1 comment for “WATCH: UN General Assembly Concludes on Ukraine

  1. Robert Emmett
    March 2, 2022 at 07:18

    Right Now (an apotheosis of humans)

    If you were partial to signs & portents, you’d be having a penultimate field day that’s been extending itself for years now. Think about it for a sec. Or not, up to you.

    Glaciers & polar caps melting faster than were predicted according to preponderance of the evidence, (though some were wise to it long before that). Unstoppable forces ticking toward kicking-in, in exponential time. All manner of pestilence, famine, rampant disease. Wanton bloodshed, murder & theft on a grand scale. Wars, wars, wars endless wars. Generations of death seeded through wind & dust, carried by water just waiting for the final breakage of atoms, already harnessed & triggered.

    And close calls. The ones we know about. How many more allotted by the sweeping wheel of fate? Or is that wheel now a scythe?

    And a world gone mad in hate & rage. Does it really matter whether someone or no one is at the controls anymore?

    Still not enough for you? Then how about right now. The Big Standoff. Let’s find out, once & for all, whether MAD deterrence really works!

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