Chris Hedges: Israel’s Final Solution

When Jewish extremists, fanatic Zionists, religious zealots, ultranationalists and crypto-fascists in the apartheid state of Israel say they want to wipe Gaza off the face of the earth, believe them.

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By Chris Hedges
Original to ScheerPost

I covered the birth of Jewish fascism in Israel. I reported on the extremist Meir Kahane, who was barred from running for office and whose Kach Party was outlawed in 1994 and declared a terrorist organization by Israel and the United States.

I attended political rallies held by Benjamin Netanyahu, who received lavish funding from rightwing Americans, when he ran against Yitzhak Rabin, who was negotiating a peace settlement with the Palestinians. Netanyahu’s supporters chanted “Death to Rabin.” They burned an effigy of Rabin dressed in a Nazi uniform. Netanyahu marched in front of a mock funeral for Rabin. 

Prime Minister Rabin was assassinated on Nov. 4, 1995, by a Jewish fanatic. Rabin’s widow, Lehea, blamed Netanyahu and his supporters for her husband’s murder.

Netanyahu, who first became prime minister in 1996, has spent his political career nurturing Jewish extremists, including Avigdor Lieberman, Gideon Sa’ar, Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked

His father, Benzion — who worked as an assistant to the Zionist pioneer Vladimir Jabotinsky, whom Benito Mussolini referred to as “a good fascist” — was a leader in the Herut Party that called on the Jewish state to seize all the land of historic Palestine. 

Many of those who formed the Herut Party carried out terrorist attacks during the 1948 war that established the state of Israel. Albert Einstein, Hannah Arendt, Sidney Hook and other Jewish intellectuals, described the Herut Party in a statement published in The New York Times as a “political party closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to Nazi and Fascist parties.”

There has always been a strain of Jewish fascism within the Zionist project. Now it has taken control of the Israeli state.

“The left is no longer capable of overcoming the toxic ultra-nationalism that has evolved here,” Zeev Sternhell, a Holocaust survivor and Israel’s foremost authority on fascism, warned in 2018, “the kind whose European strain almost wiped out a majority of the Jewish people.” Sternhell added, “[W]e see not just a growing Israeli fascism but racism akin to Nazism in its early stages.” 

Zeev Sternhell in Berlin, 2016. (Alexander Böhm, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0)

The decision to obliterate Gaza has long been the dream of Israel’s crypto-fascists, heirs of Kahane’s movement. These Jewish extremists, which make up the ruling coaltion government, are orchestrating the genocide in Gaza, where hundreds of Palestinians are dying daily. They champion the iconography and language of their homegrown fascism. Jewish identity and Jewish nationalism are the Zionist versions of blood and soil.

Jewish supremacy is sanctified by God, as is the slaughter of the Palestinians, who Netanyahu compared to the Biblical Amalekites, massacred by the Israelites. Enemies — usually Muslims — slated for extinction are subhuman who embody evil. Violence and the threat of violence are the only forms of communication those outside the magical circle of Jewish nationalism understand. Millions of Muslims and Christians, including those with Israeli citizenship, are to be purged. 

A leaked 10-page document from the Israeli Ministry of Intelligence dated Oct. 13 recommends the forcible and permanent transfer of the Gaza Strip’s 2.3 million Palestinian residents to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. 

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It is a grave mistake not to take the blood curdling calls for the wholesale eradication and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians seriously. This rhetoric is not hyperbolic. It is a literal prescription. Netanyahu in a tweet, later removed, described the battle with Hamas as a “struggle between the children of light and the children of darkness, between humanity and the law of the jungle.” 

These Jewish fanatics have begun their version of the final solution to the Palestinian problem. They dropped 12,000 tons of explosives on Gaza in the first two weeks of the assault to obliterate at least 45 percent of Gaza’s housing units, according to the U.N. ‘s humanitarian office. They have no intention of being detoured, even by Washington.

From left: U.S. Ambassador to Israel Jack Lew, Netanyahu and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken before a meeting with members of the Israeli War Cabinet in Tel Aviv on  Nov. 3. (State Department, Chuck Kennedy)

“It became evident to U.S. officials that Israeli leaders believed mass civilian casualties were an acceptable price in the military campaign,” The New York Times reported.

