Refusing Erasure: Palestinian Resistance

Danny Sjursen sees the Biden administration continuing American complicity in historic injustice in the Holy Land.  

A Palestinian man in the ruins of Al Jawhara Tower at the center of Gaza CIty after it was bombed the previous night, May 12. (M. Hajjar/NRC)

By Danny Sjursen

There hadn’t been much talk of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Nor had there been serious attempts at diplomacy, of Washington brokering a settlement. The reasons were manifold: part apathy, part outrage-exhaustion, part Donald Trump’s intentionally ditching the illusion of America-the-honest-broker and decisively swinging support to one side (Israel), and part Joe Biden’s desire to avoid the controversy of getting embroiled in seemingly hopeless Mideast conflict third-rails.

Yet despite increasingly right-wing Israeli intransigence, and American apathy or antagonism, the Palestinian people – not their divided and corrupt Fatah or Hamas “leaders” – refused to be silenced. Few Western commentators counted on that. They should have.

These are resilient people, the Palestinians, and they’ve never gone gently into that good erasure or apartheid night. Just as their youths surprised Israel, the world, and their own exiled leaders, and rose in response to decades of structural disenfranchisement and security force-brutality – in the First Intifada (“Shaking Off”) of 1987 – today a new generation of stateless, open air prisoners are again willing their way into the global spotlight.

On (and Off ) Script

The current uprising – and cruelly disproportionate Israeli military response – has both followed and strayed from the standard script of modern Holy Land conflict. It began with heavy-handed police suppression – including a violent raid on the Al Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan – of Palestinians protesting far-right Israeli extremist provocations and (illegal) government-backed eviction efforts spearheaded by (illegal) Israeli settlers in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of (illegally) occupied East Jerusalem. 

Hamas threatened a response, gave an ultimatum to the Israeli government to cease its actions, then launched a barrage of (mostly) inaccurate, though occasionally lethal (10 Israelis killed, including two children, as of Sunday night), rockets over the border from their Gaza Strip power base. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) then immediately mobilized and retaliated with Trump-like “fire and fury” on Gaza. The lopsided casualty disparity spoke for itself: 10 Israeli deaths versus 207 Palestinian fatalities – including 92 women and children – in the West Bank and Gaza, a 20-to-1 ratio. That much was grotesquely standard.

Only this time around there’ve been curveballs, both promising and tragic. The first, is a limited – but significant – sea change in American public opinion and progressive Democrat’s political positions on Israel-Palestine. The second is the widespread outbreak of communal violence – which is approaching a potential civil war – among civilians in mixed Arab-Jewish cities throughout the country. The former is favorable, the latter – frightening. 

Still, despite rumblings of change in U.S. political and public opinion, most American policymaker statements, and media reports, have hewed to a criminally misleading myth, whereby what’s happening in occupied Palestine is an ancient and insoluble clash between military and moral equals. In other words, American journalists are again trapped in the old objectivity delusion. We’ve seen it before.

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During the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), as Washington stood on the sidelines, even imposing an unprecedented arms embargo on a duly elected republican government fighting for its life against Nazi German-backed fascist military usurpers – and looked the other way as Texaco illegally shipped vital oil to the right-wing insurgents – mainstream American newspapermen played the same disingenuous “balance” game.

Some papers, like The New York Times even had dueling reporters – and apparent sympathizers – assigned on the opposing sides. But not all journalists bought in to the impartiality illusion. The 28-year old Martha Gellhorn (later married to Ernest Hemingway), who crossed over the French border alone carrying only a knapsack to report for Collier’s Magazine, would have none of such false moral equivalency – “all that objectivity shit,” as she called it. One needn’t wonder what Ms. Gellhorn would make of media analysis of today’s militarily and legally lopsided maelstrom in Israel-Palestine.

