CN Live! Goes Live with Patreon!

Consortium News‘ unique webcast CN Live! has added a whole new dimension to the website Bob Parry founded 25 years ago. And now there’s a whole new way for you to show your support!

When CN Live! launched in July 2019, Nat Parry, the son of Consortium News founder Bob Parry wrote us:

“Congratulations on the CN Live! initiative — it looks great and is something I’m sure my dad would be pleased with. I know he always wanted to do more in terms of video…” 

Indeed CN Live! has turned Consortium News, founded in the 20th Century, into the multi-media website of the 21st Century envisioned by its founder. 

We have hosted dozens of guests, from a former U.S. senator, to a UN ambassador, to former intelligence officials, retired diplomats, journalists, and activists to bring you an Insight Into the News that you will find in few other places.

CN Live! has added depth to our coverage of the Julian Assange case, Russiagate, the Middle East, Covid-19, uprisings in the U.S., presidential politics, the Jeffery Epstein case and so much more.

We have big plans for coverage of Assange’s substantive hearing beginning next Monday and expected to run three to four  weeks. 

Our webcast has added not only greatly to our coverage, but also to our budget. It’s expensive to run a first-rate news show!

So please show your support for CN Live! today with a generous donation to its newly launched Patreon page today!  Please click here: