Revolt in Northern England: No Ceasefire, No Vote

WATCH: Independent candidates and voters and the Workers’ Party of Britain join forces to tell both Labour and Tories to stop the genocide in Gaza or face a revolt at the polls.

George Galloway, center, head of the Worker’s Party of Britain, with campaign manager James Giles. First row: independent candidates for May 2 council elections, at Saturday conference in Blackburn. (Joe Lauria)

By Joe Lauria
in Blackburn, England 
Special to Consortium News

There is a rebellion brewing in England, particularly in the north, where voters are fed up with the similar, repressive policies of both Labour and Conservative Parties, in particular when it comes to Gaza.

This movement is being spearheaded by a surge of independent candidates for local council elections slated for May 2, and by George Galloway’s new Workers’ Party of Britain. Galloway became the first member of the party to be elected to Parliament in February representing Rochdale, outside Manchester. 

Former British diplomat Craig Murray is now standing for Parliament in Blackburn with the Workers’ Party, and Andrew Feinstein, who worked closely with Nelson Mandela in South Africa, is challenging Labour leader Keir Starmer for his seat in Holborn and St. Pancras in London as an independent in the general election to be called later this year. 

The independents and Workers’ Party came together in Blackburn on Saturday to tell both major parties there’s a new movement in the land and it’s gathering force.

Below are Parts One and Two of the conference, followed by individual videos of addresses by George Galloway, Craig Murray and Andrew Feinstein. Speakers list at the end.

Part One:

Part Two: 

George Galloway: 

Craig Murray: 

Andrew Feinstein:

Video: Joe Lauria. Editor: Cathy Vogan

Craig Murray, candidate for Parliament for Blackburn, England speaking at the conference on Saturday in Blackburn. (Joe Lauria)

Speaker’s List


1: Alan Gibbons, Councillor Liverpool Community Independents

2: Michael Lavalette, Councillor Independent PPC for Preston

3: Craig Murray, former diplomat, Workers’ Party candidate for Parliament for Blackburn

4: Suleman Khonat, deputy leader, Blackburn Independents


Speakers in order of their first appearance:

Group of Independent Candidates

1: George Galloway, MP Rochdale, Workers’ Party leader

2: Shockat Adam, Independent MP Candidate for Leicester South.

3: James Giles, Councillor Kingston, London; Galloway campaign manager.

4: Shanaz Saddique, Worker’s Party

5: Councillor Lotte Collett, Independent Socialist Group Leader, Haringey Council

6: Salma Yaqoob, former Chair, Respect Party

7: Andrew Feinstein, candidate for Parliament for Holborn and St Pancras, challenging Labour Party Leader Keir Starmer’s seat.

13 comments for “Revolt in Northern England: No Ceasefire, No Vote

  1. LeoSun
    April 17, 2024 at 11:53

    “Messi or Ronaldo?!?” ….. imo, Messi!!! Nevertheless, “??? ????” aka “We are with them!”

    “THEM,” The Palestinians. “THEM,” the world’s humanitarian aide workers, investigative journalists, brothers & sisters, mothers & fathers, et al., “WE are with them.”

    ……. “We will always, “Stand w/the Occupied against the Occupier.” ‘WE are with them!”

    ……. “No Ceasefire. No Vote.” “??? ????.”

    ……. “Palestinians oughta pick their own Leaders.” “WE are with them!”

    …… “Help Labor Lose.” WE are w/them!” BUT, &, this is the “BUT,”

    “WE BELIEVE, it’s far better, if we all come together as one hand. One hand that can be seen, felt; and, CANNOT be confused.” George Galloway 4.15.24 (above)

    …… w/o a doubt, there really are Angels on Earth aka “Working Angels,” building something bigger, more substantive, more humane, just (morally right), righteous. Imo, “flippin’ the $cript” right side up through statesmanship, diplomacy, straight-up f/lucidity! Clearly inspirational. Clearly, trustworthy, ladies & gentlemen, i.e., George Galloway & Company, herein above. Clearly, grounded, knowing “the key that opens is also the key that locks;” AND, “NO Ceasefire. NO Vote! IS a pretty, big, important thing. In a ceasefire, guns fall silent.” George Galloway

    Everybody is witness, to George Galloway’s spot-on summary, “we have to be on guard. It can happen in Germany. It can happen here.”

    …… “We will try to be wise; AND, everybody, knows, there will be NO ceasefire. They got their bottle & they’re doubling down.” George Galloway, MP, Rochdale.

    Concluding, there’s absolutely NO doubt, from sea to shining sea, everyone oughta “Crank Up the Volume.” NO doubt,“Revolt in Northern England: No Ceasefire, No Vote,” by Joe Lauria, CN is beyond inspirational! It’s an education. A “MUST” be listened to (heard), loud & clear. TY.

