‘Trump Was Handed a Corpse, and He Buried It’

Donald Trump’s Palestine policy has been just a culmination of previous presidents’ conflicted attitude towards the Palestinian question, argues Khaled Elgindy.

Khaled Elgindy, author of the recently released book “Blind Spot: America and the Palestinians, From Balfour to Trump” says that recent U.S. presidents have pursued a double game in the Israel-Palestine conflict and that Donald Trump has merely dropped the pretense of supporting a two-state solution.

Elgindy, a fellow at the Brookings Institution, spoke about his book last Thursday at the Washington bookshop Middle East and More. The following video of his talk was made available by WASHINGTON REPORT on Middle East Affairs. 











2 comments for “‘Trump Was Handed a Corpse, and He Buried It’

    December 16, 2019 at 16:33

    Two Rogue States –America and Israel working together against the Palestinians–“And what happens, if no one plays the game ?” –Havel

    • AnneR
      December 17, 2019 at 06:52

      I would only expand on these two being rogue states: both are terrorist states; both exist as a result of the genocidal ethnic cleansing of their lands indigenous populations, which in the case of Israel (Occupied Palestine) continues to this day – because it is funded by the USA and is given the (amoral, unethical, hypocritical) nod and wink by the USA and the rest of the western world to do whatever it wants to the indigenous peoples that remain on their lands (outright theft of their land, demolition of their houses, destruction of their farms, killing via bombs, fires, bullets, torture and imprisonment).

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