Arab Americans Can Help Defeat Both Biden & Trump

Aaron Bushnell burned himself alive for a free Palestine, writes Sam Husseini. Voters should do the work of pairing up from across the political spectrum to halt the genocidal duopoly.

Vigil on Monday organized by Code Pink at the Israeli embassy in Washington, D.C., site of U. S. Airman Aaron Bushnell’s self sacrifice for peace the day before. (Elvert Barnes, Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0)

By Sam Husseini

Many in the Democratic establishment and its many tentacles hope that the “uncommitted” vote in the Michigan Democratic primary yesterday was a good way to let people blow off steam. 

As often clownish Michael Moore on CNN stressed, he wants people to vote uncommitted “in the primary only.” 

The corrupt DNC wants it to be a symbolic gesture they can pretend signifies a functioning democratic process — so now everybody, get behind President Joe Biden! 

If you think that voting uncommitted is sufficient to stop Biden as he commits genocide, then you should be committed

Doing just this to get Biden to stop the genocide while looking to vote for him in the general election is akin to Biden pretending to be upset and allegedly urging Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to show restraint as he hands him the bombs and vetoes U.N. resolutions.

Arab Americans have hopefully learned that simply being a voting bloc for Democrats boxes you in. And that box is a Palestinian coffin. Or thousands of them.

And no one who has been paying attention thinks that former President Donald Trump can seriously be viewed as any sort of salvation. His recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital (the Oct. 7 operation was called Al Aqsa Flood) and making dirty deals with despotic rulers over Arabs for Israel’s benefit set much of the stage for the carnage of the last five months. 

Netanyahu and Trump on Sept. 15, 2020, the day for signing the Arab-Israeli normalization trade deals.  (White House, Andrea Hanks)

Rather than hem and haw over which of these horrors — two war criminals, Biden or Trump — may somehow be portrayed as tolerable to stop the other, Arab Americans — and indeed all Americans — should strive for paths out of this. 

Aaron Bushnell burned himself alive screaming for a free Palestine. 

Can others at least try to think through how to stop the machinery of the Democratic-Republican establishment that is hell-bent on slaughtering Palestinians? 

Some may hope that if Arab Americans stick to their guns that they will be vilified as troublemakers by other groups in the so-called Democratic Party base, further marginalizing them. 

The actual base of the Democratic establishment consists of funders, such as AIPAC bigwig Haim Saban, who just threw a big bash for Biden, the largest all time recipient of Israel lobby cash. 

I don’t think Arab Americans should be saying they won’t vote for Biden. They and others should be imploring all: Why would ANYONE vote for someone who is overseeing genocide?!

Sam Husseini is an independent journalist based near D.C. He is on Twitter: @samhusseini

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10 comments for “Arab Americans Can Help Defeat Both Biden & Trump

  1. LeoSun
    March 1, 2024 at 20:46

    IMO, Sam Husseini is 100% on target!!! I.E., [WHY] would ANYONE vote for someone who is overseeing genocide?!”

    IMO, Sam Husseini is, basically, calling the “uncommitted” vote, NOT the “BIG f/Deal” that will impact the universal ask, “STOP Killing Palestinians!” [Regardless], of 100K Michiganders checking the box, “Uncommitted,” for now.

    The fear is the reality, “Come November,” it’s $how Time; &, “Servitude,” will show up! Fingers crossed, the “Uncommitted” realize way before November 2024 that “the Democrats’ platform is NOT a platform of, by, or for Social Reform; but, in fact, a graveyard!!!”

    The primaries’ voting is over, until $uper f/Tuesday!!! Between now & then can someone unpack the primary “WINS?”

    ….for example, the powers that be, 1) “Show “US” the Ballots! 2) Unpack the “Voting Process,” 3) Explain, NO Lines! 4) Explain Biden’s-Harris’ “wins” in NH (Biden-Harris were NOT on the Ballot. It’s a “Write-In” Campaign), B-H win NH, SC, GA, WI, MI, NV; 5) POTUS, Biden-Harris, “WINS” & are a “No Show, No Acceptance” speech’s, not even a “Thanks for Showing Up!” …was expressed, for any of their “wins;” 6) Paper Ballots or E-Votes (Electronic-Vote)?

