of the totalitarian corporate state. And what he said, in essence, was that the final solution to the Palestinian problem is taking too long and is causing narrative management issues for Israel’s enablers. In this, at least, Trump speaks for the entire political and economic elite in the U.S. All of the actions of the corporate state under the control of that elite are of a piece with Trump’s statement. As for the elites in the other Five Eyes countries and in Western Europe, YMMV. However, not during my non-childhood lifetime have I ever seen such total hegemonic control by the U.S. empire of those countries.

    • Nonclassical
      May 18, 2024 at 19:24

      …’hegemonic control”…see T. Carlson “interview” of Mike Benz, “Rumble”, Censorship Industrial Process, all of one hour presentation,

      AND Glenn Greenwald interview of Matt Taibbi, “russiagate”, second hour, Rumble…

  11. R Cullen
    May 18, 2024 at 10:18

    Your article documents this incredible complicity very well. But how is this behavior of the Western political elites to be explained?? The information is available to all. The corrupting power alone of Zionism in tandem with the military-industrial-congressional complex surely is not sufficient to produce behavior that is like robots synchronized by the same program, with all the power elites singing from the same song sheet. They surely must know the truth?? Or have they all succumbed to extreme moral degeneration?? It is exasperating and bizarre…

  12. forceOfHabit
    May 18, 2024 at 09:13

    “I see nothing whatsoever that indicates they can have any other long-term objective in mind than the complete Israeli annexation of Gaza minus its civilian population.”

    Long term? I don’t think they intend to stop at Gaza.

  13. Megan
    May 18, 2024 at 01:54

    This is so disturbing. Politicians lie to and gaslight millions of people about the big endorsement and billions of dollars they give to cold-blooded murderers. The sickest society on earth has everyone with any power under its psychotic spell, and plenty of useful and sick idiots among the masses too. And it appears that to be Palestinian means to be destined for extinction, even though millions of people desperately want to save you. How can we have so little power? How can so many people see these events in such a diametrically opposite way from us? WHAT’S HAPPENED HERE?! Is this black cloud going to pass or is it dystopia from here on in? When there’s no hope of appealing to anyone not already on our side with rational argument or an appeal to reality, what’s left to us? For much of the time since October 7th, this has felt to me like it was all about Palestine, but now I’m not sure. The capacity of western societies for fascism is impossible to not see now. Even just a few days ago I felt that we’d recover from this delirium as soon as Israel ceases to exist, but now I have a bad feeling of foreboding. It’s only people like Craig who are keeping me sane, and there are plenty of others, but we’re up against something truly terrible. Anger can be corrosive, but I feel strongly that our sense of outrage is what’s keeping us tethered to reality. I treasure all of you who share my outrage and publicly own it. We’re going to need each other.

  14. WayneS
    May 17, 2024 at 21:55

    Well! That’ll be Gaza done! Now to finish sweeping out West Bank & the problem will finally be solved — ‘from the river to the sea’, Erzatz Israel rules! At least till armageddon, or collapse of the empire, whichever comes first & which will surely be hastened, whether by Israel’s success, or its failure, in striving for its zionist solution ….

  15. Dr. Duke
    May 17, 2024 at 21:15

    Genocide Joe at work.
    US overdose deaths for 2023 over 105,000 souls.
    Let us not forget that the opioid crisis was under Obama/Biden.
    I don’t see it publicized, but I believe that Genocide Joe is now the Presidential record holder for total number of dead Americans in the first three years of rule. Trump was the single year record holder for his efforts in 2020, but Biden matched that record feat in both of his first two years of rule. And even though deaths have lowered just enough so that the “Life Expectancy” stat is now actually not declining any more, a still very deadly year three appears to give Biden the Presidential Record for Dead Americans in three years.

    Genocide Joe at home. Can you survive Four More Years of Profits over People?

  16. Joy
    May 17, 2024 at 19:57

    There must be an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Pope Francis has said what is needed, now he must do what is needed by going to Gaza and standing for peace, justice and freedom.

