Biden Exceeds Worst Fears About Trump

None of Trump’s misdeeds  rise to the level of single-handedly facilitating a genocide in Gaza or taking the world closer to nuclear war than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis, writes Caitlin Johnstone.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden, official portraits from Wikipedia. (Andrea Widburg, Flickr, Public domain)

By Caitlin Johnstone

Listen to Tim Foley reading this article. 

In an article titled “Joe Biden Risks A Major Middle East War If He Makes The Wrong Choices,” The Huffington Post cites anonymous U.S officials who fear the careless and chaotic behavior of their commander-in-chief is going to embroil the U.S in a hot war between Israel and Lebanon.

HuffPost’s Akbar Shahid Ahmed writes the following:

“American officials say the Biden administration is not doing all it can to reduce tensions, despite public commitments from senior officials to avoid a regional blow-up.

‘I’ve been trying to keep an avalanche from falling on Lebanon and so have a lot of people,’ one official told HuffPost, saying many national security personnel fear unchecked U.S. support for Israel will make it overly confident about expanding operations into Lebanon. ‘The problem is no one can rein in Biden, and if Biden has a policy, he’s the commander-in-chief ? we have to carry it out. That’s what it comes down to, very, very, very unfortunately.’ ”

Listening to the way people on the inside have been talking about U.S. President Biden’s bull-in-a-china-shop behavior regarding Middle East policy lately, one can’t help being reminded of the way the liberal press used to talk about the erratic and irresponsible behavior of former U.S. President Donald Trump when he was in office. 

The mood and tone feels like when Trump was exchanging verbal hostilities with North Korea in the first year of his term, which comedian John Mulaney famously likened to the disorder and discomfort of having a horse loose in the hospital.

We’re all just standing here praying that this lunatic doesn’t ignite yet another horrific war in the middle east while watching him unapologetically sponsor a genocide in Gaza, and we’re still a ways off from emerging safely from the world-threatening nuclear brinkmanship his administration dragged everyone into with Russia in Ukraine.

And it’s hard not to notice that this all sure looks an awful lot like what liberals were terrified would happen when Trump got into office.

The lead-up to Trump winning the 2016 election and taking office was rife with some of the most vitriolic and emotionally intense rhetoric in the history of American politics, featuring frequent fears that Trump would start a nuclear war, that minorities would be fleeing in terror from violent persecution, that he’d be another Hitler and launch another holocaust, that he’d facilitate ethnic persecution and racist attacks.

In the end Trump turned out to be a fairly standard evil Republican president.

He sanctioned Venezuelans into starvation, vetoed attempts to save Yemen from the U.S-backed atrocities of Saudi Arabia, assassinated Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, imprisoned Julian Assange, and, despite the incredibly virulent mass delusion that he was a secret agent of Moscow, spent his entire term ramping up Cold War hostilities against Russia with extreme aggression.

All of which were monstrous. But none of those crimes rise to the level of single-handedly facilitating a genocide in Gaza or taking the world closer to nuclear war than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis with his peace-killing efforts in Ukraine

[See: Biden Confirms Why the US Needed This War]

Biden has turned out to be everything we were warned Trump would be: a genocidal monster fueling racist violence and crimes against humanity while imperiling the world with insanely reckless foreign policy decisions.

None of this is to suggest that Trump would have handled Gaza any differently from Biden, or even that he’d have handled Ukraine any differently. 

It’s likely that the main reason Biden’s administration has been more warlike than Trump’s is by sheer timing and coincidence; the U.S empire tends to trudge onward in more or less the same direction regardless of who’s in office, with wars occurring not because of who happens to be president in any given instance but because of whatever the empire’s needs happen to be at that time.

The lesson of Joe Biden’s depravity is not that it would be better to have Donald Trump in the White House, it’s that it doesn’t matter which one gets in, because only murderous monsters are allowed to play that role in the management of the U.S-centralized empire. 

The globe-spanning power structure which loosely revolves around Washington is held together by nonstop violence and abuse, and nobody who isn’t willing to inflict copious amounts of violence and abuse on human beings around the world will ever make it past the gatekeeping measures that have been placed between that office and the illusion of democracy that the American people have been deceived into believing is real.

