WATCH: Joe Lauria on Democracy Now!: ‘More Than One Side of Story’

On the war in Ukraine, CN‘s editor addresses skewed Western coverage, the history of C.I.A. involvement in the country, CN founder Bob Parry’s pioneering reporting and rising threats to press freedom. 

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  1. Donald Duck
    July 14, 2022 at 03:56

    Much is made of Stepan Bandera the political chief of the (OUP-B) but it should also be borne in mind that it was Roman Shukhevych who led the the military wing as commander of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA). In 1943-45 Shukhevych was responsible for the mass atrocities in Galicia and Volhynia where it is estimated that up to 100,000 Poles were murdered. He committed suicide in 1950 in order not to be arrested by the Russians, or so it is said.

  2. LeoSun
    July 13, 2022 at 23:44

    KABOOM! Boom! Boom!!! And, that’s the State of “Democracy,” now. Thank you, Joe Lauria, for succinctly rock’n the wholly truth. “There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

    W/o a doubt, we are in very dangerous times. “The best favour is to rescue the one most in need,” i.e., Julian Assange.

    Everybody knows, Julian Assange did NOTHING wrong!!! YET, “Julian Assange faces extradition and state murder while the war criminals he exposed walk free.” Therefore, PRIORITY #1, effective, yesterday, “We the People, ask the Powers that Be, to “FREE, Julian Assange.” Stop the persecution. Stop the Extradition. When Julian Assange lives free, “WE” will all Live FREE!

    Indeed, sincerely appreciated how Amy Goodman & Juan Gonzales respond; imo, pure reverence, remain “Silent & Listen,” to Joe Lauria (Consortium “KEEP IT LIT!!!” TY.

    “Democracy, Now! Democracy Now dot Org. The report on peace and war.”

  3. Kiers
    July 13, 2022 at 22:02

    World War 3 is now committed. ON the way, the US will play “Iron Curtain 2.0” games, in the great Anglo spirit of the never ending “great game” as they carve up the world with Russia China Iran on one side. US’ money power dwindles, so it must use the Iron curtain to play hegemon. Ever happy at its short sighted money making and hegemonic corralling schemes, never looking at the destination.

  4. Glen Hopping
    July 13, 2022 at 18:27

    “From 2015 to early this year, American Special Forces and National Guard instructors trained more than 27,000 Ukrainian soldiers at the Yavoriv Combat Training Centre in western Ukraine, near the city of Lviv, Pentagon officials said.”

    This is the first time I hear of this enormous training operation that was going on inside Ukraine by U.S. soldiers for the last seven years. — Juan González

    That is an enormously stunning statement of ignorance for a reporter who is co-host of DN’s The War and Peace Report.
    NATO training of Ukraine forces by US and others has been reported about from the beginning.

    April 14, 2015
    The Government of Canada announced that Canada would send about 200 CAF member trainers to Ukraine.

    In June 2015, both Canada and the United States announced that their own forces will not support or train the Azov regiment, citing its neo-Nazi connections.

    JANUARY 18, 2016: Congress is reported to have recently repealed its ban on a Ukrainian militia accused of being neo-Nazi, opening the way for American military assistance.

    • Donald Duck
      July 14, 2022 at 04:01

      Canada seems to have had a long-term relationship with Bandera and Shukhevych supporters who emigrated to Canada in the immediate post-war period.

    • Tobysgirl
      July 14, 2022 at 16:52

      I’m just pleased that Joe Lauria was on Democratic Party Now! When I turned on the radio in recent months, the reports sounded like they had just come from the desk of that U.S. official — you know, the one behind the curtain — the junk media is so fond of quoting. I used to think Juan Gonzalez was a bit brighter than Goodman until I heard him make a pronouncement about Yugoslavia which made it quite clear he is an ignoramus.

  5. david
    July 13, 2022 at 17:21

    ?? to Lauria: What is it the you would put so much confidence in comments made by the Catholic Pope and Kissinger?
    Viktor Yanukovych ( The official Soviet press and government portrayed members as anti-Semites at first.) This quote was in reference to the movement that moved Ukraine into a Democratic state. Found in the Wikipedia Encyclopedia> The commentator and you, Lauria, seem to be some kind of disinformation. (Democracy Now?) Looks like a propaganda page put up by communist Russia> I will go on on information that you are suggesting as true with information that is true. It looks as if you are suggesting that the United States was working with anti-Semites as far back as the early 1980’s or even as early as the late 1970’s? Is the soviet press were you found the information that you stated, of the United States working with Nazis? So you communist turd, You are suggesting that the United States installed politicians in Ukraine. Your site is in fact a Russian, Chinese, North Korean propaganda. I was going to show through documentation through truly reliable none partisan documentation as are encyclopedias, that you have the wrong information but you given yourselves away. You are communist pigs in fact. You are in support of a criminal Russian fool in charge that goes by the name of putin or puta as I call his sorry assss. You are communists you a holes and there can be no doubt. I will put it very simply to you fools. Is there a majority in Ukraine? In the last election in Ukraine there was Neo Nazis that ran for office but none were elected. The Majority in Ukraine want nothing to do with Puta (Putin) or Russia. If you want to sit there on your stinky turd in your pants and suggest that the people of Ukraine or shall I say the majority of Ukrainians have been doped by the United States into a war with Russia to benefit Nato and the United States, go on. Puta loves you but then I think that you got a stinky turd in your drawers that you are suggesting that everyone believe isn’t yours as you sit on it.

      July 13, 2022 at 19:18

      Thank you very, very much. We all need a good laugh today at Consortium News.

