WATCH: Galloway to Win By-Election With Gaza on the Ballot

CN Live! spoke to George Galloway’s campaign manager who said Galloway had won the Rochdale by-election by a “comfortable” margin.

Read this backgrounder on the important election in Rochdale, near Manchester, on Thursday. Galloway is expected at the counting center in town to declare victory Friday morning. Consortium News is in Rochdale and will bring you the latest. Ali was forced off the Labour ticket after he said Israel knew in advance about the Oct. 7 attack. Though he’s now running as an independent, his name still appeared on the ballot under Labour.

Galloway and Ali in Rochdale on Thursday, election day. (Cathy Vogan for CN)

George Galloway with his wife Gayatri arrive at a voting station in Rochdale on Thursday. (Cathy Vogan for CN)