The atrocities will continue for as long as that empire exists. Humanity won’t ever have a chance at a healthy and peaceful world until that world is freed from the tyranny of a planet-dominating power structure that is fueled by human blood.

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34 comments for “Biden Exceeds Worst Fears About Trump

  1. robert e williamson jr
    January 20, 2024 at 21:22

    Study this.

    They killed JFK and LBJ beaten and broken quit.

    JFK talked truth to power and died for it.

    LBJ was consumed by Deep State power grab to which he acquiesced. (dealing with Hank “the shank” Kissinger behind the scenes to held Nixon, I mean come on!)

    Nixon beats the hapless democrats, thinking he is “TOP Dog” desires to the the imperial president, but threatens the intelligence community as JFK did and “they disposed” of him in short order.

    Gerald Ford never elected to the White House pardoned Nixon, starting the ever since, seriously abused, Presidential powers. As long as he played ball with the intel community he had free reign. He was very clumsy but not stupid.

    In next election a Republican neocon lead, closely choreographed lead up the election of one Ronnie Ray Gun. The entire time it was GHWB calling the plays, 41 jet-setted the world, Safari Club, BCCI all part of his handi work. leading the Republican party much of the time. First Gulf War is manufactured.

    Then Slick Willy straight from his glory days in Arkansas, the CIA, banking, and the Epstein connection. China,

    Then we have the village idiot from Crawford Texas, nuff said. Well I mean the Bushies mission was about accomplished.

    Barrack Obama who seemed too easily satisfied – and who undoubtedly received more death threats and racist treatment than any President before or since. Being from Chicago he recognized a serious blood thirsty gang when he joined it.

    By this particular point in time the country is in terrible shape. You know 27 plus years of war killing and or maiming hundreds of thousands , millions, WTFE, of non-combatants along the way. Some where some maniac (the Queen of Chaos) decides the Russians must pay for . . . .something because, well we need a new enemy to fight and low and behold she gets beaten and we get the glorious gift straight from “DOG” the orange turd.

    The DOG’s, orange turd splits the country with his psychopathic mantras birthed by serious psychotic episodes and three years into “Joey’s” first term the MSM grants him special news making status and Joey is fucked with by everyone, discovering in the process that being a card carrying “Zionist” buys him little or no respect.

    When certain investigators finally confirm who killed JFK and why I firmly believe we all will learn who was responsible for Hillary’s defeat and the “O” “Turd’s” election.

    The worse part is that in the end we all will discover that as I have been saying for years the Congress has been intimidated and compromised by the intelligence/security apparatus to the point they are powerless. It is a show folks, theater. We may be ahead of schedule but we have totally lost our way.

    So with all due respect Caitlin, I see this a little differently. Breaking a drug habit like “crude oil” is very difficult for oil junkies to achieve when killing off large swaths of the earth human population at the behest of the super wealthy buys even just a little more time. Especially when they get someone else to pay for it.

    See there, I said my piece without even bring up the situation in the land of the “so called” chosen ones.

    Instead I give credit where I believe credit is due, worst individual of the bunch to be president by far was, in my humble opinion, “41”. I believe his close ties to CIA corrupted his presidency and he loved every minute of it. So much for checks and balances.

    In a close second, for his accomplishments as worst American turncoat has to be the Chief of CIA Counter Intelligence James Jesus Angleton.

    Thanks CN

  2. Bobok
    January 20, 2024 at 07:51

    The problem in the US is capitalism, a system that rewards the worst instincts of human behavior.. It’s compounded by the fact that the American people are among the worst groups of people in the world. I know this is a generalization, but US history clearly demonstrates the truth of the argument. It goes on and on, one blood-soaked event after another, like a disease which has no cure. So, if a group of essentially violent and greedy people embrace an economic system that rewards such behavior, one result is the USA. And driven by greed and arrogance, they reject any criticism of that system, capitalism, and thus, any hope of replacing it with a more humane way of living. It’s a maddening system that willfully depends on wars and aggression to remain in place, and so simply put, the American way of life is destroying the world. What is to be done?

