Caitlin Johnstone: The War on Disobedience

U.S. foreign policy amounts to bombing, regime changing, starving and destabilizing any population anywhere on Earth who dares to insist on its own sovereignty.

Alone in the Ashes by DrMo96. (Deviant Art, CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

By Caitlin Johnstone

Listen to Tim Foley reading this article. 

So it turns out the IDF has been running a Telegram channel featuring homemade snuff films in which Gazans are brutally murdered by Israeli forces, captioned with celebrations of the gore and pain therein like “Burning their mother… You won’t believe the video we got! You can hear their bones crunch.” 

The IDF had previously denied any association with the channel, but Haaretz now reports that it was directly run by an IDF psychological warfare unit.

This is one of those many, many times where Israel is so awful that at first you’re not sure what you’re looking at. You think you must be misreading the report. Then you read it again and go “Oh wow, that’s SO much worse than I would have guessed.” 

However bad you think Israel is, you can always be sure that information will come out later that proves it’s even worse.

Tucker Carlson in Moscow 

Tucker Carlson has been spotted in Moscow, generating speculation that he’s there to interview President Vladimir Putin, and the liberal commentariat are losing their minds about it. 

There’s no valid basis for Westerners to object to Putin being interviewed by a Western pundit. There’s no moral basis because Israeli officials have had unfettered access to a wildly sympathetic Western press throughout four months of administering an active genocide. 

There’s no basis on the grounds that it hurts U.S. information interests, because that would be admitting that U.S. information interests depend on hiding information from the public about matters as basic as what a foreign leader thinks about his own actions, and essentially acknowledging that the Western media are supposed to function as propaganda services for U.S. military and intelligence agencies. 

Every possible objection is also a confession about what the U.S. empire and its media actually are.

US Healthcare No, Bombing Yes

Americans: healthcare please

US government: Sorry did you say bomb Syria, Iraq and Yemen in facilitation of an active genocide?

Americans: no, healthcare

U.S. government: Alright you drive a hard bargain but let’s go bomb Syria, Iraq and Yemen in facilitation of an active genocide.

Domination, Not Conflict 

Biden isn’t technically lying when he says the U.S. does not seek conflict in the Middle East. The U.S. seeks DOMINATION in the Middle East, and would prefer to receive that domination willingly from submissive subjects. Only when middle easterners refuse to submit is there conflict.

The U.S. has never done anything good for the Middle East. All it’s brought to the region is a bunch of murderous military operations and the nonstop murderous military operation that is the state of Israel.

Setting up a bunch of military bases in countries on the other side of the planet and then going to war with anyone who tries to kick them out is pretty much the exact opposite of how a sane and ethical military would be used.

The Same War, Everywhere 

U.S. foreign policy is essentially one big long war against disobedience. Bombing, regime changing, starving and destabilizing any population anywhere on earth who dares to insist on its own self-sovereignty instead of letting itself be absorbed into the folds of the global empire. 

They call different parts of it the Israel-Hamas War, the Iraq War, the War on Terror, but really it’s all the same war: the war on disobedience. One long operation to brutalize the global population into obedience and submission, year after year, decade after decade.

When it comes to Israel the main difference between liberals and conservatives is that conservatives support Israel because they like it when Muslims get murdered while liberals support Israel because mumble mumble something something anti-Semitism Israel has a right to defend itself but we have serious concerns about the humanitarian HEY LOOK OVER THERE IT’S TRUMP!

The Internet Exposed the Genocide 

If the Gaza genocide had happened pre-internet it would’ve been a fringe issue hardly anyone knew about. The Western press would have been able to get away with exponentially more cover-ups of Israeli crimes, Western politicians would’ve been able to get away with way more lies about what’s really happening, Israeli officials would have been far less careful about their statements of genocidal intent in their own media, and the IDF would’ve been vastly more blatant and obvious about its extermination campaign.

It’s only because normal people are getting eyes into what’s really happening that this issue is subject to worldwide outcry and condemnation that has placed the empire on the back foot.

The political/media class never does the right thing because it wants to, it does the right thing when it is forced to by normal human beings with healthy consciences. The fate of humanity rests on the ability of ordinary people to freely circulate truth.

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18 comments for “Caitlin Johnstone: The War on Disobedience

  1. February 7, 2024 at 02:32

    “… conservatives support Israel because they like it when Muslims get murdered …”

    And let us not forget that conservatives who are fundamentalist Christians, and particularly who are Zionist Christians, are thrilled at the return of the Jews, the alleged “chosen people of God”, to their ancient homeland in Palestine. They believe that this return is part of the fulfillment of Bible prophecy regarding the so-called “End Times”, and starts the clock ticking to the return of Jesus Christ and the so-called “Rapture”, which they eagerly await. Standing with Israel is standing with God, and not supporting Israel is standing in the way of God’s plan.