  6. Deniz
    July 13, 2022 at 12:52

    DN is where the first cracks in DNC officialdom narrative begin to appear as it serves as the outer limits of what is acceptable conversation in Liberal circles. I can’t believe a seasoned journalist like Goodman who regularly covered US War Crimes by intelligence agencies in a former life did not know all this from the onset of the war.

  7. Lois Gagnon
    July 13, 2022 at 09:15

    Like others here, I am pleasantly surprised that DN was willing to give you the floor uninterrupted. You took the opportunity and ran with it Joe. Bravo and thank you! A lot of uninformed people who watch or listen to DN got schooled on Ukraine today and just how serious the crisis in Western journalism really is. Well done Joe and CN.

  8. HempHouse
    July 12, 2022 at 22:08

    Hi Joe. I was lucky enough to catch your segment on the air today while driving (my public radio station KPFA airs Democracy Now). I too was shocked (but so pleasantly excited) that Amy and Juan had you on their show! And they let you SPEAK! No interruptions, or boxed-in, inane, rambling questions either. They really gave you the floor and you swept it! I was so impressed with how you managed to pack in so much crucial history, context, perspective and facts so concisely and clearly. You definitely had your Wheaties this morning and showed us all how it’s (supposed to be) done. Like others have already mentioned here, I have been very disappointed in Dem Now’s turn to P’BS’ style mainstreaming and watered-down reporting on US geopolitics over the last several years. I tune in only accidentally these days and have to check my upset when I hear them once again accepting the official line from Washington. Today, it was as if for a moment, Juan and Amy forgot their programming and channeled their younger, braver selves. I loved it! Bravo Joe! And thank you to DemNow for finding your spine, putting Mr Lauria on the air and publishing it! We need much more of this kind of brave reporting if we are going to survive as a republic.

    • WillD
      July 13, 2022 at 04:25

      “I have been very disappointed in Dem Now’s turn to P’BS’ style mainstreaming and watered-down reporting on US geopolitics over the last several years.” Me, too.

      Has it really found its spine, at last? Let’s hope it has.

    • Kiers
      July 13, 2022 at 22:04

      the more DN! rakes in foundation and trust money, the more PBS it becomes!

      • Tobysgirl
        July 14, 2022 at 16:56

        Exactly! Just follow the money and you will hear what the masters are paying for. I stopped listening years ago because of Goodman’s seeming sympathy for the “rebels” in Syria and her refusal to allow gender-critical feminists to speak. I wish I could think of her as a seasoned journalist, but I just think of her as stupid.

  9. Christopher M Carafino
    July 12, 2022 at 20:43

    We are proud of you for revealing this and for the Democracy now party who mostly has pushed narratives that are pro western brainwashing, for allowing you to amplify on the hidden truths.

  10. bjd
    July 12, 2022 at 20:26

    “It’s unclear.”
    Indeed it is.

  11. julia eden
    July 12, 2022 at 20:07

    it is SO ENCOURAGING to be properly informed!
    thank you, consortium news, for helping us FIND
    our ways through the densest jungles of deliberate
    was it former CIA director william casey who said:
    “we’ll know our disinformation program is complete
    when everything the american public believes is false!”?

    are we there yet?
    thanks to CN and likeminded media,
    we won’t [quite] get there!

    in my european country they go after
    unbiased media, far and in-between,
    as well. to quote wikileaks: “1984 is
    not an instruction manual!”

  12. July 12, 2022 at 19:29

    Thank you for your truthful information and analysis on Ukraine. When Russia first invaded I said The Eagle set a trap for the Bear and the Bear walked into it. It is obvious. The US is taking us into global disaster.

  13. C.Parker
    July 12, 2022 at 17:41

    Just when I nearly lost all hope in Democracy Now’s reporting for showing the signs of censorship, this interview appears. Thank you to Joe Lauria for getting out all the needed information in a timely manner.

  14. Antiwar7
    July 12, 2022 at 17:24

    An excellent presentation, Joe!

  15. Valerie
    July 12, 2022 at 17:10

    Great video. Thankyou Mr. Lauria. It is very disturbing what is happening to certain media outlets.

  16. July 12, 2022 at 17:10

    Great segment Joe, I was watching this morning. I was a bit surprised that Amy was willing to go against the grain so to speak, but I am very glad she decided to have you on. I hope she continues to have you on more often, you would make a fantastic regular on Democracy Now.

  17. Brisa25
    July 12, 2022 at 17:06

    Excellent interview.

  18. LarcoMarco
    July 12, 2022 at 16:10

    Cranky Amy is getting schooled by Joe Lauria. It appears she is starting to pull the wool from her eyes.

    July 12, 2022 at 15:32

    Good job Joe. Especially the last 2 minutes.

  20. Altruist
    July 12, 2022 at 14:45

    Interesting that Democracy Now has invited Joe Lauria on its program – I wouldn’t have expected this. Perhaps Democracy Now is returning to its roots and becoming a serious news outlet again. In the last years, it has specialized in spewing Russiagate and regime change propaganda, demonizing targets of US empire from Syria to Nicaragua to China while sending a correspondent to embed with US-backed “rebels” in Libya. And in the process losing such capable and honest journalists as Aaron Maté.

    • Hank
      July 12, 2022 at 21:10

      0nce in a while, outlets such as these have legitimate people on to pretend that they are doing real journalism.

  21. tiska
    July 12, 2022 at 13:27

    Appreciate Democracy Now — putting forward CN reporting on the war, our war with Russia now causing the destruction of Ukraine – I believe NATO is only an extension of US policy, set up for destruction — around the globe, — just cannot see who is supposed to benefit, in the end.

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