Caitlin Johnstone: A World Shrouded in Secrecy

What we don’t know does hurt us: Julian Assange in 2010 made a profound point about the “bankruptcy” of any political theory in our current situation.

By Caitlin Johnstone

Listen to Tim Foley reading this article.

In a video clip from 2010, Julian Assange, speaking in London, made an important observation while explaining the philosophy behind his work with WikiLeaks.

All our political theories are to some extent “bankrupt,” he said, because our institutions are so shrouded in secrecy that we can’t even know what’s really going on in the world.

“We can all write about our political issues, we can all push for particular things we believe in, we can all have particular brands of politics, but I say actually it’s all bankrupt,” Assange said.

“And the reason it’s all bankrupt, and all current political theories are bankrupt and particular lines of political thought, is because actually we don’t know what the hell is going on. And until we know the basic structures of our institutions — how they operate in practice, these titanic organizations, how they behave inside, not just through stories but through vast amounts of internal documentations — until we know that, how can we possibly make a diagnosis? How can we set the direction to go until we know where we are? We don’t even have a map of where we are. So our first task is to build up a sort of intellectual heritage that describes where we are. And once we know where we are, then we have a hope of setting course for a different direction. Until then, I think all political theories — to greater and lesser extents of course — are bankrupt.”

It’s an extremely important point if you think about it: how can we form theories about how our governments should be operating when we have no idea how they are currently operating? How can a doctor prescribe the correct treatment when he hasn’t yet made a diagnosis?

Political theories are in this sense “bankrupt”, because they are formed in the dark, without our being able to see precisely what’s happening and what’s going wrong.

The nature of our institutions is hidden from us, and that includes not only our government institutions but the political, media, corporate and financial institutions which control so much of our society. Their nature is hidden not only by a complete lack of transparency but by things like propaganda, internet censorship, Silicon Valley algorithm manipulation and by the way the most loudly amplified voices in our society are those who more or less support status quo politics.

That all the most important aspects of our civilization’s operation are hidden, manipulated and obfuscated by the powerful makes a joke of the very idea of democracy. How can people know what government policies to vote for if they can’t even clearly see those policies? How can people know what to vote for when everything about their understanding of the world is being actively distorted for the benefit of the powerful?

Democracy is impossible when the public is flying blind, and so is any other means by which the public might impose its will on existing power structures.

(TheDigitalArtist on Pixabay/Public domain)

You will never see a collective uprising of the masses against their rulers when the dominant message being inserted into everyone’s mind is that everything is basically fine and if you don’t like the way things are you can change it by voting. If the veil of secrecy were ripped away from the U.S. empire’s inner workings and everyone could see the full scale of its criminality in the plain light of day you’d probably have immediate open revolution in Washington. Which is precisely why that veil exists.

We can’t form solid political theories while everything’s hidden from us. Even if we could we’re unable to organize any means to put those theories into action for the same reason. The fact that the nature of our world is being so aggressively obfuscated keeps us from knowing exactly what needs to change and keeps us from effecting change.

For this reason I often argue that our most urgent priority as a civilization is rolling back all the secrecy and obfuscation, because until that happens we’ll never get change, and we’ll never know what should be changed.

I have my ideological preferences of course, but I’m just one person taking a best guess at what needs to happen in a world where so many of the lights are switched off. Not until our society can actually see the world as it really is, will we have the ability to begin, as Assange says, “setting course for a different direction.”

And those who benefit from our current course are lucidly aware of this. That’s why we’re not allowed to see what they’re up to behind the veils of secrecy. That’s why our entire civilization is saturated in nonstop propaganda.

That’s why the internet is being increasingly censored and manipulated. That’s why Julian Assange is in prison.

We can only begin fighting this from our own positions. None of us individually has the power to rip the veil of secrecy off the empire, but we do each individually have the ability to call out its lies where they can be seen and help wake up people to the fact that we’re being deceived and manipulated.

Every pair of eyelids you help open is one more pair of eyes looking around helping to get an accurate picture of what’s going on, and one more pair of eyes helping to open the eyes of others.

