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Nothing new there of course. Since it’s inception 26 years ago in 1995 Consortium News has never charged a penny for its groundbreaking content.

Readers are free to read and watch it, all for free.

Consortium News is ad free too. We don’t take a penny from advertisers, corporations or governments. You won’t find any sponsored posts here either.

That’s because to remain 100 percent independent we depend 100 percent on the generosity of those viewers and readers who’ve supported us for more than a quarter of century. 

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2 comments for “Summer Sale! 100% Off

  1. Buffalo_Ken
    July 30, 2021 at 16:32

    It is not 100% off.
    Sorry, but nothing could be that.
    I think there is somebody on the staff.
    Who needs to be let go.
    Consider that while you edit this message sent by someone who is a Patron of the site.
    Consider that.
    I doubt this will get posted, but if it does, then I might contribute again, but probably not.
    Something seems contaminated to me.

      July 30, 2021 at 18:24

      In reading the story and not just the headline it becomes quite clear that the headline is whimsical and the notion of a discount in jest. Consortium News has always been free to read and will remain so. We have given our readers a ‘100 % Discount’ since 1995. It is an appeal to donors to voluntarily keep supporting us.

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