Children take refuge during the Francoist bombing over Madrid, 1936. (Wikimedia Commons)

One side, Israel, possesses the military, financial, and power-capacity to do exponentially more harm, impose far more of its will, and also – if it so chose – more capably mitigate the political and economic conditions of the other, the Palestinian, side. Only the latter option isn’t even on the Israeli government’s radar. Forged, and long living, by the sword, the increasingly off-the-rails chauvinist Israeli politico-military machine seems to know no other response than increasingly brutal force in the – proven to be hopeless – pursuit of absolute victory. 

That means a near-erasure of even the possibility of Palestinian’s grievances, rights, or – in some cases – their very existence as a people. In such a situation, any resistance against Israeli hegemony is proscribed and punished in the cruelest of manners – “Gaza will burn,” per the ostensibly moderate Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz. Only matters are worse still, since Israeli policy – bolstered by top-of-the-pops U.S. military aid, plus diplomatic and media top cover – has all but eliminated any permissible outlets for Palestinian resistance.

How Should Palestinians Resist?

Apparently, the Palestinians – almost alone among this planet’s peoples – are expected to show a monk-like stoicism in the face of nearly a century of suffering and suppression. When militants among them desperately fire rockets, or set off bombs – which is also an unacceptable war crime when civilians are deliberately targeted – they are branded as the very worst of terrorists. In fact, their very ethnic identity has become associated with aerial hijacking, suicide bombing, and rocket-launching, even though only a small minority take such actions. Far more deadly Israeli state terror – even when it kills almost boundless babies – is rarely questioned with the same intensity. Not by a long shot. In fact, Israeli war crimes are rewarded with more American military aid annually than any other country on the planet.

That’d be obscene enough, if almost every other form of Palestinian resistance besides bombardment with cheap rockets hadn’t been systematically circumscribed. Protesters are jailed wholesale. Human rights, activist, and even cultural institutions have been shuttered, and now even social media is being widely censored. Facebook is at the center of that latest controversy, as it’s apparently implemented a policy that treats the term “Zionist” as a proxy for “Jew” when deciding whether a post should be removed as “hate speech.” The same rules apply across its subsidiary apps like Instagram. Recently, as a younger Palestinian generation took to using the hashtag #SaveSheikhJarrah to highlight evictions and settler violence, activists reported that their posts were removed – and accounts suspended en masse – when the hashtag began trending.

So what, precisely, are occupied, attacked, segregated, suppressed, and stateless Palestinians supposed to do after 70-plus years of the same? Recently, in justifying the brutal bombing of Gaza, Prime Minister Netanyahu pronounced that Hamas had crossed a “red line” by flinging rockets at Israeli cities (which I oppose, it must be said). Still, King Bibi seems unable to consider that Palestinians might have red lines as well – that they can only be pushed so far by state-directed disenfranchisement and state-terror attacks from the land, sea, and air.

Targeting of a house in southern Gaza City, May 12. (M. M. Hajjar/NRC)

After the Israeli raid on the Al Aqsa mosque, Netanyahu defended the police, and framed their response as “a battle between tolerance and intolerance, between lawless violence and order.” Strange, isn’t that precisely the language long used by arch segregationists throughout the American South – and later by Richard Nixon and, well, Donald Trump – to justify suppressing civil rights protests by African Americans and their supporters? Well, they have a lot in common, the segregationists and ole Bibi: both start from a goal of separation, discrimination, and supremacy – then find the words and bureaucratic mechanisms to rationalize and implement them. And that’s the story of the Sheikh Jarrah and East Jerusalem catalysts for the recent resistance, death, and destruction.

Unbearable by Design: Palestinian Life (& Death) in Jerusalem

The official – that’s right, official – Israeli term for its policy in occupied spaces like the Sheikh Jarrah section of East Jerusalem, is “Judaization.” And it is this gradual and systematic attempt to ensure a dominant and irreversible Jewish supermajority from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea – including the (illegally) occupied Palestinian territories – that kicked-off the latest resistance-retaliation cycle. That illegality bit is important, by the way, since it’s absolutely crucial – but somehow hardly ever mentioned – that Israeli soldiers, police, administrators, and settlers shouldn’t even be in East Jerusalem, let alone making the rules as they go and expecting Palestinians to prostrate themselves before their almighty authority.

