WATCH: A Path to Peace in Ukraine

Noam Chomsky, Jill Stein, Vijay Prashad, Medea Benjamin, Brian Becker, Eugen Puryear and Claudia de la Cruz spoke on the need for negotiation, not escalation at a People’s Forum/ANSWER Coalition event in New York.

Co-sponsored by The People’s Forum and the ANSWER Coalition


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  1. Tom_Q_Collins
    November 21, 2022 at 16:39

    The US and its MIC acting on behalf of private capital will not allow any peace to come according to Russia’s terms.

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    “Though a public relations disaster, military experts believe that the Russian retreat from Kherson will have no discernible impact on the outcome of the war.

    Colonel Douglas Macgregor, a former senior adviser to the Secretary of Defense under Donald Trump, said that Russia’s repositioning of troops was part of a new strategy under General Sergei Surovikin, the former commander of Russian forces in Syria, in which Russia plans to shuffle troops around in preparation for winter offensive operations designed to annihilate the enemy across southern Ukraine.

    Macgregor said that he regarded the Kherson withdrawal as “an operational decision with short-term benefit in support of the long-term strategy of building this enormous striking power.”

    These comments suggest that Volodymyr Zelensky’s hailing the Russian retreat from Kherson as “the beginning of the end of the war” is completely at odds with reality. One recalls the euphoric claims of Generals during the Korea and Vietnam Wars that U.S. troops would be home by Christmas, which will likely be regarded in the same vein.

    According to Macregor, secret communications between national security advisor Jake Sullivan and the former Russian ambassador to Washington, Yuri Yushakov, and the former head of the FSB, Nikolai Patrushev, suggest that Sullivan warned his Russian counterparts that the U.S. would not allow Russia to settle the conflict on its own terms, but would take whatever steps were needed to prevent a decisive Russian victory.

    Macgregor told an interviewer that “if Russia escalated, presumably—on the scale that we think the Russians will escalate—that we (the U.S.) might be prepared to jump in. And we would jump in with 40,000 US troops, 30,000 Polish troops and 20,000 Romanian troops….. Sullivan made it clear that we are in a position to intervene.”

    It’s only a matter of time before a fabricated pretext for US and NATO direct involvement is produced that withstands enough scrutiny not to be overcome like the lies about the theater, the maternity ward and most recently the missile in Poland.

  2. Drew Hunkins
    November 21, 2022 at 10:56

    The path to peace was there all along and the Washington neocons and lib “humanitarian” interventionists ignored it for eight years: recognize Moscow’s very reasonable security guarantees.

    Now the Kremlin is left with no other options but to complete its liberating SMO after Washington armed to the teeth the corrupt Kiev Russophobes and Nazis.

  3. Steve
    November 21, 2022 at 07:50

    It should be a universal law that 10% of the politicians (th0se that are the go betweenies between the masses and the people that really control the world) that vote for war have to go to the frontline, no matter if they’re old, women or men. They should do this by drawing straws or rock paper scissors I don’t care but it would stop most wars dead.

  4. LeoSun
    November 20, 2022 at 12:21

    “The REAL Path to Peace in Ukraine:”

    – ABOLISH, The C.I.A.!!

    Own it. Do it. Done:

    – Raise your hand, IF, in 2016, you voted, YES, Stein/Baraka for President/V.P.
    – Raise your hand, IF, in 2020, you voted, YES, Howard Hawkins & Angela Nicole Walker, for President/V.P.
    – Raise your hand , IF, you kick your own ass for NOT taking the Smart Risk, every time The Green Party was on The Ballot; &, you, instead, voted for a Democrat or a Republican
    – Raise your hand, IF, you feel your vote enabled the $hituation, i.e., US/NATO vs. Russia WAR, in Ukraine.
    – Raise your hand, IF, you feel as long as The Party of War, Biden-Harris & their Board of Executioners, occupy The White House, “A Plan to Save The Planet,” is null & void.
    – Raise your hand, IF, RAGE is the attitude, you have, every time Dr. Jill Stein speaks b/c Everybody, knows, The f/Duopoly plays f/dirty & Elections are NOT fair & square; Consequently, Dr. Stein isn’t our POTUS
    – Raise your hand, IF, you agree, “Dr. STEIN is the “STATESMAN!!!” M.I.A., on The Hill, in the Oval, face to face w/Putin, Xi, Modi, @ COP27, the Gee 20, @ every Global Social gathering LEADERS w/working brains, compassion, vision, STATESMANSHIP, “a beating heart,” meet. Knowing Dr. Stein would Raise the f/Bar for Economic Recovery, Diplomacy & Peace on Earth!!!