    See the article at


    They already believe in a cruel God, i.e. a God who condemns those who, for whatever reason, do not come to “accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior” in this present lifetime, to an eternity in hell. Thus it is not really surprising that they might have no trouble with the sufferings of the Palestinians who are displaced, whom they regard as mere pawns in God’s plan (along with even Jews who do not come to “accept Jesus Christ” in this lifetime and are thus going to hell).

    As Thomas Paine has said, belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man.

    hxxps:// (just a little over halfway down)


  2. doris
    February 6, 2024 at 14:04

    Thank you, Caitlin, for your constant pursuit of the dirty truth that runs this planet. Your words of inspiration in fighting the good fight in spite of the overwhelming odds are truly amazing.

  3. Caliman
    February 6, 2024 at 12:51

    I actually disagree a bit with Caitlin a bit here.

    “Biden isn’t technically lying when he says the U.S. does not seek conflict in the Middle East. The U.S. seeks DOMINATION in the Middle East, and would prefer to receive that domination willingly from submissive subjects. Only when middle easterners refuse to submit is there conflict.”

    I don’t think the US masters are after domination per se … they are only, always, and forever after making as much $$$$ as possible, the business of America being business. And war, whether actual hot war or much better the preparation for war, is the very best way to convert taxpayer $$$ into 0.1% shareholder earnings, not to mention jobs/wealth/power for MICIMATT.

    An illustration: Russia in the 90’s was as friendly a place to the “west” as possible. But friendliness and economic domination only get you so far … we needed the great enemy to justify the gangbuster “defense” dollars and jobs we were used to. So Russia (and later China) needed to be needled and made insecure and paranoid to the point where they would predictably react and create the great enemy. And voila, 20 years later, Russia is back as the big bad bear, perfect for Central Casting.

    So, no, they do not want domination … it’s too quiet and cheap … they want chaos and war.

    • J Anthony
      February 7, 2024 at 06:14

      That’s how they dominate, though, isn’t it- by instigating chaos and war in order to extract as much profit out of any given situation. How else would they be able to get away with such depths of exploitation otherwise? Divide-and-conquer seems to still be in the playbook as the primary tactic for global hegemony. Though it may not seem to be quite as effective these days, what with the mask of purveyor-of-freedom-and-democracy-and-humanitarianism having dropped in recent months. Just seems the thirst for domination is still very much alive among the upper-echelons of “hard power.”

    • michael888
      February 7, 2024 at 08:21

      You are correct. However this US paradigm has a name: “American Democracy!”

  4. robert e williamson jr
    February 6, 2024 at 12:02

    Thanks Caitlin, again, you have said “it” as only you can.

    With respect to your “Same War Everywhere” and disobedience, this is classic authoritarian speak by rulers not those who wish to govern. Liberals and conservatives section that last paragraph, what you have to say here is a very apt description of the Pro Israel propaganda doled out by the servile MSM.

    Thank you Caitlin

  5. William Johnson
    February 6, 2024 at 11:26

    Thanks again Caitlin. The truth has almost disappeared online and were it not for you, this site, The Greyzone, Popular Resistance and others, we would be sunk by state-run media.
    The FCC is considering regulating the internet too and what happens if that happens? I think we’ll find out soon enough.

  6. February 6, 2024 at 11:17

    “If the Gaza genocide had happened pre-internet it would’ve been a fringe issue hardly anyone knew about.”
    I don’t know about that. Before the internet, MSM had a real press corps that reported real news. Today, that press corps no longer exist and all MSM has is a bunch of mindless, robots that simply record and report what they are told.

    • robert e williamson jr
      February 6, 2024 at 17:11

      For Real. No, for real. you hit this on the head.

      I believe early on the 24 hour news cycle started by satellite TV communications gave us a slight reprieve but CIA had long wrangled new agencies through coercion and bribery. The internet seems to have made things worse in some respects. One glaring issue is the ability to pass on misinformation and remain anonymous, can you say, “CIA interventions”?

      You are right however instantaneous communications is the key and the hay day of this occurred with Ted Turners jump to satellite (Cable) TV.

      Great Call. However I do believe what is or may be true here on the U.S. is most definitely not the case in numerous other countries. The U.S. reputation started taking a severe beating once the U.S. blew the response to 911. But then that is my opinion and maybe only mine.

