Part Four of ‘UkraineGate – Inconvenient Facts’

Part Four of a new documentary by Olivier Berruyer, editor of the website, released in conjunction with Consortium News, continues the probe into the complicated scandal and Joe Biden’s part in it.

UkraineGate – Inconvenient Facts

Part Four: “Shokin Strikes Back”

You can view Part One here.  

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You can view Part Three here.  


10 comments for “Part Four of ‘UkraineGate – Inconvenient Facts’

  1. Michael Meo
    February 20, 2020 at 15:46

    Just today, in a Washington Post article, the writer stated that Shokin had denied his previous claim that Biden had had him fired b because of his investigation of Burisma. That directly contradicts what we see and hear in this video. Mainstream news media in the U.S. are continuing the fact-free narrative regarding Biden’s corrupt acts in Ukraine, without a pause.

  2. subhuti37
    February 20, 2020 at 12:21

    Why did ABC news (was it the US or the Australian ABC?) not air the full interview, which destroys the whole anti Trump and ultimately anti Russia narrative? Because the ABC is corrupt, obviously! Shokin destroys the fake narrative that has the DNC in an uproar when, in this case (not the legitimate cases of Trump’s corruption but the Democrats and especially the ‘Grand Viceroy’ Biden) Shokin points directly to the criminality of the Obama (we have to twist arms) regime in interfering in Ukraine’s affairs both for political reasons, to undermine Russia. And for their own personal enrichment.

  3. Hide Behind
    February 20, 2020 at 02:45

    Yes we need journalist from outside of governments mainline media outlets, but let us not forget the medium that we need is under attack, the internet.
    How few are the numbers of people who even at present read those journalist works, it will most assuredly not be millions nor ever enough to spark a fire of indignation under the asses of corrupt system players.
    The control over internet content is not in the peoples hands, the controllers of internet are few and they are part of the corrupt system, as being members from within the system.
    Google is monitoring system, your cell phone providers are monitoring system, and every hard and software firms conform to leaving back doors open to being monitored by governments military security agencies.
    And all top 20 of those who write the algorithms for control of populace vye against each other for Government grants and contracts for best methods to limit internet content, and best ways, such as facial recognition and data based permanent means to store what the internet monitors.
    We are looking as last vistages of free press which will soon have no outlets left to its journalistic investigate outlets, we the people.
    Most people who use internet have no f’n ideabas to cost to keep online sites such as This one up and running.
    Nor do they have an idea as to cost put forward by an independent journalist in order to live and still get returns on their efforts.
    Today it is not just internet outlets that are disappearing but in last few years all of smaller publishing firms and bookstores cannot find enough interest to profit from sales, and giggle, romance, warrior worship, and celebrity topics find ready buyers, and so are going out of buisness or struggling to survive.
    Struggling as in loses from publishing political journalism especially, and cannot hardly afford donations to struggling journalist upkeep.
    Already within last few years owners of all internet majors have been driving primarily political content that they deem harmfull to American security while leaving all major journalist outlets free to print whatever they want.
    It is not liberal or conservative biased it is pro whatever the Security apparatus and those within political control deems S dangerous or false news because it contradicts the “officialy approved naratives

  4. geeyp
    February 19, 2020 at 05:39

    This documentary explains inner workings of the US government and adds to the much needed exposures of the past 14 years from Wikileaks. Mr. Shokin is truly an honest, upright man. Since the majority of journalists in the US are cowed or don’t care to do this type of actual, factual work, I applaud more digging from non-domestic journalists. Thank you again for this, Olivier! Here, we have already heard the hiding from this side (US). Now, we can show the real story.

  5. Eugenie Basile
    February 19, 2020 at 03:15

    So this is the guy the DNC wanted as a frontrunner to beat Trump and return to the White House.
    To recap U.S. politics : ‘When they go low, we go even lower’.

  6. Daniel
    February 18, 2020 at 13:39

    This 4-part series is invaluable documentary evidence of the real story of Ukraine-gate, a story that our politicians, tech gurus and corporate mouthpieces would like nothing more than to algorithm out of existence, and which casts Trump’s actions in a somewhat different light. Sadly, as the quadrennial election farce looms large, we are asked to put aside such evidence of bi-partisan rot and corruption to do all we can to unite against Trump – the President this very rot has given us. The catch-22 logic of it all is crazy-making.

    Our politicians and corporate media are using all means at their disposal to create false narratives that serve one purpose – to sow such doubt and discord among the citizenry that we believe nothing but what they tell us. Ultimately, what they fear is that the internet and the democratization of news it is fostering will lead us to start questioning their narrative. But that is already happening and it is unstoppable. The prop-or-not type tactics they have employed have had a real effect, true, but it can’t stop thinking people from recognizing BS when they smell it. And the evidence of BS is piling up all around us, especially with the Democratic primaries underway.

    Russia-gate, Ukraine-gate, the impeachment…these nothing-burgers have served their purpose: To blame others for actions that bad actors have taken themselves, to throw heat off of their own deeds and, most important of all, to make certain that we aren’t discussing anything else that is going on, including the Democrats’ complicity the last three years in passing Trump’s horrible agenda, among many other things. Three years of “…”-gate conversations and here we are back at the election cycle. Right on schedule.