“In private conversations with American counterparts, Israeli officials referred to how the United States and other allied powers resorted to devastating bombings in Germany and Japan during World War II — including the dropping of the two atomic warheads in Hiroshima and Nagasaki — to try to defeat those countries,” the paper continued. 

The goal is a “pure” Israel, cleansed of Palestinian contaminants. Gaza is to become a wasteland. The Palestinians in Gaza will be killed or forced into refugee camps over the border in Egypt.

Messianic redemption will take place once the Palestinians are expelled. Jewish extremists call for the Al-Aqsa mosque — the third holiest shrine for Muslims, built on the ruins of the Jewish Second Temple, which was destroyed in 70 CE by the Roman army — to be demolished.

The mosque is to be replaced by a “Third” Jewish temple, a move that would set the Muslim world alight. The West Bank, which the zealots call “Judea and Samaria,” will be formally annexed by Israel. Israel, governed by the religious laws imposed by the ultra-orthodox Shas and United Torah Judaism parties, will be a Jewish version of Iran.

Total Control of Palestine

Israeli soldiers preparing for a ground operation in Gaza on Oct. 29. (IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0)

It is a short step to total Israeli control over Palestinian land. Israel’s illegal Jewish settlements, restricted military zones, closed highways and army compounds have seized over 60 percent of the West Bank, turning Palestinian towns and villages into ringed ghettos. 

There are over 65 laws which discriminate directly or indirectly against Palestinian citizens of Israel and those living in the occupied territories. The campaign of indiscriminate killing of Palestinians in the West Bank, many by rogue Jewish militias, along with house and school demolitions and the seizure of remaining Palestinian land will explode.

Over 133 Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank by the Israeli army and Jewish settlers since the Oct. 7 incursion by Hamas and thousands of Palestinians have been rounded up by the Israeli military, beaten, humiliated and imprisoned.

Israel, at the same time, is turning on “Jewish traitors” who refuse to embrace the demented vision of the ruling Jewish fascists and who denounce the horrific violence of the state. The familiar enemies of fascism — journalists, human rights advocates, intellectuals, artists, feminists, liberals, the left, homosexuals and pacifists — are already being targeted.

The judiciary, according to plans put forward by Netanyahu, will be neutered. Public debate will wither. Civil society and the rule of law will cease to exist. Those branded as “disloyal” will be deported.

Fascists do not respect the sanctity of life. Human beings, even from their own tribe, are expendable to build their deranged utopia. The zealots in power in Israel could have exchanged the hostages held by Hamas for the thousands of Palestinian hostages held in Israeli prisons, which is why the Israeli hostages were seized.

And there is evidence that in the chaotic fighting that took place once Hamas militants entered Israel, the Israeli military decided to target not only Hamas fighters, but the Israeli captives with them. 

“Several new testimonies by Israeli witnesses to the October 7 Hamas surprise attack on southern Israel adds to growing evidence that the Israeli military killed its own citizens as they fought to neutralize Palestinian gunmen,” Max Blumenthal writes in The Grayzone.

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Tuval Escapa, a member of the security team for Kibbutz Be’eri, Blumenthal notes, set up a hotline to coordinate between kibbutz residents and the Israeli army. 

Escapa told [link in Hebrew] the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that as desperation began to set in, “the commanders in the field made difficult decisions – including shelling houses on their occupants in order to eliminate the terrorists along with the hostages.”

The newspaper reported that Israeli commanders were “compelled to request an aerial strike” against its own facility inside the Erez Crossing to Gaza “in order to repulse the terrorists” who had seized control. That base housed Israeli Civil Administration officers and soldiers.

Israel, in 1986, instituted a military policy called the Hannibal Directive, apparently named for the Carthaginian general who poisoned himself rather than be captured by the Romans, following the capture of two Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah.

The directive is designed to prevent Israeli troops from falling into enemy hands through the maximum use of force, even at the cost of killing the captured soldiers and civilians. 

