Category: Legal

WATCH: CN Live!—A Pardon For Assange

Australian member of Parliament George Christensen talks about his appeal to President Donald Trump and discusses the possibilities of a presidential pardon for the WikiLeaks publisher. Watch the replay.

WATCH: Assange–The Right to a Fair Trial?

POSTPONED: Andy Worthington & Thomas Durkin, witnesses at Julian Assange’s extradition hearing, to discus his right to a fair trial in a CN Live! simulcast of a Don’t Extradite Assange production, which has been postponed.

Did the US Commit War Crimes in Afghanistan?

U.S. forces and the CIA are alleged to have carried out unlawful killings and torture, both in Afghanistan and through the secret “rendition” of terrorist suspects, but the U.S. has taken measures to frustrate any prosecution of its troops.