    Thank you to the producers of this documentary for bringing these facts to coherent light, to Consortium News for publishing it, and to the brave journalists who are leaving corporate media to take their work to more democratic platforms, treat us with respect by pursuing truth in reporting, and calling out this trickery for what it is. I applaud your courage and work to match it with my own.

  7. February 18, 2020 at 13:27

    From what I have read, and heard here, it is increasingly clear that claims by Joe Biden and other entities under the thumb of the US that Shokin had to be fired because of corruption or incompetence, are sheer BS, as ZERO evidence has ever been presented, by Biden or others, to validate these claims. Hence, it is reasonable to conclude that Biden demanded the firing of Shokin – and his replacement with the compliant Lutschenko – to abort the ongoing investigation of Burisma in which Hunter Biden was caught up.

    In other words, Biden extorted Ukraine by threatening to withhold a billion dollars in loan guarantees if Shokin was not fired. The hypocrisy and gross projection of those pushing the Ukrainegate narrative against Trump – claiming that Trump had extorted Ukraine, in the absence of any evidence to this effect – almost beggars belief. And the MSM – aside from FOX – have played along with this scam at every possible opportunity, lying continuously to divert attention from Biden’s crime. They pass along without any skeptical vetting the claim that Shokin was corrupt, and repeatedly lie that Ukraine’s investigation of Burisma had already been dropped at the time that Biden demanded Shokin’s firing.

    If Giuliani’s assertions – and those of the Latvian state – that Hunter’s company was the recipient of laundered funds stolen from the Ukrainian government – amounting to millions of dollars – are confirmable, then we will have strong reason to suspect that Biden insisted on terminating the Burisma investigation to prevent Hunter’s criminality from being revealed. This is exceedingly sick stuff, and the Democratic Party bears a heavy burden of guilt for trying to distract us with Ukrainegate.

    • Realist
      February 19, 2020 at 01:39

      I think what we see in action is a professional courtesy that is routinely given from one administration to the next, irrespective of party allegiance. The events give every appearance that any criminals in the Obama administration had no fear of ever being prosecuted for their illegal acts while in office because they had dutifully ignored the seemingly conspicuous offenses by the Bush administration. Membership in the club of insiders who ultimately run the American government and dictate all of its policies foreign and domestic trumps anything as trivial as party membership. This reliable symbiosis practiced by a charade of quasi-loyal oppositions seems to have broken down, however, in the case of the political outsider, Mr. Trump, who was not intended to win the election, which is usually just a dramatic performance orchestrated to keep all of us plebs hoodwinked, ignorant and unquestioning. But the office of president has real power, if wielded by a competent anointed insider, and our true bosses did not want a reality TV personality like Trump mucking up their plans for world domination.

      Mr. Trump was just supposed to be the token palooka steamrolled by Hillary in the general election after she similarly dispatched Bernie in the primaries. All the meticulous polls statistically analysed to a miniscule margin of error by the country’s most esteemed experts told us this, so she didn’t even bother running a competent campaign (notably blowing off the large population states in the economically depressed rust belt that gave Trump his margin for victory). Some would say she, with her lack of self-discipline and delusional sense of entitlement, was incapable of such an effort even if prodded to try by her handlers. The reality is she was simply hated by too many regions of this country (most of them: CA, NY & IL alone do not an empire make) and, not anticipating an upset, they actually counted the votes!

      All the shrill whining and whinging about Russia, Russia, Russia (which she and her acolytes will still not stop) was, of course, simply a diversionary load of bovine excrement. It should prove interesting, if an actual investigation of the American politicos involved in the many scams perpetrated under the Poroshenko puppet government is ever completed, to find out how many US taxpayer dollars ended up in, for example, the Clinton Foundation and whatever financial instruments the Obama’s may have set up for themselves. But we won’t ever know (at least formally, no matter Guliani’s heretofore unexamined claims) unless some actual functionaries of the US Department of Justice or Congress apply themselves to the question. Mr. Barr, Mr. O’Connell, you have some work to do. Truthseekers want answers.

    • Daniel
      February 19, 2020 at 10:57

      Bingo. We are being lied to here and in many other instances.

  8. robert e williamson jr
    February 17, 2020 at 16:36

    The United States might be better off having Shokin at DOJ than Bill Barr, a lot better off. I know some of Barr’s history and he takes sides and uses pardons to let bad guys go free. No exactly what I’d call justice.

    This has been a riveting series and very demoralizing and likely frightening to” tender naive babes” in the woods.

    Sham is on by the democratic party, so shame on the democratic party.

    The air is so fresh when you do not have ties to either lying low life American major political party. Both parties need to be placed in a large bag with concrete blocks and thrown over the gun wales of the ship of state. We all would benefit immensely.

    Congratulations to all at for achieving something that American media and all it’s billions couldn’t pull off. The American press would lie or avoid telling the truth, even if the truth worked better. This has been some brilliant stuff, and thank you all for the help we “not so exceptional Americans” need. ” Bravo!”

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