  3. January 19, 2024 at 22:47

    Idiot number one, and idiot number two, are both unfortunate manifestations of the same basic falsehood and evil. You can kinda tell by all of the dead bodies that each of them magically and miraculously managed to leave behind as they passed by.

  4. January 19, 2024 at 22:43

    I would like to point out that the US military had already, and immediately, seized control of the capitol to make sure that the misguided American population did not manage to kill each other over the whole thing. When the international community, after several days, decided to extend ‘recognition’ to idiot number one, well, that’s where things then decided to unfold from.

  5. January 19, 2024 at 22:38

    When legitimate calls to de-certify the last make believe presidential election in the United States were heard, most people immediately assumed that such a thing would automatically mean that the other idiot would have won by default. But, that’s not what those words actually mean. What those words actually mean, what they actually mean and legally amount to, is that the election in and of itself is legally de-certified rendering it null and void, and of no legal effect. That would have brought us to a much less toxic situation at this present moment, a situation in which many thousands of human beings who have now been murdered would not have been. Even if that would have meant that the unfounded sensitivities of some people would have somehow have been upset, it probably would have been better for everyone overall.

  6. Janet
    January 19, 2024 at 16:25

    Caitlin started out grand, but then fell into a lazy comparison between Biden and Trump, and ended with “a pox on all their houses.” While this may be the end result of total frustration with the deep state system, it doesn’t get us very far with analysis. And for any correct analysis of the US presidency, we need to start with the neocon agenda. That has been the driving force of US foreign policy for the last two decades at least. So, assuming Trump doesn’t recycle the current State Dept. neocons, I would expect a Trump presidency to bring a quick end to the war in Ukraine. And yes, the war may not have happened if Trump had won in 2020, assuming he kept the neocons out. Trump was stupid about them the first time around (Bolton, Haley), but one hopes he has learned his lesson and will keep them out of office if he gets elected. Unfortunately, on Israel’s genocide, Trump may not be any better than Biden. They’re both strong pro-Israel fools, but again, there’s the neocon element. The establishment Republicans and Democrats are also pushing for war with China, and here Trump may just go along with them. But we should keep in mind that there’s a reason why the establishment is trying so hard — including spurious indictments and 14ht A. idiocy — to keep him off the ballot. They know he’ll upend their neoliberal, neocon agenda to some extent. Now analyze that.

  7. Steve
    January 19, 2024 at 11:34

    “if Biden has a policy, he’s the commander-in-chief ? we have to carry it out”
    If this is true, then there is something seriously wrong with the way Presidential powers are set up and managed. There has to be some controls and oversight. No one person should ever have exclusive powers.
    Please, someone tell me this statement is wrong.

    • January 19, 2024 at 21:42

      Technically, your statement, “No one person should ever have exclusive powers.” is correct. Unfortunately, the overseer, Congress, has abdicated its position and given the President a blank check to do as he pleases.

  8. J Anthony
    January 19, 2024 at 06:26

    Caitlin never fails to sum up our predicament in sharp. concise ways. Already we are being inundated with guilt-tripping and voter-shaming by the bourgeois liberal PMC/pundit class, still insisting that no matter what, Biden is better than Trump and if we fail to avoid a second Trump term, it is the fault of everyone who did not vote blue-no-matter-who. You get the same thing from Trumpers albeit in different language. As other readers have already acknowledged here, evil is evil and we’re sick and tired of this cycle and being made to feel as if we are responsible for it. Our share of responsibility, aside from being active, informed citizens, is the vote, and if we keep voting for these bastards using this “this is what we have so we have to work with it” logic, then it is THEIR fault, not the fault of those who vote otherwise or abstain. These liberals are as bad as the Trump fanatics in the sense that they insist they have the best take on things and know what’s what, and are quick to insult those who disagree with them on this. I am starting to think of them all as either foolish or cowardly, and definitely hypocrites. While it is unlikely that a third party can win, since all these Trump or Biden people refuse to see that they are the ones who are helping to make it so impossible to break the duopoly-cycle, it is encouraging that more people refuse to support either criminal sociopath figurehead “lesser-evil”. Enough is enough already.