    Please sign the petition and share widely.


    Code pink

    Let us also support UNRWA. If our governments won’t act in accordance with humanity, then we will. hxxps://

    Let us make our donations to honor Aaron Bushnell, or in memory of Hind Rajab.

    Also you can give to support the doctors in Gaza: hxxps://

    These are a few small things we can do. If we can do more, let us do more.

  17. mary-lou
    May 17, 2024 at 17:57

    cracks are appearing in many places. including some of the mainstream’s media mentioning the violence directed at the pro-Palestine protesters by dubiously founded pro-zio*ist thugs; Iraq’s request to end the United Nations’ Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) by next year – hxxps://; a growing number of states (Egypt being one of the latest) to join the ICj’s case against Israel committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza – hxxps://
    too little, too late? probably and most unfortunately so, but finding, exposing and increasing the pressure on those cracks is the best we can do for now.

  18. Mister Soul
    May 17, 2024 at 16:37

    As a dot to connect … recently, during one of the ‘secret visits’ by Sec of State Blinken to Kiev, he went off to play some Neil Young on guitar in a pizza shop. An antifascist like Mr. Young would of course not be pleased to learn that this is a military themed pizza joint, where in the Ukrainian fashion are displayed various logos and symbols of the German nationalists of the 1930’s and 40’s. Specifically the logos of the SS 5th Panzer Division and the SS Das Reich Division have been spotted by social media users as hanging on the walls. Another photo appears to show the Union Hall in Odessa where Kiev ‘nationalists’ burned to death some 40 antifa protesters. This is the place that Secretary of State Blinken chose for his PR performance on guitar.

    BTW, “Rockin the Free World” is a song of criticism of President George Herbert Walker Bush (with the Herbert Walker part coming from an American industrialist who was very pro-German in the 1930’s). So, a current American Secretary of State went to a pizza joint with a military theme and which features the logos of German nationalists, to play a song that criticizes a President who was named after one of the American supporters of German nationalism. Yes, its confusing, and can make your head spin if you try to follow the spinning lights too closely. But, if you just recognize good from evil, and stick with that, then all can become clear.

    “Rockin the Free World” opening stanza, by Neil Young:
    “There’s colors on the street
    Red, white and blue
    People shufflin’ their feet
    People sleepin’ in their shoes
    But there’s a warnin’ sign on the road ahead
    There’s a lot of people sayin’ we’d be better off dead
    Don’t feel like Satan, but I am to them
    So I try to forget it, any way I can”

    and the final stanza begins with …

    “We got a thousand points of light
    For the homeless man
    We got a kinder, gentler machine gun hand” – ibid

    Those are the lyrics that Blinken chose to perform before a walls full of nationalist symbols.


  19. Francis (Frank) Lee
    May 17, 2024 at 16:31

    The critical structure of the western rotten-to-the-core elites cannot and will not endure indefinitely. That is what we have to hang onto. How long that will last we cannot say, but its demise is becoming more and more real and threatening with the passage of time. The writing on the wall is just about everywhere. ”But never, perhaps, has any time has been the attack on reason been more violent than ours.” argues Albert Camus.

  20. John K. Leslie
    May 17, 2024 at 16:29

    Let it be known that Canada continues to supply arms to Israel, and is complicit in genocide. The NDP, so-called ‘socialist’ party, opposes the government’s support of the Zionists. What can be said of a country that promotes murder of women and children and complete destruction of a homeland?

  21. Voltaria Voltaire
    May 17, 2024 at 16:13

    What do I see? Crazy killers who no longer make the slightest attempt to cover themselves with the social veneer of any semblance of reason. The curtain is up. The intention is clear. They have been enabled by not being held accountable under the law, and are instead using that “law” against innocents, the very law that should be used agsinst them. This will only get worse and spread into other zones unless it can be demonstrated that we are all equal under the law, and no one is above the law, and by demonstrating some real JUSTICE. It is difficult to not become speechless at the enormity of escalating injustice. It is no time for the good and rational people of the world to give up or become apathetic at what seems to be a hopeless chance for justice or change.