In fact, according to the 1947 UN Partition Plan, which proposed partitioning Palestine into separate Jewish and Arab States, Jerusalem (and Bethlehem) was to be designated an international city under neither of the new states’ sovereignty. After the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and forced eviction, or fearful fleeing, of some 750,000 Palestinians from their homes – never to be allowed to return – Jordan took control of East Jerusalem.

That is until Israel conquered it in the 1967 Six Day War, then subsequently (and illegally) annexed the area in 1980, with the passage of the Jerusalem Act. This bit of bureaucratic nastiness denied the city’s Palestinians Israeli citizenship, granting only “permanent residency” status, and thus denying them the right to vote but still forcing them to pay taxes. Funny, one would think such a managerial maneuver might garner more sympathy for Palestinians from the cross-Atlantic descendants of Patrick Henry – what with his “No taxation without representation” revolutionary rallying call!

Furthermore, not unlike cities and counties in both the Jim Crow South and urban north, the Israeli government spent the next half century using urban planning tricks to explicitly maintain a Jewish majority in the city. Such sleights of hand include: limiting Palestinians to certain neighborhoods, denying building permits, demolishing homes, providing substandard services, constructing a separation wall – which runs through, and slices away sections of, the entire occupied West Bank – that cuts off once contiguous Palestinian neighborhoods and severs much of East Jerusalem from the West Bank entirely.

All of this is meant to make life unbearable for Palestinians in Jerusalem. The hope is they’ll leave a place where they’re not wanted anyway. Still, they haven’t. Instead, Palestinians protested, resisted, and may revolt.

What’s crazy is how high-level Israeli leaders hardly hide these intentions. In fact, they sometimes brag about them. Take deputy mayor of Jerusalem Aryeh King’s recent statement that the Sheikh Jarrah evictions were “of course” part of Israel’s plan to place “layers of Jews” throughout East Jerusalem, to “secure the future of Jerusalem as a Jewish capital for the Jewish people.” King, along with an Israeli Knesset (Parliament) member, was also caught on camera taunting a Palestinian protester shot in the leg, lamenting that he wasn’t shot in the head instead.

Then, as a real thumb of his nose at international law, and amidst the early violence just a week ago, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to continue building – including (illegal) settlements – in “all of Jerusalem,” as a “natural right in sovereign state,” and “just like any other nation building and developing its capital.”

Only the thing is, Israel is not like any other state. It is a two-tier society that disenfranchises an enormous portion of its citizenship-denied, militarily-conquered, and (illegally) occupied residents – a veritable apartheid state according to lengthy recent reports from organizations like Human Rights Watch and the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem. 

Yet the Israeli government, and its backers, vehemently reject such conclusions as inherently anti-Semitic, and ignore substantiated allegations of widespread systemic discrimination or legal violations. That also applies to the East Jerusalem microcosm as well, and – like the broader two-tier segregationist system in place – is blessed off and buttressed by big brother Uncle Sam. For example, Israel’s (illegal) unilateral declaration of a “United Jerusalem” as the sole capital of Israel was no doubt legitimized by Trump’s precedent-breaking official recognition of that Israeli status and linguistic legal violation, and his May 2018 move of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

When such favoritism and discrimination is a stated and long-executed government policy, the disturbing actions of thereby encouraged extremists in Sheikh Jarrah make more sense. Three weeks ago, bands of them marched through Palestinian portions of East Jerusalem, chanting “Death to Arabs,” attacked bystanders, and damaged property and homes. Cell phone footage of a Palestinian woman arguing with a Jewish settler outside her home went viral. In it, the man tells her “If I don’t steal it, someone else is going to steal it.” And, in a sense, he wasn’t wrong.

