Thank You Readers and Viewers

Because of your generosity during our Winter Fund Drive, which ends at noon on Monday, we will be assured of coverage of Gaza, Ukraine, Assange and more throughout 2024. 

We’ve got big things planned for 2024 and of course we can’t do it without your support.   

Consortium News will be in London next month for imprisoned publisher Julian Assange’s crucial hearing at the High Court, which could determine, nearly five arduous years following his arrest, whether he’s sent to Alexandria, Virginia to stand trial for publishing critically accurate information about U.S. activities around the world.   

As the war in Ukraine grinds on, CN will continue bringing you its special brand of analysis and commentary.  And our main focus will remain coverage of the historic massacre we’re witnessing with extreme anguish in Gaza. (And there’s a volatile U.S. presidential election to weigh in on this year too.)

So thank you for making all this possible by stepping up once again in our Winter Drive, which ends on Monday.  If you haven’t made a donation yet and would still like to, please click on the Donate button below.  

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3 comments for “Thank You Readers and Viewers

  1. Terre Quinn-Guerrieri
    January 16, 2024 at 13:59

    I wish i could help more. THANK YOU CONSORTIUMNEWS!!

  2. Anon
    January 15, 2024 at 02:06

    CN Most Valuable News source Worldwide…

    • Valerie
      January 16, 2024 at 10:43

      Agree Anon. I only wish i could help monetarily.

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