  22. Francis (Frank) Lee
    May 17, 2024 at 15:55

    ”It is striking that this – outrage – is accompanied by an absolutely shameless doubling down of support for Israel by the Western political and media classes.” Nailed it.

    According to Orwell: ”Actions are held to be good or bad, not on their own merits, but according to who does them, and there is no kind of outrage – torture, the use of hostages, forced labour, mass deportations, imprisonment without trial, forgery, assassinations, the bombing of civilians – which does not change its moral colour when it is committed by ”our” side.”

  23. Vera Gottlieb
    May 17, 2024 at 15:35

    It can’t be a matter of having a BAD CONSCIENCE when the entire white Anglo/Saxon world has NO CONSCIENCE.

  24. mgr
    May 17, 2024 at 15:14

    I assume that there is no statute of limitations on complicity to genocide. I hope these named Western leaders, in addition to the Israeli zionists, are hunted down and held accountable if it takes for the rest of their lives. If not, we are all complicit.

    • Joy
      May 17, 2024 at 19:54

      18 U.S. Code § 1091 is the law that brought the genocide convention into US law. People need to put this statute in the administration’s faces, up front and center at every protest at every meeting, press conference, briefing, commencements, and trips home and abroad.

      They may feel they are immune now, but what is possible when they leave office, given they have set the precedent of charging former presidents. They should have visions of prison all the days of their lives.

      The propagandists in the Mainstream Media need to understand their culpability as well. Get them charged; when is the only question.

    • Carolyn L Zaremba
      May 17, 2024 at 21:45

      I agree completely.

    • Nonclassical
      May 18, 2024 at 19:32

      …as opposed, “deliver from evil”, DELIVER TO HAGUE!!!

  25. Michael G
    May 17, 2024 at 15:12

    I see the people who are the public faces of this atrocity, Blinken, Sullivan, Kirby, Erdan et al., suffering a concurrent and complete psychotic break.

    Psychopath: a person having an egocentric and antisocial personality marked by a lack of remorse for one’s actions, an absence of empathy for others, and often criminal tendencies.

    And I’m with Caitlin Johnstone.
    “I oppose the butchery in Gaza because I am not a f*cking psychopath”

  26. JonnyJames
    May 17, 2024 at 15:05

    Genocide Joe’s purported cessation of certain arms shipments was a cynical election-year stunt to burnish his damaged image among the D party faithful. The contrived drama of the loyal opposition demanding more arms shipments was part of the show. The pier is also a PR stunt to make it appear that the US will do something to help. No wonder these people are politicians, they are terrible actors!

    Speaking of the western MassMediaCartel: the Guardian today is running yet another article, uncritically repeating a story released by the IDF – a very credible and reliable source eh?. As Chris Hedges, Ray McGovern and others call them “sycophantic stenographers”, it is clearly not journalism

    The US/UK (Anglo-American Zionist Empire) and the vassal states mentioned in Craig’s article know that no consequences will come of their support of these atrocities. The US can and will protect them, with brute force, from any legal consequences, for now at least.

    Since the US and UK offer little or no meaningful choice in their so-called democracies, there will be no way to vote against the interests of the oligarchy. The Israel Lobby is part of MICIMATT (see Ray McGovern), so there is sadly no way to “vote” our way out of it. As history shows, only organized resistance brings about change. Unfortunately, state-sponsored violence and arrests will ensue, as we see with Ilan Pappe’s arrest recently.

  27. susan
    May 17, 2024 at 13:50

    I’m right there with you Craig! What is happening in Gaza and with the horrifying complicity of the entire West is completely unforgivable. I hope that Biden, Starmer, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron, U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and other cronies BURN in HELL, if not here on Earth first…

    • May 19, 2024 at 16:31

      I think that most people have heard of near death experiences (NDE’s).