Of course, all this indecency flows from the legal logic solidified in the recent 2018 nation state law establishing “Jewish settlement as a national value,” and, implying the inverse – that Palestinians have no inherent self-determination or national rights in their own ancestral homeland. A law so overtly exclusionary and with such obvious religious-favoritism, decisively shifted Israel squarely into ethnocracy – rather than democracy – territory. And make no mistake: in just such socio-political situations are horrifying ethno-religious civil wars made. And so, by the looks of things – God forbid – it could be in Israel-Palestine.

The Cast of Characters

Aug. 31, 2020: Meir Ben-Shabbat, at left on stairs, joins Abraham Accords delegation on the first direct El-Al flight to the UAE from Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport. Next to him is Trump Senior Advisor Jared Kushner; National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien on right. (Matty Stern/U.S. Embassy Jerusalem, Wikimedia Commons)

The rightist of right-wings is now ascendant in Israeli politics, particularly among Israeli security officials. It would therefore by preposterous to expect restraint or de-escalation, let alone real long-term peace overtures, from Benjamin Netanyahu and his cronies running this latest war [crime]. Just a cursory look at some of the players, and their callous comments about the unfolding combat – plus the broader status of Palestinians writ-large – ought to close that case.

Take just one instructive individual example: National Security Adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat is the son of Moroccan Jewish immigrants, a community that’s traditionally right-wing, and currently quite prominent in Israel’s political landscape – constituting about one-third of the government’s May 2020 cabinet.

Before entering politics, Ben-Shabbat spent many years in the clandestine service of the Israeli Security Agency (ISA or SHABAK) – “a state-run organization responsible for safeguarding state security.” There he eventually headed up the Agency’s southern sector, adjacent to the Gaza Strip, where he conducted the ISA’s activities during Israel’s earlier brutal bombardment – in Operation Cast Lead (2008-09) – which killed at least 500-700 Palestinian civilians, including 100-300 children. By a conservative estimate, that’s at least 150 times the number of Israeli (all adult) civilians (four) killed by Hamas’s rocket attacks.

As a political leader, Ben-Shabbat also played a key role in establishing recent ties between Israel and both the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain as part of the U.S.-brokered, Palestinian-abandoning, Abraham Accords. Yet, in the present situation, Ben-Shabbat prefers his American big brother to butt out and let the IDF handle its Palestinian “problem” in-house.

For example, when his U.S. national security advising counterpart Jake Sullivan expressed concern over recent violent clashes in Jerusalem, Ben-Shabbat reportedly pushed back during their phone call, arguing that any international intervention would only reward those inciting the unrest – “a prize for the rioters and those sending them who hoped to put pressure on Israel.” These ostensible inciters, naturally, are predictably Palestinian-only in his mind.

Moreover, it’s hard to imagine a more obtuse, inaccurate, and hypocritical assertion than his May 10th claim that Israel is handling events “out of a position of sovereignty, responsibly, and with common sense despite the provocations.” Why, one might ask Ben-Shabbat, does Palestinian sovereignty not figure at all in his or the Netanyahu government’s calculations? Perhaps because he and rest of the cast of key national security characters have never truly accepted the existence of any rights for – or sometimes even the political, cultural, or ethnic actuality of – Palestinians at all.

Here, some relevant statements from a few of these crucial figures should be instructive: 

  • Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, comments on Instagram, March 2019: “Israel is not a state of all its citizens…According to the basic nationality law we passed, Israel is the nation state of the Jewish people – and only it.”
  • Netanyahu,remarks at a press conference during the 2014 war in Gaza: “I think the Israeli people understand now what I always say: that there cannot be a situation, under any agreement, in which we relinquish security control of the territory west of the River Jordan.” To translate: Bibi means there’s to be no fully sovereign Palestinian entity, let alone a real state, in the (illegally) occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, at left, with President Donald J. Trump, Jan. 27, 2020, in the Oval Office. (White House, Shealah Craighead)