The directive was executed during the 2014 Israeli assault on Gaza known as Operation Protective Edge. Hamas fighters on Aug. 1, 2014, captured an Israeli officer, Lt. Hadar Goldin. In response, Israel dropped more than 2,000 bombs, missiles and shells on the area where he was being held. Goldin was killed along with over 100 Palestinian civilians. The directive was supposedly rescinded in 2016.

Gaza is the start. The West Bank is next.  

Chris Hedges is a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist who was a foreign correspondent for 15 years for The New York Times, where he served as the Middle East bureau chief and Balkan bureau chief for the paper. He previously worked overseas for The Dallas Morning NewsThe Christian Science Monitor and NPR.  He is host of the show The Chris Hedges Report.

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22 comments for “Chris Hedges: Israel’s Final Solution

  1. Guy St Hilaire
    November 8, 2023 at 12:45

    There are also issues that are simply not discussed but very relevant to what is presently happening in Palestine. 1.the natural gas finds on the shores of Gaza and 2. the plans to build a canal parallel to the Suez canal ,the Ben Gurion Canal Project ,right through Gaza .
    Connecting the dots and placing the peaces of the puzzle ,revealing the bigger picture .

  2. November 7, 2023 at 20:46

    The Zionist entity has forfeited its right to rule Palestine.It is time for all the Arab nations to unite and send massive ground forces across Israel’s borders to arrest Netanyahu and his regime for genocide. A diffuse offensive such as this would not provoke nuclear war. A new government must then be established, ruling all of pre-1948 Palestine with Palestinians at the helm. Jews to choose to can remain, as long as live in peace with their fellow man.

    The time has come for a One State Solution.

    • Guy St Hilaire
      November 8, 2023 at 12:47

      Over 70 years past time .Cheers.

    • Eric Foor
      November 8, 2023 at 16:17

      I agree with you Karl. A One state Solution is the only fair solution. One State that allows the all the Palestinians access to ALL of the Palestinian land…as their forefathers had..A country that the Balfour Declaration promised to never take away from them.

  3. Kathleen
    November 7, 2023 at 17:19

    Let us all remember this is a Fascist cabal with nuclear weapons.

    • Lois Gagnon
      November 8, 2023 at 09:45

      Uncle Sam’s mini me. Coincidence?

    • Guy St Hilaire
      November 8, 2023 at 12:49

      Many questions on the subject have come out.

  4. ray Peterson
    November 7, 2023 at 16:10

    It sounds to me like the Zionists, apostate Jews, look to a
    “deranged utopia” rather than the kingdom of a God of love.
    And what of all those Palestinians martyred by the fascist
    Israelis: “the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church”
    (Tertullian, ancient church father, d.220 AD).
    Maybe a unified kingdom of real Jews (Jewish Voice for Peace-for one),
    all Muslims and Christians bringing a new power into world history?

  5. jamie
    November 7, 2023 at 16:04

    This leaves us with a troubling question, why education, wealth, technological and scientific progress, above all democracy and liberalism failed to show the way for a better world?
    Israel ranks in the top 20-30 in almost every human development indicators, as well as in gdp per capita, why then it is committing such brutal and barbaric crimes against humanity hardly seen in the 21st century?
    even more, why other democracies which top human development rankings are supporting Israel’s barbarianism or fail to act upon such genocide, the same countries who have preached human rights for decades, that have even sanctioned entire nations for crime against humanity of far less brutality and destruction?
    We need to look at our culture, our symbols, our values, our evolutionary “drives”, which make up the foundation of our societies, in order to understand where we are going and who we are; something it is truly wrong in how our culture has been evolving.
    it is now clear that no society is immune to bestiality; wealth, education, scientific and technological progress, democracy, they are not indicators of a better society; they are tools that in the wrong hands the amplify the destructive force and evil the reside in each and every one of us.

    • J E Tipre
      November 9, 2023 at 03:17

      Well put. Thank you.