      One feature of such experiences which has sometimes been reported, and which I find very interesting, is that of the life review, which focuses on the deeds a person has done throughout his or her life, the motives of the deeds, and the effects of the deeds on others. It has been reported, for instance, that people have re-experienced their deeds not only from their own perspective but from the perspective of others whom one’s deeds have affected (both for good and for bad). (And actually not only one’s deeds but also one’s thoughts and words.)

      Here is a very interesting youtube video about this, titled The Golden Rule Dramatically Illustrated, featuring NDE researcher Dr. Kenneth Ring.

      In the video Dr. Ring gives an example of a man who was a rather big fellow and a roughneck, and who had gotten into a fight with and punched out another man. This man later had a near-death experience as a result of an accident, and in that experience he had a life review in which he had to re-experience what he did, and he had to in effect be the man whom he had punched out, and to himself feel what the other man must have felt as a result of his blows.

      Dr. Ring makes the point in his video that in the context of the near death experience the Golden Rule is “not just a precept for moral conduct but the way it works”, and one experiences this in a very forcible way in the life review.


      Dr. Ring’s roughneck friend had a very intense experience in feeling what the man he had punched out must have felt as a result of his blows. And I presume he was just an average Joe Blow. If such reported experiences are really for real, and really indicate what they would seem to indicate, then I have to wonder what it is going to be like for those in the positions of power and influence who are very complicit in the genocide in Gaza when they pass from this life.

      Hearing about near death experiences and the life review gives me some hope about the possibility of justice working itself out in a next life if not in this life.

      (Disclaimers: I have (so far) never myself had any such personal experience of my own. I very strongly believe in the possible reality of God and of life after this present life and justice working itself out, but accept uncertainty. And I also do not accept the Christian beliefs that one’s eternal destiny is solely dependent on “accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior” in this present life, and that a person’s eternal destiny is necessarily fixed at the moment of death.)

  28. Che Sur
    May 17, 2024 at 12:24

    As an American, I can point out that (not) my government has …. 1) actively joined the food and aid blockade of Gaza by going along with the fake Israeli claims against UNRWA and cutting off aid to Gaza in response. 2) Has actively joined in military action alongside the genocidal forces and in protection of the genocide. The US military is engaged off Yemen in an action of direct protection of the genocide, and in April openly joined combat alongside the genocidal forces against Iran’s legitimate retaliation for the illegal destruction of its diplomatic territory. Both acts are clearly military combat with the goal of protecting the genocide and making sure it can continue until its ‘final solution’.

    Concerning the question of whether America is an active participant in genocide (yet again), that ship has clearly sailed and is so far from the harbor that the greenhouse gas emissions from its smokestack are no longer even visible. America had better hope that the world does not like the idea of a “Three Strikes and you’re Out” rule.

    Which means that any American that does not at the least vote for a political party that openly opposes the genocide is very complicit in the genocide. A vote for (D) or a vote for (R) is recording your personal support for genocide. George Galloway has shown what an anti-genocide campaign really looks like. The only way to later claim to be a ‘good American’ is to completely reject and refuse to support the several pro-genocidal parties. Note the word several used as ‘more than two’.
    Meanwhile, it is interesting to notice what is not in the corporate news. What causes the dog not to bark? Today, NATO ally France is sending troops and police ashore in New Caledonia, to make sure that French rule is not challenged by pro-independence protestors. A NATO government sending troops to keep control of a colonial possession. Normally, the corporations are happy to trumpet the actions of NATO, and give it the front page. But why not this time? Is there a limit of what even Madison Avenue can sell as ‘democracy and freedom?’ Of course, Petite Roi in France is always a hard sell as democracy and freedom, when he rules by decree over 70% opposition of his people, and regularly sends his police out to crack heads at home to ‘keep order’.

    • Dfnslblty
      May 17, 2024 at 19:55

      A good exposé of illegal& immoral quietude.
      They can’t hide any longer.

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