WATCH: UN Council Debates ICJ Israel Ruling on Genocide

The U.N. Security Council on Wednesday debated last Friday’s World Court ruling that Israel must stand trial for genocide after finding plausible evidence against it.  

No decision was taken by the Security Council, which could enforce the World Court’s ruling — that Israel must prevent its soldiers from committing acts of genocide — through economic sanctions, and even theoretically authorizing U.N. military action against Israel. But such moves would undoubtedly be vetoed by the United States, which maintains that Israel is not committing genocide but merely defending itself.

“The ICJ has offered a resounding rebuke to those who claimed that the case of genocide against Israel was ‘meritless’ and ‘baseless,'” said Riyad Mansour, ambassador for the Observer State of Palestine, in a clear reference to the United States, whose officials used those very words. 

Video begins at 18:40. Total length: 2:58:05.

Riyad Mansour, U.N. ambassador from the Observer State of Palestine, speaking to the Security Council on Wednesday. (U.N. TV Screenshot)

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  1. hetro
    February 1, 2024 at 10:00

    The mood in Jerusalem contemplating the future of Gaza at a conference last Sunday following the ICJ ruling:

    “We will initiate conflict to prevent further uncertainty and aimlessness,” [Ben Gvir] said. It is essential to reclaim and assert control over the territory in the south. We must also devise a solution for the populace that is moral, rationally coherent and advantageous,” he added.

    “He ended by saying that “encouraging emigration from Gaza is a necessity”.

    “Israel’s communications minister, Shlomo Karai, reiterated Ben Gvir’s comments saying that Israelis have an “obligation to act for our own sake…even if this war turns voluntary migration into a situation where it is forced, we must settle Gaza with security forces and settlers.”


    A board game inviting Israelis to settle and live in Gaza also has a celebratory mood:


  2. February 1, 2024 at 07:14

    I just listened to the US testimony and am absolutely filled with rage!

    The US essentially denied the ICJ Order, and claimed it implemented the framework previously designed by the US!

    The US undermined and misleadingly portrayed the ICJ Order by noting that it did NOT impose a cease fire or find that Israel committed genocide, while failing to note that such conclusions would be premature at this stage of the proceeding and that the ICJ found South Africa’s genocide claims “plausible” and that implementation of the provisional measures require a cease fire.

    The US stressed the need for and touted US support for humanitarian aid, after they just imposed a “pause” on funding for such aid and have failed to mandate that US aid to Israel require that Israel stop frustrating the delivery of such aid.

    The US called for Hamas to surrender all the hostages in exchange for a temporary cease fire – a totally unreasonable and unrealistic demand (I understand it was already rejected by Netanyahu).

    It was an arrogant and deranged statement. Sickening.

    • Selina Sweet
      February 1, 2024 at 16:14

      Thank you Bill Wolfe for this information…I share your disgust and rage at the disingenuous, pompous, war lord-like, and corporate-like “sell” of the USA’S denial. Utter nonsense. Contradictory. Were its position free of despicable consequences, the USA’s response would be terribly embarrassing. Somehow we have the capacity to shoot people to the moon but when responding to “relationship” matters, what we grandly display today is our emotional ignorance, coarseness, intellectual obtuseness and our determination to never ever be responsible for the horror we dish out (all over the world). Acting as determinedly blind to truth as we are to simple decency. Dreadful. Oh, for a George Mitchell, Jr, Esq. on the scene!

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