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Our columnists are deeply experienced in their areas of expertise, some of whom occupied senior positions within the establishment. That insider knowledge informs their dissident views.  Please support us so we can bring you their insights into the workings of an increasingly dystopian world.

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As’ad AbuKhalil – Lebanese-American professor of Middle East studies who ran the popular Angry Arab blog.  With a vast knowledge of Middle East and Arab history, As’ad provides a special insight into the troubled region and especially Washington’s role in it.


Lee Camp –  A popular, political comedian who is seen on his regular television show “Redacted Tonight,” Lee brings humor to the maddening situations we are trying to find a way out of.


Pepe Escobar – Globetrotting veteran Brazilian journalist with a special focus on the geo-strategy of Asia in an era of declining U.S. dominance.


John Kiriakou – A former CIA agent who was punished for blowing the whistle on the agency’s illegal torture program, John has become a leading commentator on the underbelly of Washington politics. We are happy to publish his original columns twice a month.


Patrick Lawrence –  A former Asia editor of the International Herald Tribune, Patrick has been widely published in, The New Yorker magazine, The Independent, The Nation and now regularly on Consortium News.


Ray McGovern – A former CIA analyst specialized on the Soviet Union and Russia, as well as a daily Oval Office briefer of two presidents and co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), Ray brings us his original insights into the shady world of politicized intelligence. 



Contribute Today to Consortium News’
25th Anniversary Fall Fund Drive

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