Israel Massacres Civilians to Kill Hamas Leader

Israel has targeted the Jabaliyah refugee camp north of Gaza City for a second day, killing in all at least 100 people and injuring 300, according to the Gaza interior minister. 

Family trapped in their destroyed building at the Jabaliyah refugee camp in Gaza on Tuesday. (Al Jazeera screenshot).

The mass murder of innocent Palestinian civilians by Israel continues, with the bombing of the Jabaliyah refugee camp north of Gaza City on Wednesday. Israel initially claimed that 50 Hamas fighters were killed in the attack though only one Hamas leader is confirmed dead. 

So far 100 people are feared dead, 300 are wounded with many hundreds more feared trapped in the rubble. Al Jazeera reports that six Israeli bombs hit the camp where more than 100,000 thousand refugees are crowded into a square kilometer. 

Jabaliyah is the largest refugee camp in Gaza, established after the 1948 ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from what became Israel. The camp is seen by Israel as a Hamas stronghold. The First Intifada started there in 1987. 

It was the fourth time Israel struck the camp since Oct. 7, the date of Hamas’ attack on Israel that killed 1,400 people. On Wednesday the camp was struck for a fifth time, despite the growing international outcry over Tuesday’s attack.  Israel said it killed Ibrahim Biari, who it named as the “ringleader” of the Oct. 7 attacks. However in the process, dozens of civilians were also killed. 

Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian doctor who has tended to Gaza’s wounded in previous Israeli attacks, in remarks to Al Jazeera, called it a “mass murder” and demanded to know why Joe Biden is not putting a stop to the killing.  It may be the worst massacre in Israel’s nearly one month war on Gaza.

Increasing numbers of experts are describing Israel’s response to Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack that killed 1,400 people as genocide. History has seen a procession of genocides. But this is being televised in a peek back from a modern audience into ancient history, an Old Testament massacre in real time.

The legal question of genocide will ultimately be decided by the International Criminal Court or a national court with universal jurisdiction, such as Spanish courts have assumed in the past. The ICC would no doubt also investigate Hamas’ actions on Oct. 7. The ICC has jurisdiction since the Observer State of Palestine is a member of the ICC  and the alleged crimes have taken part on its territory.  The prosecutor of that court has an open file on Israel and Palestine.


Watch Al Jazeera’s live coverage of the attack.

23 comments for “Israel Massacres Civilians to Kill Hamas Leader

  1. Dienne
    November 1, 2023 at 11:12

    Israel supposedly didn’t see the 10/7 attack coming, but now they know who masterminded it. Okay.

  2. October 31, 2023 at 19:02

    How could Israel possibly know how many Hamas were killed? The only way to know that would be to send in a force to identify the Hamas dead and do a body count. Such a force would never make it out alive.

    • Valerie
      November 1, 2023 at 03:39

      They cannot know, of course not James. No doubt they will produce a “recording” of a conversation between Hamas operatives describing exactly where they are, just before the camp was bombed. A more fitting heading might be “Israel Massacres Civilians”. Full stop.

  3. October 31, 2023 at 17:17

    Joe Biden disapproves of abortion but condones genocide.

    What does that say about Joe Biden?

  4. Arch Stanton
    October 31, 2023 at 15:29

    Zionism is just the other side of the German Nazism coin, one side is banned, universally despised (apart from in Western Ukraine) with it’s followers ostracised and sometimes jailed whilst the other is legal, despite practising the same crimes of ethnic cleansing and genocide as the Nazism.

    Zionism should have the same public / global image, it should get the same treatment as German Nazism, it is utterly unacceptable that a racist ideological doctrine like this is universally accepted and be legal.

    How I wish that a movement against Zionism could rise up from this mess.

    • Jesper
      November 1, 2023 at 05:20

      Mr Stanton, I fully agree – to readers I share what I came across recently, new to me. We should ask who is behind jump starting a war with a (self triggered?) provocation to legitimise the fierce retaliation and possible subsequent displacement and occupation of additional territories.
      Most Christians and catholics don’t know that Jesus spoke ARAMAIC.

      ARAMAIC is a Semitic language (now it gets interesting so lean back..)

      The ARAMAIC languages are:
      – Aramaic
      – Hebrew… and…
      – Arab

      The word Jesus used for “God”, in his own language was “ELAH”…

      ..while the word for “God” in Hebrew is “ELOHIM” or “ILLAH”…

      ..the word for “God” in Arabic is as the whole world knows.. “Allah”

      Fundamentally it is all the same in “three variations of the same language ..
      “AL” means “the”
      “LAH” means “God”

      and this goes across their theee varia one of ARAMAIC language group.

      anybody pleaee correct me if I’m wrong

      If we run history back to the time of Jesus and later Mohammed – the Christians and Jews/Hebrews and Muslims/Arabs are religious “brothers/cousins” but filled with a cocktail of manipulation and ignorance

      You can surely find similar in the “continent” of India where north east south and west have similar words for similar/deities. However it can easily be a lot more complex due to the many deities in India.

