Fixing the American Narrative

We all are familiar with the age-old warnings about what happens if we don’t know the past, or if we base assumptions on foundations made of sand, or if we delude ourselves into thinking that safeguards exist when they have been corrupted or no longer function as intended.

Simply put, we founded more than 15 years ago as a response to such dangers.

Though perhaps little understood at the time, the watchdog role of the U.S. news media had collapsed. Rather than telling the truth about high-level crimes (especially national security ones), major news outlets had, more often than not, become enablers of the abuses.

The once-vaunted Washington press corps found itself acquiescing to cover-ups, especially those crafted by the master media manipulators of the Reagan-Bush administrations. Over time, modern American history became polluted by propaganda and lies. The resulting false narrative was leading the nation off a cliff.

Since 1995, has worked to set the record straight so that a truthful narrative can help Americans and people around the world understand current events. It is our belief that without knowing that past, you can’t understand the why’s and how’s of what’s happening today.

However, we need your help.

We are now in the midst of an important mid-year fund drive and, so far, we have raised only about 20 percent of our modest target of $25,000. So, whether you can afford only a small donation or if you can make a sizeable one, please give what you can.

There are four easy ways to support what we do:

First option: You can make a tax-deductible donation by credit card at the Web site or by check to Consortium for Independent Journalism (CIJ); 2200 Wilson Blvd.; Suite 102-231; Arlington VA 22201. Or you can use PayPal (our account is named after our e-mail address “[email protected]”).

With any donation of $50 or more, you can request as a premium gift a copy of one of two documentaries about the historic 1980 election:

A DVD of the PBS “Frontline” documentary “The Election Held Hostage,” co-written by’s editor Robert Parry. It explores whether Republican skullduggery with Iran was a factor in electing Ronald Reagan.

Or, a DVD of filmmaker William Brandon Shanley’s documentary, “The Made for TV Election,” which examines the role of media manipulation. It is narrated by actor Martin Sheen.

For $100, you can get both. And for $125, we will add the two-DVD set of the closed-door congressional debriefing of Israeli intelligence officer Ari Ben-Menashe, describing his role in these historic events.

Once you make your donation, simply e-mail us your selection at [email protected].

If you’d prefer, a book instead of a DVD, you can ask for an autographed copy of one of Robert Parry’s last three books Lost History, Secrecy & Privilege or Neck Deep as a substitute. Just follow up your donation with an e-mail expressing your choice.

Second: if you’d rather spread out your support in smaller amounts, you can sign up for a monthly donation. With contributions of $10 or more a month, you can qualify for war correspondent Don North’s DVD, “Yesterday’s Enemies” about the lives of former Salvadoran guerrillas. For details, click here.

(If you sign up for a monthly donation and want to get Don’s DVD, remember to contact us at [email protected]. If you prefer, we can substitute “The Election Held Hostage” or “The Made for TV Election.” Just ask.)

Third option: if you can’t afford a donation right now, you can also help us reach our fundraising goal by taking advantage of our deep discount for the two-book set of Robert Parry’s Secrecy & Privilege and Neck Deep (co-authored with Sam and Nat Parry). The sale price for the set is only $19, postage included. For details, click here

Fourth: you can help us close out our warehouse space by buying full boxes of Secrecy & Privilege or Neck Deep for only $59. Each carton contains 28 paperbacks, or you can ask that we give you a mix of half and half, 14 of each.

You can give the books away as gifts or resell them for your own fundraiser. (One reader placed an order for her book club, a great idea since each book costs only about $2.)

For details about this bulk book order, click here and scroll down to the $59 offer.

As always, thanks for your support.

Robert Parry broke many of the Iran-Contra stories in the 1980s for the Associated Press and Newsweek. He founded in 1995 as the Internet’s first investigative magazine. He saw it as a way to combine modern technology and old-fashioned journalism to counter the increasing triviality and timidity of the mainstream U.S. news media.

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  1. July 26, 2011 at 03:19

    Parry and MacGovern:
    Gentlemen: Re Fixing the American Narrative, and the Consortiumnews mission to set the record straight, I wish to advise that the American-Irish aspect of American life has been distorted in so many ways that even the US-Irish academic community hasn’t a clue about the 15 Generals of Irish birth who served in our Revolutionary Army, about the Irish colonels in the Hessian forces on the British side, nor about the 11,700 American prisoners at Wallabout Bay (recently called Brooklyn Navy Yard) who were murdered by starvation by our Christian English “cousins.” The same academics believe in the promises of the “Peace Process” in Northern Ireland but are totally unaware that England’s MI-5 now is headquartered in a huge facility outside Belfast — a not-so-subtle msg stating, “We’re Here to Stay!”
    In the US civil war alone, 220 Irish natives were awarded the Medal of Honor, and 17 separate regiments carried the Green Flag alongside the Stars and Stripes, but our modern American “Know-Nothing” media (not excluding O’Reilly and Hannity — the draft dodgers — are unwittingly in the ranks of the 19th century bigots who burned Catholic convents and churches, as messages that they want “real Americans” in their midst.
    Your mission is noble but ignorance — inside academia and “in the streets” — is formidable enemy. The Oslo idiot isn’t aware that the last two men of the “Fighting Irish” 69th NY Infantry KIA in Iraq, 2004, (on “Route Irish”) were immigrant Muslims — from Burma/Myanmar named Lwei and from Pakistan, named Alizar. (No Murphys or McCarthys there). I attended the Queens NY funeral of Sp4 Alizar but was accompanied on the sidewalk by a single Christian (from Baltimore MD, indeed)– even though there are 700 veterans of the 69th Vet’s Corps worldwide (about 450 in the NY-NJ-CT region. At the other 69th KIA funerals I saw scores of 6th Vets at five other funerals. At the first funeral –(of an NYC fireman/69th sergeant, in the Bronx) — Governor Pataki and Mayor Bloomberg and about 30 men of the 69th Veteran Corps (half of them personally known to me) were present.

    Muslims — including Muhammad-type GI Joes in The Army of One, not welcome in Christian America?


    Charles Laverty, Wayne NJ
    Born in Tyrone, Ireland
    Fordham U, Class of 1965
    Clan na Gael & IRA Vets (NYC)
    US Army Special Forces, Retired
    NY Irish History Roundtable (Pres, 2004-8)
    (NY Journal-American city desk re-write, 1954-7!)

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