Once we have enough open eyes, we will have the potential for a real course of action.

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28 comments for “Caitlin Johnstone: A World Shrouded in Secrecy

  1. LeoSun
    July 19, 2023 at 11:24

    “If you don’t know where you’re going any road will lead you there.”

    Threr are three (3) things worth having in this life, “Courage. Common Sense. Caution.”

    “Stay in the right lane. In 1.2 seconds, take Exit 2013. In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 second: “You have arrived @ your destination:” “Journalists or Criminals?”——“Attorney General, Eric Holder’s Testimony before the Judiciary Committee and The Justice’s Department’s National Security Leak Investigative Techniques.” JULY 13, 2013 (70 Pages) hxxps://

    “WikiLeaks states, its purpose is to promote transparency in government and fight corporate fraud by publishing information that governments would prefer to keep secret, obtained from sources in person, by means of postal drops and by “cutting edge cryptographic technologies” to receive material electronically.”

    NINETY-ONE THOUSAND, PLUS, SECRETS – “WikiLeaks obtained more than 91,000 [SECRET] U.S. Military reports related to the war in Afghanistan and posted the majority of them, unredacted, on its website in late 2010; AFTER, first alerting the NYTimes, the Guardian and Der Spiegel about the pending disclosure.” (Page 4 of 70)

    COMMON SAENSE, “This is not going to go away. This is the battle of our century. We live in an information age and this is the battle for the freedom of information at all levels.” EMMY BUTLIN 7/6/23. hxxps://

    CAUTION, “the most massive attack against free speech in United States’ history.” PATRICK LAWRENCE, “US ‘Disinformation Industry’ Lands in Court” July 14, 2023 @

    And, “history,” PAST & IN THE MAKING, is all about the Grim Reaper & his Crypt Keepers, “deflecting responsibility for their actions; AND, presenting a distorted reading of the law.”

    COURAGE, i.e., “Perniciously enough, we are now invited to take free speech as some kind of right-wing Republican cause. This riles me beyond words, but I will manage a few more.” Indeed, PATRICK LAWRENCE, More! More!! More!!! Lawrence is 100% off/point!!!

    “REPEAT The LINE,:” “the most massive attack against free speech in United States’ history.” And, “history,” IMO, is all about the Grim Reaper & his Crypt Keepers, i.e.,



    SAVE The DATE, Thursday, 7/20/23, Hearing/“Discussion,” “The House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government to discuss the lawsuit that led to Doughty’s order. Among the scheduled witnesses is Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a longshot candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination.” POLITICO’S ruinous digs @ hxxps://

    TY, CAITLIN JOHNSTONE, CN, ET AL., “LET’S JUST DO IT:” rip the veil of secrecy off the empire!!! “KEEP IT LIT!”

  2. robert e williamson jr
    July 18, 2023 at 21:34

    Dog knows I try. The effort requires the willingness to investigate unpopular theories. Unpopular in the sense that the party line / status quo pushed by all governments these days is expected to be honored cart blanche by everyone.

    A condition that in the U.S. creates a significant divide of the electorate. Why, in my view the divide is created when solid facts are hidden from but a select few who claim their station in life authorizes them to decide because the for some magic reason know better than the rest of us. Unfortunately the U.S. election system feeds negative energy into the equation and is especially aggravated when the two party system become hyper polarized resulting in our current state of pernicious polarization.

    The observations proposed here are solidly based on the Fact the withholding of critical pertinent information denies those denied the ability to render anything approaching rational sound judgement on most anything. The electorate should never in any case be denied information withheld by government entities that is a truly factual serious matter of national security matters. Foreign governments are allowed substantial access most Americans are denied while the US Congress and it’s lobbyists is the largest transgressor when it comes to leaks.

    Too much is classified, too much is with held by congress from the electorate by devious means, for devious reasons. Knowledge of fact should not ever be considered Proprietary. As serious difference between technical facts and basic facts of everyday government business, the CIA and NSA and the other fifteen or twenty intelligence / security agencies are out of control and too many government contractors are pulling the strings.