  9. Anon
    January 19, 2024 at 01:35

    Not to get too geographical… but… wasn’t “On The Beach” set in Australia?
    Isn’t it about time for us to recall what my grade school teachers instructed us: “If an atomic attack occurs, crawl under your desk and hope for the best!”

  10. WillD
    January 18, 2024 at 20:58

    Trump is by far the lesser of the two evils – still evil, yes but not SO evil as to risk everything.

    • J Anthony
      January 19, 2024 at 05:32

      So is that a rationalization to vote for him? Hope not. Maybe we can try not voting for any evil this time around, what do you think?

      • Steve
        January 19, 2024 at 18:49

        As Caitlin pointed out, it doesn’t matter who gets elected. No matter who you vote for, the wood-chipper of the military-industrial complex will keep being fed fresh corpses.

        I disagree though that it is ENTIRELY due to chance that wars broke out under Biden and not Trump. Trump was at least willing to sit down and negotiate with anyone, even pariah states like North Korea and Russia, even when it cost him political capital. He was also willing to do an end-around on ‘the adults in the room’ at the State Department and hammer out the Abraham Accords by completely ignoring the assumptions they had been operating under for decades. Trump definitely contributed to the lack of new wars during his term, just as Biden has contributed to the start of new wars during his term by contemptuously ignoring Russia’s concerns in Ukraine prior to the war and then sabotaging early peace negotiations.

        There are no good choices. You can vote for a vain short-fingered vulgarian who has shown some small ability to tamp down hostilities, an Alzheimer’s patient who has shown a rather large ability to inflame hostilities, or flush your vote down the crapper on one of a handful of third-party candidates who have absolutely no chance whatsoever of winning the election. It stinks, but those are the choices available.

  11. Em
    January 18, 2024 at 19:49

    Definition of DUOPOLY
    Vote for the lesser of two evils candidate for the next figurehead President. “Carry On Regardless”
    “ The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results” – Albert Einstein
    “… when will they ever learn…” – Pete Seeger

  12. Susan
    January 18, 2024 at 19:34

    Neither of these meatheads is worth our vote – when we we learn?

  13. Jack Lomax
    January 18, 2024 at 17:45

    If Trump was presently the POTUS his support of the Zionist cause needing a holocaust for Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank would be at the same level as Sleepy Joe’s. Either that or Trump would become very sleepy and might be nodded of the scene in one way or another to be replaced by another devoted Zionist POTUS. But why would ‘I blow my own Trumpet’ Trump not continue to show the same emotion to the holy cause of Zionism that he shown in the matter of the Jerusalem embassy?

  14. Rob
    January 18, 2024 at 17:24

    I mostly agree that in matters of foreign policy, there is very little difference between Trump and Biden. What is especially troubling about Trump is the fact that he has overt fascist tendencies. Biden may have the some of the same tendencies, but they’re not nearly as strong. I recommend the writings of Paul Street for detailed discussions of Trump the fascist.

  15. Frank Lambert
    January 18, 2024 at 17:21

    You nailed it again, Caitlin! Even though I’ll be voting for Dr. Jill Stein for the third time, it looks like Trump, whom I’d never vote for, may be re-elected, as Biden is too inept and deceitful to be reelected, as more die-hard Dems are hoping he doesn’t run. I wouldn’t vote for Biden either, but unfortunately, the dumbed-down American people will only vote for Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dumb because of their allegiance to the Repulsive Party and the DemoRAT Party and can’t understand why things are getting worse for the average person. I should say less than 3% of registered voters vote for alternative party candidates, because ingrained in their non-critical thinking minds, “the other party’s candidate is worse!

  16. Mark Thomason
    January 18, 2024 at 16:43

    Yes, and Biden is misusing the powers of government against domestic political opponents too, in ways harking back to the Red Scare and the abuses of Wilson’s First World War. They “fear” Trump might do that, and he might, but they are aleady doing it. They did not start it, Hillary did, with her ginning up of the Russiagate hoax.