    “Ladies & Gentlemen,” above & below, “Keep It Lit!!!” TY, Joe Lauria, CN. Ciao

  2. April 17, 2024 at 01:48

    Given that UK elections use the undemocratic ‘first-past-the-post’ system, rather than preferential voting as we have in Australia, the Independents and Workers Party candidates should stand in different electorates. I trust they understand that if both a Workers Party candidate and an Independent stand in the same electorate and, between them, win a combined majority against the Conservative and/or Labor Party candidates, they could still lose.

  3. Em
    April 16, 2024 at 10:13

    Contributing a factor:

    Reaction to a WSJ Wall Street Journal story: Israel’s War Leaders Don’t Trust One Another, 04/16/24

    Here’s the Raw on War:
    The State of Israel, ever since its founding, on ancient Palestinian soil, is the longtime protagonist in poisoning this earthly firmament.
    From the founders, to the current seedy (disreputable) generals; they are the instigating perpetrators of ‘politics by other means’, turning Palestine into their exclusive free-fire zone of war, in the process of proclaiming their separatist rights to a sovereign Apartheid state, where ‘others’ had more peaceably coexisted, and thrived, for millennia, from the river, and beyond, to the sea!
    The erstwhile foxes are today the chickens come home to roost, contemporaneously they are the ghosts created by and through their ancestors incessant, mythological nightmare.
    They “should have known better”, and the ‘sound of mind’ among them, certainly did!
    The faces of the actors playing the parts may have changed, since the First Zionist Congress of 1897, but the script being played out in front of the cameras of broader, diverse medias is that of a white Austro-Hungarian, secular (oxymoron) Jewish, journalist, lawyer, writer, playwright and political activist (colonialist) – of a well-to-do family (entitled elitist), going by the name of Theodor Herzl, the playwright; creator of the Zionist Organization, which has culminated in the current genocide we are witnessing, putting it mildly, and whose proclaimed intent is the saving of the ‘Chosen People’.
    This prodigy of humanity, Theodor Herzl, was, all in all, a bigot, although most definitely, he was not the ‘originator’ of humanity’s tendencies to bigotry.
    This most erudite individual of his times, was surely aware of the works and ideas of the Prussian general and military theorist, Carl von Clausewitz; on the relationship between politics and war!

    • CaseyG
      April 16, 2024 at 22:30

      Hi Em:
      There was another ancient man living in the middle east area. I recently read about that one. His name was Hillel, and the message was “Do unto others — everything else is commentary. ” That made the most sense to me of just about anything. .

  4. April 16, 2024 at 08:49

    There is definitely something stirring & it’s way past due. English voters are fed up being served tar & stones for nourishment; then being told it’s good for them, “IT WILL MAKE YOU STRONG”. A pack of glazed dung: may the powers who run the show start feeling faint soon.

  5. Vera Gottlieb
    April 16, 2024 at 05:11

    RACISM…is what it is mostly about…RACISM. The whites believing they are ‘exceptional’ with rights to step on any other race. Exceptionable is more like it…

  6. YesXorNo
    April 16, 2024 at 03:31

    Yet more excellent reporting by Consortium News.

    These political responses to the morally dead center (neo-whatever) are, I believe, an important moment. CN’s identification of this and coverage of it is most welcome.

  7. Paula
    April 16, 2024 at 01:12

    Wow, thanks sooo much for filming all of this. It was like manna from heaven, like rain in a dry desert to hear these people plan and talk and unite together to take their country back from their own corrupt military industrial complex. Thanks for bringing this to American soil as I see no such thing happening in the USA and we need it as badly as Britain, as badly as the entire world needs it, even if they don’t know it. I was also very impressed by the questions and knowledge in the audience and so heartening to know that there are people, not where I live, who are involved and concerned. I am going to look up if Andrew Feinstein has written any books about his research on the corruption of arms sales and also see if anyone will interview him on their talk shows. That’s knowledge that needs dissemination widely.

      April 16, 2024 at 09:58

      Twelve years ago Feinstein wrote The Shadow World, the first of two books on the arms trade, reviewed below in The Washington Post. He also made the documentary film also called The Shadow World, which can be seen in it’s entirety here: hxxps://


  8. WillD
    April 15, 2024 at 23:34

    Let’s hope this spreads around the counntry – and that they add more things to the list of nasty things that they want the UK government to stop doing.

    And I hope Feinstein defeats Starmer at the election.

    • Valerie
      April 16, 2024 at 12:57

      Me too Will. Mr. Feinstein is the sort of person we need governing the country. Not these fake, insincere sycophants who kowtow to wealth and influence. Mr. Galloway has shown it can be done.

  9. mary-lou
    April 15, 2024 at 16:37

    brilliant!! let’s see if this will have an effect, even after Brexit, on the upcoming European elections: we really need everyone’s effort to make clear we don’t like the EU!

  10. Andrew Nichols
    April 15, 2024 at 16:11

    Sadly it wont get any coverage in empire friendly media so noone apart from the committed will know anything about it. Thats how it works.

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