    Raise Your Voice, “F/War. F/the Duopoly.“ KEEP IT LIT.

    .,.p.s. Sunday, 11.20.22 “Day 1 of the World Cup Soccer, Champions of the World!!!”

  5. Vera Gottlieb
    November 20, 2022 at 12:09

    Take profits out of war and we might see a lot more peace. Overall, the West is drunk with US propaganda.

  6. Valerie
    November 19, 2022 at 14:28

    That was marvellous. What wonderful speakers. Such passion for humanity and the planet.
    Ashamed to say i did not know Brian Becker till today. His short history of colonialism was much appreciated; put it all into perspective without having to wade through lots of books.
    Thankyou all for your presentations and thankyou CN for the coverage. (Sorry we did not hear from Jeremy Corbyn and thanks for the laughs Vijay.)

  7. Fillie Frammel
    November 18, 2022 at 23:33

    If either Ukraine or the USA said they would solemnly obey an agreement, how many people would believe it?
    What would you be willing to give up in exchange for a promise from either Kiev or Pentagon/Wall Street?
    What value would you place on such a promise?
    Is there an enforcement mechanism in the world which you could rely on to make Uncle Sam keep his/her word?

    What has to happen within either Kiev or DC to make them agreement capable?
    What has to happen in DC to make it believable once again, should the inconceivable occur and the USA does make promises to try to gain peace?
    Does the USA remember what peace is?

    One of the hold-ups in the Iran ‘nuke’ talks has been Iran’s reasonable request that there be some mechanism that says this is not just cancelled at the stroke of a Presidential Pen. Having the UNSC pass the ‘nuke deal’ did not guarantee that the USA would keep its promises the last time. Despite the US ‘rules’ in the Constitution saying that it should. Thus the question is what would guarantee that the USA would keep its word this time? It does not appear that they have found an answer yet?

    Remember when diplomats used to engage in ‘trust-building?’
    Heck, in America, do they remember diplomats?
    Even Ping-Pong would be a step forward at this point.

    • Eddie S
      November 20, 2022 at 15:43

      “Having the UNSC pass the ‘nuke deal’ did not guarantee that the USA would keep its promises the last time. Despite the US ‘rules’ in the Constitution saying that it should.“

      FF – EXACTLY! What international diplomatic credibility does the US even have anymore after GE Bush ‘unsigned’ the NPT?? I’m STILL dumbstruck by that action because my general understanding of the US treaty process was that the POTUS can make preliminary treaties with other nations but then — for better or worse— Congress has to ratify them before they become law. (Recall the ‘League of Nations’ episode after WWI). Just as with any law, once it’s passed by the full Congress, the person(s) who introduced the legislation can no longer withdraw /‘unsign’ it — it would have to be officially repealed or a new law/treaty would have to be passed superseding the old one. This was especially galling coming from the Conservatives who supposedly believed in the ‘original intent’ philosophy when addressing constitutional questions— where the hell were those assholes during this??

    • Steve
      November 21, 2022 at 07:40

      Well said, ping pong would be a good start. The only problem is it is only diplomats that are good at ping pong, unfortunately we have few diplomats.

  8. November 18, 2022 at 22:45

    There is no path to peace in this war, except for the destruction of Ukraine as a political entity. It was never a country until a few years ago. And should not be. Peace will come only if the Russians win — and the Dollar Empire falls.

    • Richard Romano
      November 19, 2022 at 21:39

      Well said. Amen

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