  17. Blu
    January 18, 2024 at 16:39

    Biden is not the disease , he’s a symptom of a disease that is systemic in this and other countries…corruption .
    Never before has AIPAC had this much power.
    Trump is just a wildcard, the boogyman, the pied piper, placed there in 2016 .
    Hillary and the Democrat party created the monster that Trump became and is.
    It will be interesting to see what happens in this insane election cycle.
    Could this be the beginning of the possibility of a third party win finally? Is the time finally right? But who?

    As a “ boomer” who has faithfully supported third parties my entire voting life I want to believe the tide is turning , but is it?

    People are turning away from the 2 party system, especially the voters that the duopoly has counted on in the past.
    There is something different in the air this time.
    The world and this country are witnessing in real time the slaughter of innocent civilians in Palestine that even corporate media can’t hide.
    Will the fear of the boogyman Trump be an advantage to the Biden Administration? Not according to the polls, will the DNC offer up another AIPAC shill? A younger more articulate puppet?
    Just when we think the US political system couldn’t get more corrupt…it does.
    What’s happening now in this political race is the very real threat of Nuclear war in the Middle East, with the two party system offering nothing but more war.

    The optimist in many wants to believe that finally people are waking up.
    The pessimist sees propaganda on a scale I’ve never seen before. With corporate media using talking points by Israeli “censors “ who control information and propagate blatantly spewing lies.

    Thankfully there are people like Caitlin and other real journalists are out there who expose the media lies and misinformation.

    There’s something different in the air this time, I hope…

    The real power is not the Biden Administration, it’s the puppet masters that control him.
    The same will be the case no matter which corporate candidate wins in the election.
    More people are looking behind the curtain and realizing that they are being played …
    that’s what the optimist in my head keeps saying, a spark of hope.
    Trump is not the REAL threat, the 2 party system and AIPAC are.

    Face it, we live in the United States of Israel.
    When I see thousands around the world taking to the streets in solidarity for Palestine I feel that optimism that the world may not be doomed, that world opinion will win out.
    That those like the brave country of South Africa is leading the way to fighting for justice.

    Another thing that gives me hope are strong voices like you and so many others who are fighting to speak truth to power.
    The Greyzone, Useful idiots..Chris Hedges, Norman Finklestein , Katie Halper and so many others.
    It also reminds of a voice that has been silenced , Julian Assange’s voice.
    Another reminder of just how corrupt and despicable the US war machine is, aided by their trusted mouthpieces in media .


    • Eric Foor
      January 19, 2024 at 14:17

      A direct and concise article by Ms Johnstone…as usual…and I agree with the comments by Blu. In the US, our Representative Republic has been replaced the “pay for vote” lobbying system.That has enabled AIPAC to dictate American policy from the top of the pyramid of power. This takeover is occurring in all the Democratic governments of the world. The problem stems from the fact that a traditional democratic system cannot withstand the onslaught of a focused brash minority that that has no scruples on directing a country’s policy to serve their needs only.

      We need to rearm our Republic to repel these invaders. The power that AIPAC (and the other Zionist organizations) wields must be abolished. We need to add a mechanism that would encourage our short term politicians to think of the long game.

      We need a constitutional amendment that directs our government to responds directly to the will of the majority. NOT A MINORITY! For example, a National Referendum could be held once every 20 years (or so). To vote in such a referendum a citizen would have to pass a test of constitutional literacy.

      We must abolish the cash payoffs to politicians that have no time or character to consider the long term direction of our country…and our place in a peaceful world.

