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American Dispatches: A Robert Parry Reader is a compilation of the writings of the late Robert Parry, the founder of this site in 1995.  It provides an illuminating history of the late 20th and early 21st centuries – a troubling recent past that Parry meticulously chronicles through in-depth research and compelling storytelling.

The book documents how the deterioration of the U.S. media’s commitment to providing an honest accounting of current events has enabled corruption and wrongdoing at the highest levels of government.

Among the many hard-hitting stories that can be found in the reader:

  • Mafia influence in state and local governments
  • The full story of the Reagan administration’s illegal use of arms sales to Iran to fund the Nicaraguan Contras in the 1980s
  • How the U.S. government looked the other way as drug traffickers imported cocaine into the United States
  • The government’s development of sophisticated propaganda techniques to influence American public opinion
  • How the U.S. enabled and covered up war crimes, atrocities, and genocide in Central America
  • The development of crippling – and morally questionable – economic sanctions as a go-to policy option in achieving geopolitical objectives
  • The politicization of intelligence and abuses of power by the C.I.A.
  • What’s known and not known about the Reagan campaign’s interference with President Carter’s efforts to free U.S. hostages held in Iran in 1980
  • How the U.S. supported an unconstitutional regime change in Ukraine in 2014, leading to eight years of civil war and today’s conflict with Russia
  • The use of official lies and distortions by the government and media to sell endless military interventions to the American people

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