    ….. Press 1 for Biden-Harris; Press 2 for Trump-TBD; Press 3 for “Uncommitted;” Press 4 to “Write-In” choice.

    NO One deems a “Re-Count” necessary. It’s f.u.b.a.r.; AND, imo, the future is “Bombs, dropped; NOT Food.” It’s the evildoers’ war + social murder aka $anctions. And, it all leads to more death. Plant, animal & human suffering under inhumane War Chiefs. It’s a universal, economic, disaster w/loads of complicity.

    What kinda history is “Smokin’ Uncle Joe” w/Aviators, the political corpse posing as POTUS masquerading as human, making?!?

    Imo, the Nation’s “primary’s” ballot oughta have the following, Check, One:

    …..1) Committed to Removal of Him/HER/Them aka The War Machine off the hill, outta the WH.
    …..2) “Uncommitted,” @ this time; but, Come November, it’s “Four (4) More Years” of the dementia addled, truth challenged, POTUS, Biden-Harris;
    …..3) Uncommitted to Servitude. Committed to People over Profit, i.e., “The object is not to win wars: the object is forever wars, to keep the funds flowing.” Julian Assange. Confirming, “El Capitalismo es el Viruz;”
    …..4) Mandate the “elected” President, if, Julian assange is not living free of the powers that be, FREE, Julian Assange, on Day One, Hour One!!!

    AND, “it brings us back to,” “Why would ANYONE vote for someone who is overseeing genocide?!” Sam Husseini

    TY, Mr. Husseini, CN, et al. Onward & upwards w/“cancelling” Biden-Harris, 2024. “Keep It Lit.”

  2. Paula
    February 29, 2024 at 19:00

    Not in Michigan but I voted uncommitted in the primary because there was no one I would like to see as president yet on the ballot. I will write my choice in. I’m a sick of murderers and thieves. And for god’s sake Joe belongs in assisted living, not the White House.

  3. Don
    February 29, 2024 at 12:31

    Voting “uncommitted” was not a wasted vote. Voting for anyone, whether they can win or not, other than Genocide Joe or Orange Man will not be wasting your vote either, whereas voting for Biden or Trump would be worse than wasting it.

  4. Janet Senour
    February 29, 2024 at 11:15

    I’m thinking of writing in Kennedy, even if he doesn’t get on our state ballot. I cannot vote for Biden or Trump, so the option would be Jill Stein or Kennedy, or just throw the ballot away, which I just did with the preliminary ballot.

    • March 1, 2024 at 18:38

      Kennedy is a rabid Zionist, worse even than Biden or Trump if you can imagine that.

  5. Em
    February 29, 2024 at 09:04

    For systemic repair to even be possible in November, the electorate must definitely NOT vote “uncommitted” and MOST definitely not for anyone of the ’Duopoly’ party.
    There will be other fine humane beings who, acting in unity are electable even if they don’t make it to the actual ballot.
    The risk from re-electing the ‘Duopoly’ is far, far greater than voting for a third party, even if the names have to written in!!!
    All that has to be done is that we, the people, have to find a way to come together on our selection of the candidates.
    True, this process has never succeeded before, but, as the saying goes; if one does not try, there is definitely NO CHANCE of winning, for ourselves!!!

    • Em
      February 29, 2024 at 09:21

      The question is: How is this to be accomplished when, even acting together we have no power, where it really counts???
      The outcome of not resolving this conundrum positively will lead to catastrophic internal implosion.

  6. susan
    February 29, 2024 at 07:11

    Defeating those two clowns would be wonderful! Go Michigan! Biden is an accomplice to mass murder and Trump – well “stupid is as stupid does”…

  7. Paul Citro
    February 29, 2024 at 06:34

    Jill Stein condemns the genocide in Gaza. She will be on the Presidential ballot in most states and is an excellent alternative choice. Go to

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