  18. jamie
    January 18, 2024 at 14:55

    beautifully written, very interesting article.
    The problem is not the person who is elected but the system in which that person has been thrown in; left, right, center, it does not matter, the “culture of Washington” shapes the politicians and public opinion. I like it.
    In some way, there is no much difference between democracy and dictatorship: the former extensively uses manipulation (psychological and informational) to keep the “right person (or puppet)” in power, and no matter the party, the gender, the race, age it is basically the “same” person in power for decades, at times even longer than any dictator on earth; the latter, uses coercion and repression to maintain power; brutal but genuine, and genuineness is such a valuable and now rare human trait.
    Which one is the worst? difficult to say, paradoxically people in a dictatorship might be “freer” and more self-aware, since they know they are repressed and they can chose to escape the country for a better life, while in a democracy people might likely not be self-aware of the manipulation and distorted perception, hence incapable to “free” themselves.
    Sure is that democracy is overvalued and extremely dependent on the information and education provided to the citizens; if a democracy like Israel brainwash its people into believing that “West Bank belongs to the Jews according to the Bible, which is the Jewish deed to the land” then the outcome of a “free election” is the rise into power of brutal people and human madness.
    However, I struggle to concede that people in a democracy are not “guilty” of the action of their leaders; we are the primary responsible since we elected them, despite the psychological and informational manipulation, more than the people in a dictatorship, I believe

  19. Aaron Burgess
    January 18, 2024 at 13:47

    Yes, Ms. Johnstone, that is more nor less Trump’s record (you left out his central and crucial involvement in the Jan. 6th insurrection) but as Chomsky has said; “There is no one other than Donald Trump –in history– who has done more to try to drive the human race to extinction.”. That, of course, also means what he MIGHT have done (and do, if re-elected) as racist, insane-clown-fascist/gangster-pathological narcissist president of the most powerful nation in history. That’s why, in my opinion, ya gotta vote for war criminal , crimes-against-humanity, corrupt, corporate, racist Biden. Again. (Paul Street agrees.) Nice choice, huh?!

  20. James White
    January 18, 2024 at 13:31

    The key to understanding U.S. Democrats is to observe that they project everything on Trump or Putin that they themselves are guilty of. It makes for a topsy-turvy world where up is down and everythign is turned on it’s head.
    1. The Russia Hoax. It was Hillary Clinton who enabled the sale of U.S. uranium to the Russians, while Bill Clinton was paid absurd sums by Russia for speaking engagements. Clinton quickly turned attention on Trump with a made up story about Russia having compromised Trump. Robert Mueller spent years and millions looking for a crime that never existed before giving up.
    2. The Biden quid-pro-quo. It was Joe Biden who was paid millions, laundered through his son in Ukraine where Joe acted as viceroy. Appointed by Obama. Biden bragged about having Viktor Shokin fired once he was onto the Biden corruption. Shokin was replaced by an actual corrupt prosecutor who shut down the investigation. But Trump was impeached for extorting Ukraine which is exactly what Biden did.
    3. Biden claims that ‘Putin has already lost the war’ in Ukraine. The reality is that Ukraine could never win and has been losing badly since the war began.
    4. Claims that Russia blew up the Nordstream pipeline were obviously absurd. It is even more obvious that only the U.S. had the means and motive to have done it.
    5. It was Pelosi who staged the Jan. 6 events. Luring protesters inside with the help of Deep State hires such as Ray Epps. But the events were blamed on Trump, who had clearly urged the crowd to demonstrate peacefully. This has been concocted to convict Trump without any evidence or trial of the imagined crime of ‘insurrection.’ Pelosi took a page from Hitler and his ‘fire in the Reichstag’ with similar, predictable results.
    The evil of Pelosi, Biden, Schiff, Raskin and Obama knows no bounds.
    Their modus operandi is always the same.
    The media cover for and are complicit in their massive lies.

  21. Wade H.
    January 18, 2024 at 13:16

    Choice USA 2024

    Self-serving, corrupt, billionaire sexual predator


    war mongering, genocide supporting, union busting emotional manipulator

  22. lester
    January 18, 2024 at 12:59

    Every US election is between Godzilla and Mechagodzilla. We get a monster, either way. Most of them deserve to hang at least as much as Tojo or Goering did.

  23. Drew Hunkins
    January 18, 2024 at 11:37

    Anyone who even mildly follows domestic policy and geo-politics, if they didn’t have partisan blinders on and were honest, knew Biden was going to be worse than the big bad Trumpenstein.

