WATCH: UN Security Council Debates Catastrophe in Gaza

Foreign ministers from several Council nations took part in the meeting Wednesday, in which some countries decried the massacres, while others defended Israel. No solution to the war was found.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi chairs U.N. Security Council meeting on Gaza on Tuesday (Reuters YouTube embedded screenshot)

Watch the full Security Council meeting here, followed below by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s press conference following the meeting.  Below that is video of a joint statement by the foreign ministers of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Palestine, Indonesia, Türkiye, the UAE and Egypt. Russia’s ambassador, Vasily Nebenzya (2:08:35), blasted Western double standards for calling for two meetings a month on Ukraine and zero on Palestine. “Perhaps the fate of the Palestinian population is much less interesting for you from a domestic political perspective,” he said.  Nebenzya criticized Western “hypocrites and unprincipled opportunists” who express concern for women’s rights while ignoring the fate of Gaza’s women.

4 comments for “WATCH: UN Security Council Debates Catastrophe in Gaza

  1. LeoSun
    December 2, 2023 at 17:01

    Bravissimo!!! “What a wonderful, wonderful, world it would be;” IF, “we, the people” had the power to herd “all hands on The Hill,” i.e., POTUS, their War Chiefs, the U.$. Congress, MSMedia, into the People’s House, requiring they “shut the front door,” be silent; &, listen!

    First, to Venezuela’s Ambassador, Samuel Moncada. Second, to the United Nations’ Security Council, in it’s entirety. Facilitated by Wang Yi, Chinese Foreign Minister, President of the UN Security Council, “His Excellency.” In attendance, Top Diplomats, Foreign Ministers, from across the region and beyond!!!

    Qatar’s Prime Minister saying, “It is high time to take real measures towards peace; the region will NOT enjoy peace & security w/o the establishment of a Palestinian State.”

    I$rael’s Ambassador said “the Council has not addressed Hamas’ “central role in the ruin of the region.”

    Not even a week ago, 11.28.23, Patrick Lawrence @ “Media’s Fatal Compromise,” reminds us, “This kind of material, produced by professional journalists, various kinds of nongovernmental organizations, relief agencies and the like, is readily available.”

    “[HOW] differently would people think, [HOW] much clearer would their understanding and conclusions be, were….” (Patrick Lawrence) hxxps://

    the Cable Network News Orgs broadcast “A Blunt Message for Israel;” in addition to, “DeSantis vs. Newsom.” Hosted by the Nation’s No. 1, Most Viewed Cable Network News Org, EVER! 5.5 Million tuned into Fox’s DeSantis vs. Newsom, drama/“debate.” Followed by analysis, opinions, takeaways, winner vs. loser, authenticity vs. 100% plastic; consequently, toxic. In sum, who f/up, more, etc., etc., etc. Cui bono?

    WHO, on The Hill, @ C-Span, PBS, in MSCable Network News, will answer a call for action, requiring POTUS, their War Chiefs, the U.S. Congress, get on board the Peace Train. Continuing their education in course correcting the deception, destruction, death they’re producing & reproducing in the Middle East. After all, Janet Yellin said, “Two WARS,. Three WARS, $yria, Four WARS, more. NO worries, the USG’s trea$ury can fund all of ‘em.” It’s Bidenomics, investing in the future of manufacturing weapons, jobs, $ecurity, etc., etc., etc.

    TY, CN, for “Bringing It!!!” Keep It Lit!

    • LeoSun
      December 3, 2023 at 09:00

      ..p.s.: “This kind of material, produced by professional journalists, various kinds of nongovernmental organizations, relief agencies and the like, is readily available.” Patrick Lawrence 11.28.23

      ….i.e., “Al Jazeera analyses hundreds of world leaders’ speeches to see how language is shaping the Israel-Gaza war and its resolution @ “Israel-Palestine War of Words.”


      TY, CN, et al. “Keep It Lit!”

  2. Eric
    December 2, 2023 at 02:02

    It’s a good thing Canada didn’t win a seat on the Security Council.
    The U.S. and Israel don’t really need another automatic vote.

  3. Anon
    December 1, 2023 at 10:38

    Need to (IMO) correct headline characterizing egregious slaughter of virtually defenseless Innocents as “war”

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