  • Netanyahu, again, on his vision for the future status of Palestinians living in the Jordan Valley “enclave” after Israel annexes the territory, May 2020: “You don’t need to apply sovereignty over them. They will remain Palestinian subjects, if you will.” Well, the term “subjects” does have a fitting ring to it, when delivered by the subject of an award-winning 2018 documentary titled “King Bibi.”
  • Defense Minister Benny Gantz – who commanded the IDF during the 2012 (Operation Pillar of Defense: 100 Palestinian civilian vs. four Israeli civiliandeaths) and 2014 (Operation Protective Edge: 1400 vs. six civilians killed, respectively) Gaza Wars – in the first major speechlaunching his political career, January 2019: “We will strengthen the settlement blocs and the Golan Heights, from which we will never retreat. The Jordan Valley will remain our eastern security border. We will maintain security in the entire Land of Israel…United Jerusalem will be built, will grow – and will remain forever the capital of the Jewish people and the capital of the State of Israel.” To translate: he’s referring to the (illegal) “settlement blocs,” (illegally) occupied “Golan Heights,” and (illegal) unilateral designation – officially blessed-off on by the Trump administration – of (illegally) occupied Palestinian East Jerusalem as part of a “United Jerusalem.” Recall, by the way, that ole Benny is supposed to be a “moderate” alternative to his oft-electoral opponent, Bibi.

Israel’s Benny Gantz in a live fire exercise for Israeli army battalion commanders on the Golan Heights, Israel, 2012. (Shay Wagner, Flash90, IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons)

  • Sometimes, and somehow cruelly fitting, the erasure of Palestinians is demonstrated by what Israeli security officialsdon’t  For example, when National Security Council chief Ben-Shabbat flew to the Abu Dhabi on a joint U.S.-delegation to normalize UAE-Israeli relations back in August 2020, not once in his 490 word-remarks did he utter the word “Palestinian.”

Well, if you’ll forgive the topical cliché: “Palestinian Lives Don’t Matter” to these folks.

There are issues, and moments, in life that define an individual’s or a collective’s character. Equal justice in the Holy Land is one of them. Yet where, once again, does the U.S. government fall on that crucial conflict today? Well, despite real rumblings of change – and Palestinian sympathies – among progressive Democrats, certain libertarian Republicans, and American public opinion, the Biden administration and the still dominant bipartisan establishment, have predictably hedged, dissembled, and fumbled the official American response

Per the repetitive emphasis of Biden’s statements, the far more powerful and less vulnerable party (Israel) still apparently has more of a “right to defend itself” than the Palestinians. This is the crux of an American hypocrisy that global populace shan’t forget, and presumptive competitors like China won’t cease to point out.

Unless something significant changes in the next few days or weeks, the violence of 2021 will go down as just the latest round in 70 years worth of America’s criminally uneven application of its supposed commitment to popular sovereignty and self-determination. The hypocrisy, though, isn’t an academic one – it affects outcomes for real peoples, for nations that do or do not get to exist. South Sudanese, Bosnians, and even breakaway Kosovaars, apparently deserve a state of their own, and U.S. support (sometimes decisive military intervention) in achieving that goal.

Why not the Palestinians? Is it their race, their religion, or just the geographic bad luck of living in a region where their oppressors are ostensible U.S. allies in geostrategic “Great Games?” Maybe it’s some of these; maybe all; maybe other reasons still.

Either way, the outcome – for living, breathing, feeling, loving and loved, human beings – is American complicity in a historic injustice. One that’s abetted in all of our names.