    The country is being inundated with illegal immigrants at a rate that’s daft and inconceivable; inflation has been awful; much of Ukraine is a war torn heII hole thanks to the Nuland, Blinken, Sullivan triumvirate (this put us on track for a potential hot war against Russia); and the Zionists are openly committing a heinous and sickening genocide in front of the entire world with Washington’s full support. This is all presided over by a man in serious need of round-the-clock nursing care.

    I heard a wild theory by an activist friend who said all the illegal immigrants are essentially being allowed in in order to fight the impending major wars Washington has planned against the forces of multi-polarity: Russia, China, and Iran. Not sure if I’d go that far, but it’s not an implausible take.

    • James White
      January 18, 2024 at 23:54

      Won’t go that far? Little Dicky Durbin is ready make it happen.
      “Do you know what the recruiting numbers are at the Army, Navy, and the Air Force? They can’t reach their quotas each month. They can’t find enough people to join our military forces. And there are those who are undocumented who want the chance to serve and risk their lives for this country. Should we give them a chance? I think we should,” said Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), who serves as the Senate Democratic whip.

      • Drew Hunkins
        January 19, 2024 at 15:08

        Excellent point James White.

        Scary stuff.

    • J Anthony
      January 19, 2024 at 06:10

      Don’t forget the primary purpose – cheap surplus labor, plus it keeps working people divided and distracted, resentful and angry at wrong people. Anything else is just a bonus for the exploiters. Sadly, it happens to work.

      • Drew Hunkins
        January 19, 2024 at 15:09

        You are spot on J Anthony. For all the illegals to serve as cannon fodder is just an extra bonus for the Washington warpigs.

        It’s exactly what happened during the Civil War for the North with all of the Irish immigrants.

    • Valerie
      January 20, 2024 at 04:02

      Maybe not as far-fetched as we believe Drew:

      “NATO countries need to be on red alert for war and “expect the unexpected,” the chair of the alliance’s military committee of national chiefs Rob Bauer said Wednesday.”

      “In order to be fully effective, also in the future, we need a warfighting transformation of NATO,” said Bauer during a meeting of military chiefs in Brussels. “For this too, public-private cooperation will be the key.”

      “Bauer, a Dutch admiral, said allies need to “focus on effectiveness” and ramp up defense readiness with more exercises, industry partnerships and troops on high alert.”
      Politico 17 jan.

  24. January 18, 2024 at 11:28

    Pretty much ‘a rock and a hard place’ analysis! The deep systemic issues driven by our huge numbers, approaching environmental services failures and an economic/political monopoly on violence held by a functionally insane plutocracy will roll on with demographic and political momentum to whatever conclusions obtain. We can fight back in small ways, and must, but the big movements are in place. Being prepared for the most likely situations that come after the present ‘moment’ has reordered our world is now a pressing concern.

  25. JonnyJames
    January 18, 2024 at 10:59

    It’s a sad state of affairs when two geriatric, cognitively-challenged, amoral freaks are shoved in our faces for years and we are told by the oligarch-owned MassMedia that these are your “choices”. If that is “democracy”, I want no part of it. I will write-in candidates as I have for many years. Voting for the lesser evil is still a vote for evil. But that is the best a corrupt USA can produce – the fancy word is kakistocracy.

    DT is just as much of a rabid, racist Zionist, Israel Firster as anyone in Warshiton. Like Biden, he loves the oligarchy, he just has a different line of BS. Dude has been a serial conman for decades.

    DT had four years to do something, not just bloviate BS, but that is what he did. The bipartisan Tax Cuts for Cronies was passed and a slap in the face of the vast majority of ‘merkans. He bent over backwards for Israel, tried to start a war with Iran, bombed Syria, continued US military occupation in Iraq etc, continued to attack Syria, increased illegal sanctions on Venezuela, Cuba etc. etc

    These two freaks are being shoved in our faces once again: this is indicative of a rotten, corrupt, declining empire. There is no way to “vote” against the interests of the oligarchy.

    No matter who “wins” the sham elections, the US empire will decline further, guaranteed.

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