  7. Charles E. Carroll
    February 6, 2024 at 11:17

    Thanks Caitlin. My views exactly. What will it take to unhinge the politicians running this country into the sewer?
    Free Palestine!

    • Kurt
      February 6, 2024 at 22:45

      It will take the global working class educating themselves to their power to abolish the capitalist system of extreme exploitation, imperialism and war for a socialist system of human need. It will come from nowhere else, not from the pipe dream of “electing” our way out of the status quo, not from some 3rd Party looking for a more altruistic capitalism in their reformitory dreams, not from the beggars and pleaders to deaf governments whose hearing aids are tuned to the ruling classes frequency only, and not from the post modernist reactionary authors writing for alternative media offering no way forward.
      It must start in the workplace with rank and file committees who have the power to shut off the spigot for the ruling class. The global working class has no other choice other than to look objectively at itself and see that we are being tobagganed blindfolded into the abyss. There is a way forward!

  8. February 6, 2024 at 10:16

    Abortion: NO
    War: YES

    We will need plenty of cannon fodder in the future.

    • nwwoods
      February 6, 2024 at 14:03

      Abortion: NO
      Biden: YAY
      War: YES
      Biden: YAY

  9. susan
    February 6, 2024 at 08:02

    Thank you Caitlin for your continued reasoned and rational perspective! This world has been going to hell in a handbasket for generations because the USA is a bully, pure and simple. The madness needs to STOP NOW!!

  10. Francis Lee
    February 6, 2024 at 05:15

    As things stand the West is the plaything of the neo-cons who effectively rule the ro0st both in the US itself, and also its vassals in Europe. This rather reminds me of Thucydides and the Peloponnesian War. Focus on Sparta and Athens and the policy of Pericles.

    The Sicilian Expedition was an Athenian military expedition to Sicily, which took place from 415–413 BC during the Peloponnesian War between Athens on one side and Sparta, Syracuse and Corinth on the other. The expedition ended in a devastating defeat for the Athenian forces, severely impacting Athens.

    ”Then if it is right for you to support the imperial dignity of Athens … then do not imagine that what we are fighting for is simply the question of freedom or slavery: there is also the loss of our empire and the dangers arising from the hatred which we have incurred and the dangers arising in administering it. Nor is it any longer possible for you to give up this empire, though there may some people who in the mood of sudden panic and in a spirit of political apathy actually think that this would be a fine and noble thing to do … but it may have been wrong to take it: it is certainly wrong to let it go; it is certainly dangerous to let it go. And the kind of people who talk of doing so and persuade others to adopt their point of view would very soon bring a state to ruin, and would still so even if they lived by themselves in isolation … But you should not be led astray by citizens such as these … No doubt all of this will be disparaged by the people who are politically apathetic.”

  11. Ron B
    February 6, 2024 at 03:20

    So true ! Thanks Caitlin!
    Please keep on telling it like it is.

    I wonder if Israel’s could perpetrate the genocide at even a fraction of the intensity, without the supply of US made bombs, basically given to them.
    The US is deeply complicit in the genocidal atrocities, IMHO.

    • Steve
      February 6, 2024 at 13:39

      IMO, the USA is more than complicit. The billions given to Israel every year with no strings attached, the arms and military support provided. Sure the British were responsible for apartheid Israels conception but it’s the USA that has kept the evil alive. Apparently, we are supposed to believe that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. If that is true then it follows that the western idea of democracy is evil incarnate.

  12. firstpersoninfinite
    February 6, 2024 at 00:07

    “The IDF had previously denied any association with the channel, but Haaretz now reports that it was directly run by an IDF psychological warfare unit.”

    When peopled by psychopaths, what, then, is a “psychological warfare unit?” Obviously, in such a situation, the patients have already fled their rooms, and the doctors are, therefore, the patients. It would be difficult for Hannah Arendt to argue now, as she did in “Eichmann in Jerusalem” that the banality of evil is but a systematic leveling of intent. It actually requires huge funds of money, the largesse of empires, just to keep going the banality of its ever-present venality. It’s like the Confederacy during the US Civil War showing depictions of worse atrocities than those already committed during the so-called “peaceful” decades before the fight against slavery began. If you want to pursue “psychological warfare,” then start with your own consciences, and stop ignoring the basic needs of humanity before they completely disappear from your entire world view. Wait, come to thing of it…they already have. And I can say without fear that your trial will be a lot less civilized than Eichmann’s.

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