Danny Sjursen is a retired U.S. Army officer and contributing editor at His work has appeared in the LA Times, The Nation, Huff Post, The Hill, Salon, Truthdig, Tom Dispatch, among other publications. He served combat tours with reconnaissance units in Iraq and Afghanistan and later taught history at his alma mater, West Point. He is the author of a memoir and critical analysis of the Iraq War, Ghostriders of Baghdad: Soldiers, Civilians, and the Myth of the Surge. His latest book is Patriotic Dissent: America in the Age of Endless War.  Follow him on Twitter at @SkepticalVet. Check out his professional website for contact info, scheduling speeches, and/or access to the full corpus of his writing and media appearances.

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8 comments for “Refusing Erasure: Palestinian Resistance

  1. PEG
    May 21, 2021 at 02:49

    Danny Sjursen is again able clearly to tell it as it is, cut through the official BS, and recognize the real situation.

    Interesting how some of the most astute commentators on foreign affairs these days are former career military professionals who, having literally served on the front line, see matters as they are and have the guts to honestly express their views – think of Tulsi Gabbard, Andrew Bacevich and Danny Sjursen himself, who underwent a “Saul to Paul” conversion from combat commander to antiwar activist and intellectual.

    And in the case of Israel, he has the courage to say that the “emperor” – which the broad mass of pundits and “sheeple” see as a King David returned to the “promised land” – in fact has no clothes and is a foreign colonialist interloper, while the displaced and ceaselessly humiliated native Palestinian population has been living in the land since Biblical and Roman times.

    I highly recommend Sjursen’s recent book “Patriotic Dissent: America in the Age of Endless War”, which is a clarion call for principled dissent as the deepest form of patriotism. And am looking forward to his newest book, appearing next month: “A Thinker’s History of the United States: Indigenous Genocide, Racialized Slavery, Hyper-Capitalism, Militarist Imperialism and Other Overlooked Aspects of American Exceptionalism,” which promises to be a major contribution to our understanding of our country and the world.

  2. May 20, 2021 at 12:14

    I agree Daniel. The suffering of those in Yemen is another unjustified act. It is not trivial. Children have been suffering there as well and many of them are literally starving. That is why we ought Boycott Saudi Arabia as well. In fact, lets do away with that false place altogether. Nothing but harm comes out of there as best I can tell.
    Then after that, or maybe at the same time, lets boycott the biggest bully of all. The US of a.
    Not sure how to do that myself being that I reside in that country and I ain’t no terrorist. Maybe I’ll have to grow some tomatoes.
    I just want things to get better.

  3. May 20, 2021 at 10:54

    Just when we need it most, UK cracks down on BDS – Mondoweiss

    To further the cause of BDS, decent people in Canada, the UK, and the USA have to list the local and international supporters of Israel and those non-jewish forces fighting BDS and boycott them and their businesses. Those Jewish and/or non-Jewish entities and people who feel themselves wrongly listed as supporters of the anti-BDS forces, can publicly dissociate themselves from them. The list will then be amended. Openly Palestinian sympathetic organizations should be in charge of the lists and their maintenance.

    The Israelis and their anti-BDS supporters both here and abroad will not get away from BDS until they destroy their nuclear and modern fighting weapons and rebuild Israel-Palestine with the aboriginal people of the country where equality amongst all people prevail.

    In the meantime, the Pakistanis, the Indians, and the Chinese should make alliances with the Palestinians and the other states under attack by the Israelis, to the effect that Israel will be attacked with nuclear weapons if they try to use them.

    A serious effort must be mad to stop the murdering Israelis and the Americans, who are clearly out of control, and who are an existential threat to the planet, and every living thing,