      Allah, ELLAH and ILLAH etc is “simple” as it is monodeiatic..

      with the above in mind the fact that they fight is a disgrace to say the least.

      At the end of the day this all spins around externals who push and feed the cocktail to create a continuous disbalance and feeding a conflict that can be ignited at will to push their geopolitical and most of all economical interests that rely on the resources in the Middle East.

      A small group of incredibily influential/powerful people want that Middle East instability as it fuels their interests.

      Women girls Moms kids boys men old and young, die fuelling that instability and a few peoples immense pockets.

      Ucraine is, about to become “was” not very different – but has become uninteresting because the proxy war has by now delivered what the stakeholders aimed at.

      Now they need to shift global focus away from ucraine – and that has been done by creating an even bigger “scare/potential conflict” in the Middle East.

      Now the big bad bear is becoming Iran, because they have “nuclear weapon capabilities” but more interestingly a gas reserve on par with Russia and equally on par with Qatar.

      Iran , Qatar and Russia , when totalled, have approx 50% of the planets gas reserves ; and by interesting coincidence this 50% are split 1/3 each

      The big energy works in mysterious ways

      As a potential bonus, any invasion to protect the planet, defending and promoting freedom and democracy – under the banner to maintain stability to save the planet will give access to the gas fields and have the nice oil reserves in neighbouring Iraq so wonderfully close by.

      Now we can worry about their narrative or accept we have no control or influence and instead lean back to watch the show if and when it unfolds.

      A key source to the ignorance is that nobody reads any more and if they do it is two pages at a time and they cannot remember one page back.

      We need our kids and ourselves to read history books – also the ones that the establishment prefer we do not read.

  5. Sol
    October 31, 2023 at 14:23

    This was done with 100% American bombs
    America from the land of the free to the one of the bombs.
    Looking at the scale of the destruction, it should be more than obvious to anyone with a brain that the real number of casualty should be several hundred if not more.
    Some say that US and UK special forces are most likely already there now being killed and doing the killing on the ground for the regime.

    If not, explain me how come officially only 2 dead israeli soldiers today?

    This is a genocide to provoke world war 3, which is the backup plan to their failed agenda 2030.
    This is also a chance for the world to demand justice and civil and criminal prosecution also all of those who publicly supported this genocide, and immorally criminalized the voices of dissent to this monstrous holocaust.

  6. gcw919
    October 31, 2023 at 12:31

    “Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian doctor who has tended to Gaza’s wounded in previous Israeli attacks, in remarks to Al Jazeera, called it a “mass murder” and demanded to know why Joe Biden is not putting a stop to the killing”

    Biden could stop this nightmare at any time. Somehow, this cabal of madmen in Washington is willing to let this outright slaughter continue. Beyond the criminal and immoral nature of this ongoing massacre, it should be patently obvious that this is only going to create more violence well into the future. Does this idiotic Israeli government, with the complete backing of the equally idiotic US government, really believe this genocide will accomplish anything towards lasting security in the region? Israel justifies stealing land occupied by Palestinians for centuries because some mythical God in the Old Testament said it belongs to them. Thus the savagery we are witnessing, the expression of completely unleashed vengeance and raw aggression, all based on the equivalent of a fairy tale.
    We will all be lucky if this lunacy doesn’t launch World War III.

    • Carolyn L Zaremba
      October 31, 2023 at 13:37

      Thank you. You state it very clearly.

    • doris
      October 31, 2023 at 16:47

      The rapture fairy tale was started in 1830 by John Darby. There is no mention of the rapture in the Bible, as Darby cherry-picked scripture to invent it. Unfortunately, the lies about it spread like wildfire and is used by Christians to justify mass slaughter of the innocent in the name of righteousness in order to bring on the second coming of Jesus.

      • Rafi Simonton
        October 31, 2023 at 19:54

        Not “Christians” per se as if a monolithic bloc, but rather a relatively small minority, fundamentalist evangelicals.
        Darby founded the Plymouth Brethren in England, which spread to the U.S. Helped along by C.I. Scofield, whose literalist study Bible was issued in 1909. This movement is basically a reaction to and rejection of modernity. Darby and his followers were horrified by contemporary historical criticism being applied to the Bible, which seriously challenged dating. The same decade also brought Darwin’s theories.
        So the fundies felt themselves to be under attack and they still do. They probably realize, unconsciously at least, that they are losing. They crave unambiguous certainty, firm structures, unimaginative linear thinking, and control, which is the opposite of the post-Einstein reality of relativity and of Heisenberg’s uncertainty. And the opposite of multiculturalism. They love to parade hypermasculine shows of strength, a mask for intense fear and insecurity. Irony here because they also believe in submission to authority.
        I don’t have any ideas for how to appeal to them (they cannot admit doubt) or about how to live with them, other than to make sure to oppose their takeover of local governments. But we have to consider how to handle this peacefully because any other alternative is unthinkable.

