CN Live! New Episode Sat. 9 am EDT: Gosztola, Maurizi & Mercouris Plus Defense Witness Trevor Timm on Assange. Please Become a CN Live! Patron!

Join us Saturday at 9 am U.S. Eastern time for the next episode of CN Live! in which we recap the first week of the extradition hearing of Julian Assange. Support CN Live! by becoming a patron.


CN Live! has been making waves on the web since its launch in July 2019. Now we are providing extensive coverage of the resumption of Julian Assange‘s extradition trial, beginning with last week’s webcast, “The Media Trial of the Century.”  Each day that court is in session Editor Joe Lauria is presenting a video report, and each weekend we are going live on Saturday, at 9 am EDT, 2 pm BST and 11 pm AEST, for a recap and analysis of the week’s events.  

This weekend we will be joined by defense witness Trevor Timm, executive director of the Freedom of the Press Foundation; Shadowproof managing editor Kevin Gosztola, who is receiving wide praise for his live tweeting of the courtroom action; Stefania Maurizi, the Italian journalist who has partnered with WikiLeaks to publish some of its biggest releases, and whose freedom of information requests exposed corruption surrounding the Swedish process against Asssange; and by Alexander Mercouris, a British legal analyst with particular insights into the UK justice system.  Like Consortium News, both Gosztola and Maurizi have been monitoring every moment of the trial via remote video access.  So join us Saturday as we probe deeply into the case.

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