    Michael Fish

    • May 20, 2021 at 15:02

      100% agreed if you believe that, but I really agree even if I suppose literally it can’t be 100% because what could be? This is the kind of talk you get when you go into Libra’s cave and your life comes to an end with justice. By the way, China holds so many cards.
      Oh let me tell you, Libra, the keeper of the scales, enjoys destroying those who have the audacity to play around with zero and infinity. Have some respect is what she thinks, and then she hands the foolish fools who came into the cave over to her friends who devour them endlessly with glee.
      Can you imagine that? I can. That is why that is a cave to be avoided, but sadly many have entered already and they are being devoured as I type this……oh gracious, another one just went down. Goodness gracious me I just wish I didn’t have to witness this….I halfway wish I didn’t have to sense it, but it ain’t a mystery, and I know as do so many others. All of us who are sick of the 20th century fools who know nothing but war. Their time is rapidly coming to an end and good riddance to them. Let them go into the wind of history.
      You get what you give and when it comes to justice best not to treat Lady Libra with any disrespect. I respect her utmostly.
      Man oh man another benny just got his due….how many more will there be? If you want to know inquire with Lady Justice, but I advise against this cause she don’t play no games and she suffers no fools and their foolish inquiries. The scales are in the balance and she knows how to dish out justice and thank god for her. I love her so much, but I send the love from a distance cause I ain’t no fool.
      Boycott Israel into Submission and if you need a list it is easy to find……this will all be a piece of cake.

  4. May 20, 2021 at 09:38

    Look. Lets make it simple.
    If you love your family, and imagine if you love your community….well then it is simple. It extends outward.
    You won’t let the things you love be erased. It is out of the question and so the only question left is – do others agree with this?
    If you don’t agree with this, or you cast a sideways glance at the suffering of others, well then, we all know how this story ends – don’t we?
    The Jews who suffered in the Holocaust are shaking in their graves. I feel it in my bones. That is why I disassociate the Zionist from the Jews. They are not the same. One of them is based on hate of those who don’t ascribe to their self-proclaimed views.
    The Jewish religion has led to so many wonderful things for humanity and it deserves respect. So many wonderful artists, lovers, and lovely folks.
    So do the Palestinians who have suffered so much needless harm of innocence – the Palestinians deserve respect for their resiliency and who could be so meek and just watch the death of family and friends without any response? Not I.
    Do or die time it seems to me. Now or Never.
    Boycott Israel into Submission

    • Daniel
      May 20, 2021 at 15:07

      Hear, hear.

  5. Patricia Tursi
    May 20, 2021 at 09:29

    I believe Israel coined the phrase land grab. They have destroyed groves of olive trees and other fruits, destroyed homes that have been lived in and owned for a couple of centuries, waged war on young people and moved settlers in to drive Palestinians out. This in a land where both Jews and Arabs lived, intermarried and had peace. Compare Israel’s land from the 40’s with their land today and you will witness the theft from the Palestinians. Heart breaking. The US is also guilty of so many atrocities. When will Earth have peace?

  6. Daniel
    May 20, 2021 at 08:59

    Considering the century-long historical record of ethnic cleansing plans and actions in Palestine and the current exposure of the US’s decades-long active role in it, one has to wonder: just when is the US the wise, democratic and benevolent actor it claims to be? Because the last few weeks has shown quite the opposite.

    Let’s take a current snapshot: Outside of siding with a racist, apartheid state in an ethnic cleansing campaign, we are right now actively supporting a war in Yemen spearheaded by one of the world’s most murderous regimes, occupying a third of Syria and trying to starve the population there, supporting civilian slaughter by military and police in Columbia, starving Venezuelans, supporting coup executors and killers of civilians in Bolivia, torturing (soon to death, I fear) one of the few journalists who dares to reveal our war crimes, surveilling and censoring the entirety of the world’s populations, and of course burrowing deep into the new cold war with global competitors China and Russia. I could go on and on, as this list of tyrannical, murderous and empirical behavior is endless and constant, to say nothing about how the ideology is violently applied here at home. EMPIRE is and has been the business of the US since the end of WWII, with the window dressings of ‘democracy’ finally reduced to to its only use to our authoritarian masters – as propaganda.

    I have never been more sickened by my country’s leadership, and that is saying something coming out of a year that showed us that even a threat to the health of the entire world’s populations is seen as nothing more than an opportunity for our leaders to propagandize and profit.

    Our dear leaders are not the good guys. And we need to wake up to that fact.

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