    • Kurt
      November 1, 2023 at 13:47

      The Israel government justifies the stealing of land not through the cloak of Old Testament terms, but through the fascistic terms of the pogrom of Lebensraum. It is through their thirst for more land that they will fulfill their capitalist exploitation and bloodlust. It is their form of Manifest Destiny.

  7. JonnyJames
    October 31, 2023 at 12:24

    Even though it will probably do no good, I have called and emailed my Senators and House rep. to demand a ceasefire immediately, say no to sending billions more to Israel and Ukraine and also say no to cuts in Medicare/SS and other budget cuts. The only budget that needs to be cut is the DoD and the Surveillance State budgets.

    The criminals in Congress have plenty for their bribe-masters, yet “we’re broke” when it comes to everyone else. The institutionalized corruption is there for all to see, but few will acknowledge it. Many still believe the US is a “democracy” that respects free speech, freedom of the press, and all that. Time to emerge from the denial phase and look at the facts hard in the face.

    If one includes the official DoD budget, and all the extra war and weapons appropriations, the US spends well over a TRILLION a year on the Suicide Death Cult. Time to stop this madness.

    • Valerie
      October 31, 2023 at 14:31

      As long as they are making weapons Johnny, there will be wars. But this, of course, is not war as we know. This is a manifestation of pure evil hatred.

    • doris
      October 31, 2023 at 16:52

      The sick thing about Congress, is that they own stock in the very defense contractors they vote to give billions of our tax dollars to, making a “killing” in more than one way.

  8. Drew Hunkins
    October 31, 2023 at 12:09

    According to the reputable Israel Democracy Institute, 83% of Israeli Jews do not think the Israeli government should take into consideration the suffering of the civilian population of Gaza.

    With certain Israeli officials now advocating for the total ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians to the Sanai Desert, Hamas must be supported in its liberation efforts, its slave revolt, if you will. Tel Aviv and Israel proper must be attacked with military force. Nothing else has worked to stave off the genocidal arrogance, racism and sadism emanating from the Zionist supremacists.

    To stop this revolting display of bloodshed and utter depravity by these creepy land-grabbing usurper Zionists, an international coalition of various militaries must fuse with Hamas and Hezbollah to at least neutralize this rabid beast. Iran, Syria, Turkey, and perhaps even Russia and Egypt must come to the aid of the Palestinians in Gaza. Pakistan could hold the nuclear deterrent against the Israeli psychopaths.

    • Valerie
      October 31, 2023 at 14:34

      Yes Drew. I agree. They’ve had their fun now. Time to put a stop to it. Who is up for it i wonder. (Or even brave enough)

    • Arch Stanton
      October 31, 2023 at 16:44

      I pray that this will happen, a coalition is desperately needed to stop the Zionist jackboot.

    • gcw919
      October 31, 2023 at 16:45

      More violence, i.e. attacking Tel Aviv, solves nothing. Israel is only able to conduct this genocide because the US allows it (to our eternal shame). The US could force a One State solution, where Palestinians had full and equal rights, and would be able to return to the land stolen from them. The staggering amount of money wasted on military support to Israel would be put to better use building an equitable society for everyone. Of course, the arms manufacturers might object to derailing their gravy train, marketing their instruments of death, but if enough people in the US would object to this endless violence, perhaps the message might get through.

      • Drew Hunkins
        October 31, 2023 at 23:11

        You are wrong.

        Nothing, absolutely nothing has worked to stop these homicidal Zionist supremacist freaks, it’s been going on 80 years! They are gangsters and hustlers who only listen to violence. You’re naive to think force won’t work with these monsters. It’s a last resort.

        Non-violent protests have not been enough. 9,000 innocent Palestinians murdered in cold-blood and counting…

        • Arch Stanton
          November 2, 2023 at 01:24

          100% correct. Unfortunately, only force and a lot of blood spilled can change the status quo, otherwise these depraved monsters will never ever stop in their quest for a greater Israel

    • Mark
      October 31, 2023 at 19:58

      Yes, Drew, but if we, as a civilization, are to have true peace, we must rise above the entire Israel-Palestine conflict, in the image of the slain Yitzhak Rabin.

      For the ultimate in Jewish, Arab and Christian peacemaking, there’s Nicholas of Cusa’s 1453 Pace Fidei (Peace of Faith). Yeah, more than a “15 minute read,” that one.


      • Drew Hunkins
        November 1, 2023 at 11:52

        Rabin was no hero. He was contemptuous of the Palestinian cause. Read some Chomsky essays from the mid 1990s about Rabin.
        Noam set the record straight.

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