Consortium News Launches Winter Fund Drive

To keep bringing quality independent journalism in the tradition of our founding editor, the late Robert Parry, we depend on our readers’ support. So today Consortium News launches its year-end, Winter Fund Drive. 

Please Donate to Keep Bob Parry’s Legacy Going

Today Consortium News launches its Winter Fund Drive. We depend on you, the reader, to keep this site going, the first independent news on the internet begun in 1995 by the late, legendary journalist Robert Parry.  We are working hard to maintain the same high standards of journalism that Bob set. Our mission is to bring you news and analysis suppressed by the establishment media. We’ve brought on new, accomplished writers, such as Max Blumenthal, Pepe Escobar, Stefania Maurizi, As’ad AbuKhalil, John Kiriakou, Patrick Lawrence and Diana Johnstone.  We’ve begun Consortium News Radio, and added video reports to our site.  And we plan much more.

We’re on a roll.  To keep it going please donate today!


Consortiumnews is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and donations by U.S. taxpayers are fully tax-deductible to the extent of the law. 


1 comment for “Consortium News Launches Winter Fund Drive

  1. Ort
    December 10, 2018 at 21:19

    I’m not sure what kinds of comments are expected on a site’s fundraising pleas, beyond a sycophantic “Good luck!”, but as a donor I will use this space to express hope that CN “plans much more” organizing of both the layout and comments threads.

    It was gratifying that CN discontinued its relentless use of a novel but inappropriate font, after days of justified complaints. But the comments platform still abounds with irksome uncertainty: for one thing, there are no guidelines for what features, if any, are available to users in this simplified platform.

    Even worse, comments still inconsistently disappear and reappear– sometimes there’s a “moderation” delay, sometimes not. And for those of us who take comments relatively seriously, which for some reason site administrators don’t, it’s irksome to have no way of tagging, or returning to, comments.

    For instance, I’m sure I posted a comment to an “Assange vigil” article a day or two ago. Now I can’t even find the article, much less the comments thread! I checked everywhere, including the “archives”. When I tried to access the article through my own browser history, I get “Page Not Found” errors for both the article and the comments.

    Please understand that these cumulative Mickey-Mouse frustrations become off-putting if they persist.

    This isn’t just me sourly blowing off steam. These things matter to intelligent readers and commenters, and improvement is needed; if you can raise the level of your site administration closer to the level of your reporting and analysis, you will attract and keep readership– and that will only increase our financial support.

    Thanks for your attention and consideration.

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