Watch Replay of 10th Online Vigil for Julian Assange

Consortium News on Friday night broadcast live the 10th online vigil for WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange. Among the guests was Francis Boyle, a University of Illinois international law professor, who spoke about his experiences with the U.S.-British extradition treaty.  

Other guests were radio host Scott Horton, activists Cathy Vogan and Vivian Kubrick, journalist Nozomi Hayase, priest and boxer Father Dave, radio journalist Ann Garrison, CIA analyst Ray McGovern and journalist and historian Gareth Porter.  If you missed the live broadcast you can watch the entire replay here, which ends with a video of a talk given by Julian Assange:



2 comments for “Watch Replay of 10th Online Vigil for Julian Assange

  1. Ingrid
    December 30, 2018 at 21:55

    TIMES SQUARE needs huge FREE ASSANGE sign(s) tomorrow night. [The presstitutes won’t have one.]

    Mrs. Christine Assange Retweeted Times Square
    Times Square??Verified account? @TimesSquareNYC · Dec 28

    ‘Throughout the years, #TimesSquare has been a place for people to witness breaking news and react to major global and national events. This year, Times Square NYE will be celebrating @pressfreedom, inviting well known journalists on stage at midnight. #celebratepressfreedom”

    Mrs. Christine Assange? @AssangeMrs · 21h21 hours ago

    ATTENTION New York WIKILEAKS supporters!
    ATTENTION New York WIKILEAKS supporters!

    New Years Eve

    Press Freedom Protest!

    Can you go with FREE ASSANGE Signs/Cheers?


    Details below

    Please retweet/share madly

    Many thanks

  2. Elisabeth kirk
    December 29, 2018 at 17:11

    We hope with all our hearts that Julian will be free this year!
    We admire him and know that the world community needs his wisdom more than ever

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