  6. November 7, 2023 at 13:43

    The root of the problem;: a fundamentalist theological commitment to Jewish supremacy,

    “The difference between a Jewish soul and souls of non-Jews … is greater and deeper than the difference between a human soul and the souls of cattle” — Yitzhak Kook, Chief Rabbi of Palestine

  7. mary-lou
    November 7, 2023 at 11:57

    indeed, it looks as if the Zionists’ Endlösung is near. ‘Gaza is to become a wasteland….’, but one rich in oil, gas (some of it off-shore). building the Ben Gurion Canal seems to be an harboured option as well as the massive resettlement of the Palestinians to the Saudi’s new development south of Aqaba, Neom – hxxps://
    follow the money…

    • Mickrick
      November 7, 2023 at 15:09

      Resolution to the UN regarding Palestine and Gaza 05/11/2023
      250 words
      1; In order to protest against the genocidal policies that the current administration in Tel Aviv are carrying out against the Palestinian People in Gaza, this resolution calls for the immediate diplomatic isolation of Israel, via closure of all of the statelets’ embassies of the Zionists, until this war crime against the Palestinian People in Gaza is stopped and also until such a time arrives that a 2-state solution, as defined by the UN is realized.
      2; Also call for, if possible, the simultaneous opening of Palestinian embassies in all countries that support this resolution to close the Israeli embassies with the latter remaining closed until the 2-state solution, as defined by the UN, is realised.
      3; Therefore, this resolution calls for the immediate closure of all the Israeli embassies in the world or in countries that support this resolution for the reasons given above.
      4; In addition, this resolution calls therefore, for the immediate opening of Palestinian embassies in all of the countries of the world or in all countries that support this resolution and also if at this present time, countries are unable or unwilling to support this resolution calling for the immediate diplomatic isolation of Israel, via closure of the Zionist embassy in their own particular country, then in the event of such a scenario occurring, this resolution still calls for the immediate opening of a Palestinian embassy should such a scenario present itself.

  8. Caliman
    November 7, 2023 at 11:40

    “Israel, governed by the religious laws imposed by the ultra-orthodox Shas and United Torah Judaism parties, will be a Jewish version of Iran.”

    While Iran is a theocracy, at least in part, it is definitely not an an ethnocracy. Iran has many ethnic minorities (Azeris, Arabs, Kurds, etc.) and all have equal political and social rights as any other citizen.

    • Guy St Hilaire
      November 8, 2023 at 12:56

      Iran also has a high population of Jews who refuse to go to the land called Israel .They live in peace and are free to practice their religion.This is known and can be verified with a historical search .

  9. Eric Foor
    November 7, 2023 at 11:08

    Well said Chris. The Jewish Fascism in Israel is related to political movements that are occurring worldwide. This happened in the 1930s. Mussolini stated he preferred to call his ideology “Corporatism”. These movements are not all identical but typically they all stir up national emotions to motivate their populations to first, fear for, and then fight for “their survival”.

    There is a strain of this thinking that is predominant in the Jewish culture. It has been there for thousands of years. It serves as a binding agent that holds their culture together. Fear and fighting are the central themes of their Bible. In modern history, this attitude has never surfaced in in a country as fearful and as dangerous, as nuclear armed Israel….and that has the full support of America. We should all take heed.

  10. November 7, 2023 at 10:27

    Unfortunately, as Chris makes clear, the phrase Jewish fascism is not an oxymoron, indeed, it’s a synonym for Zionism. Thus the phrase, paraphrasing the Nazis, “the Final Solution to the Palestinian Problem”, perhaps soon to expand to all Muslims.

  11. susan
    November 7, 2023 at 07:51

    To Benjamin Netanyahu: This it not a war, it is outright MURDER!

    • Vera Gottlieb
      November 7, 2023 at 11:16

      And not just to Benjamin Netanyahu…it is to all those who support this idea – inside/outside israel.

      • Carolyn L Zaremba
        November 7, 2023 at 12:48

        Quite right. Number one is the government of the United States, which has been funding and arming Israel since 1948 and probably before. Also all of the governments of estern Europe. Notably NOT supporting the genocide are Russia and China.

        • JonnyJames
          November 7, 2023 at 18:30

          And don’t forget the Jr. Partner in Crime: the UK. As George Galloway says: the British Empire had no right to give away land that did not belong to them.

          • Arch Stanton
            November 8, 2023 at 06:10

            Behind every ethnic-religious conflict, you’ll be sure to find the these two decrepit entities behind it.

            Both are a scourge on mankind

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