WATCH: CN Live! — ‘Complicity With Israel’

The supply of military aid and intelligence to Israel continues despite the World Court’s ruling on a plausible case of genocide by Israel of the Palestinian people. Today 5pm EST.

It’s hard to imagine a decision that is more impactful on a nation than a decision to go to war, or to arm and support the destruction of another country or its people in an act of genocide.

And yet in Western nations, sometimes under the cover of so-called national security, such decisions are taken and executed in secrecy and with impunity, regardless of the cost to human life, both foreign and domestic, and damage to the environment.

We have three guests, from the U.K. and Australia, who have been tracking the ongoing supply of military aid and intelligence to Israel, which continues despite the International Court of Justice decision on intermediary measures to prevent what it considers a plausible case of genocide by Israel of the Palestinian people.

Australian Greens Senator David Shoebridge is investigating what weapons Australia is exporting and where they end up; Peter Cronau, an investigative journalist from Declassified Australia is looking into satellite-generated signals intelligence shared by Australia with Israel to target Gaza; and Matt Kennard from Declassified UK has been reporting on similar aid from Britain, gleaned from spy planes flying out of Cyprus.

Meanwhile, the most significant military aid is being supplied to Israel by the United States, sometimes bypassing Congressional approval, which in most cases is necessary, unlike in Australia where no parliamentary authorization for arms shipments is required.

Hosts: Elizabeth Vos and Joe Lauria. Producer: Cathy Vogan. 5pm EST, 10pm GMT, 9am Wednesday AEDT.

5 comments for “WATCH: CN Live! — ‘Complicity With Israel’

  1. LeoSun
    February 7, 2024 at 18:02

    Crank Up the Volume! It’s “CN Live!” From Australia, the UK, The Hague, & Arkansas, imo, “the Angels on Earth,” unpack’n the West’s War Machine & its Board of Executioners’ dirty, bloody, $ecrets. The take-away, “No one is safe.” Seriously, I’m not sure what’s scarier, Pine Gap or the safety of Investigative Journalists, Senators, British Diplomats?!?

    Hence, the advice, “keep your head on a swivel;” AND, “Never Say Die.” Imo, @ ‘Complicity With Israel’, Senator Shoebridge (David), Matt, & Peter are amazingly foresighted & fearless. Imo, it’s b/c they’re so f/tuned into the “ROT/DECAY” of the “broken $ystem;” AND, their moral compass is 100% on f/point!..i.e., “Disassembling the System!!!”

    Beginning w/“Ownership,” “Take steps to prevent genocide. Take responsibility to protect People. Upholding Geneva Conventions, by taking action!!!” Educate the “masses.” Deep six, “Keep America Dumb.” “Use this moment to change things.” Senator Shoebridge. “It can be transformative!” Peter Cronau “Push Harder!!!” Matt Kennard.

    ………“WHY Biden’s Team is so effective @ getting weapons to I$rael: The House voted in favor of new military assistance to Israel but cut out the Ukraine aid component, so the Senate will likely not pass it. In the meantime, 1) the Biden administration has been efficient and quiet about transfers, 2) Using creative tools to jump-start deliveries to Israel that INCLUDE direct commercial sales from arms-makers (meaning the US isn’t financing the purchases; but, 3) Does ALLOW American weapons manufacturers to sell to Israel),” 4) The BONUS, “Governmental financing vehicles that don’t require congressional approval; and, 5) Hurrying up orders that were placed before October, 2023.”

    ……. “Stockpiles meant for US use are also being diverted to Israel. As a senior Pentagon official put it, “expediting security assistance” to Israel has been task number one.” NOVEMBER 18, 2023 hxxps://

    Concluding, “democracy has got to be more than 2 wolves & a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb, contesting the vote.”

    TY, Gentlemen, CN, et al. “Keep It Lit!” Ciao

  2. Precedential
    February 6, 2024 at 05:33

    “It’s hard to imagine a decision that is more impactful on a nation than a decision to go to war”

    when it thinks it is going to peace.

  3. Jack Flanjgan
    February 5, 2024 at 20:28

    As an Australian I am overwhelmed and shamed by the level of deceit and the hypocrisy of successive governments, with reference to Israel and other matters by both of the nation’s major parties. I can only conclude that we, as a nation, are dumbed down and lobotomized. We, long ago, surrendered such limited sovereignty conferred upon the “nation(?)” by the UK to the US,


  4. Jack Lomax
    February 5, 2024 at 17:42

    The same people who rule Israel, that is the Zionists, also rule America. Why would this international band of psychopaths ruling the most powerful country in the world feel itself bound by international law or international norms? Their rule in Israel is acknowledge but the US is supposed to be ruled at its head by a president. It has always been the case since the assassination of the Kennedys and the political ‘assassination’ of Nixon and Carter that Zionist underground rule is unacknowledged but now they have come in out of the cold and America now has a president who publicly acknowledges that he is a Zionist. But the propaganda machine aka the media gently waft that away and the international Zionist war machine continues on its murderous way claiming to be democracy at work.

  5. Daniel George Good
    February 5, 2024 at 16:25

    There is only one expalnation for US policy in Middle East. Israel is considered a strategic asset for the US. The US uses the Zionist fanatics, who depend 100% on the USA for their very existance, to remain “loyal allies” of the US. If this means genocide, too bad. What is important is to maintain that base. If ever the USA has to land an army in the Middle East, it has an unsinkable island ready. As for the Zionist slaughter, well that’s not America’s concern.

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