    They use their power to control general access to far too much information as a way to control power and criticism .

    Currently for the so called “free election process”, note the cost of those “Free Elections” it will take decades for the political condition of the ship of state to return to any meaningful sense of “normalcy ” and not be the best government / justice money can buy.

    We been hornswoggled my friends.

    Thanks CN

  3. David H
    July 18, 2023 at 19:57

    Given backdoors, extant political theory does not acknowledge how Kafkaesque we’ve become currently. Given how all processes are chained to the net, I’m not sure what political theory earlier than Jacques Ellul, or earlier than what Bill Black wrote recently…acknowledges how technocratic and bureaucratic we’ve become. There are many nuclear war fighting scenarios on hard drives; but, as Ellsberg maintained, they are no reason to enter into nuclear conflict with even the faintest hopes we can “win.” And yet they must be giving somebody somewhere what they believe to be confidence.

    Black on bureaucracy hxxps://

  4. CaseyG
    July 18, 2023 at 19:14

    There are very few that i trust in government—-a sad affair for when it is said to be a democracy. When truth tellers speak, it seems that much of the government tuns into a MOCKracy towards those people —and democracy dies by the day.

    Excellent job Obama and thank you that you so clearly saw that to attack a truth teller is the moment where Secret -ness is next to Awfulness— but for Biden— it is clear that TRURH TELLING is verboten!

    Joe Biden needs to go—his mind is not there, and Blinken needs to go as it seems that he only lives to work for Israel and not for America. Not even 250 years old yet, America —-but I fear that the PREAMBLE shows that America seems to be made of sand— which is slowly sliding away—and sadly soon perhaps—there is no Democracy left at all. : (

    If TRUTH TELLERS, like Julian Assange are not to be believed—-then WHAT America is the point? : (

  5. frank mckay
    July 18, 2023 at 16:24

    The US Constitution is the problem.
    Written by 55 white wealthy men who didn’t believe in democracy. They looked down on common people. Afraid of losing their wealth, property, and power. Amendments? No,– they wrote the constitution to make that very difficult. New convention? No, very difficult. Huge majority votes are needed.
    hxxps:// Richard wolf interviews Robert Ovetz.
    Ovet’s book: We the Elites: Why the U.S. constitution servs the few; a class analysis of the constitution. His ideas expressed here.
    Our system fails the working class very regularly. Mass of people fail to get what they want. Designed purposely. Constitution written for checks on the financial, wealthy minority. To block loss of their power and money.
    Many founding myths in document. Designed to Opposes majorities will. Checks and balances all over the document which guts original content of bills. Limits majority control. No minority checks. Methods for lockage of bills is set high on purpose. Complications of signing by president, over-rides etc. Blockage also easily possible in committees. Gutting in regulatory systems, challenges in court can also be effective in killing popular desires and needs. Plenty of watering down bills and time/limitations etc. destroys what the people want and keeps the wealthy wealthy.
    “Hope and Disappointment” is created by systems. Voting allows all kinds of problems that block real change. Massive problems may eventually cause change but are rare.
    System designed to constrain political democracy and prevent economic democracy. Huge global problems need democracy.”

  6. July 18, 2023 at 14:44

    I think we know a great deal about the plan to exert totalitarian control of the world. Knowing 100 times as much would not make it clearer. We don’t know much about how to stand in a right relationship to truth ourselves. We need courage more than details.

    • David H
      July 19, 2023 at 00:20

      Details is the word. It’s not that the greats of the past should not be imitated (Orwell, Huxley, Arendt, Marx). They will be imitated. But they could not see all the details that have arisen in our era, which is due to indeterminacy. Workers cannot afford a place to live. The mentally ill go to prison or go to the street. Those who vote in short lines don’t deal with the disabled, and so DU rounds strike them as no big outrage. And the Prolefeed images of success meantime have attained a sharpness out of sight and mind. It’s a weird era, and who has given a voice to all these weirdities? There are a few extra psychic stresses that are different today…details…that people will need I think to share in expression. Actually, we of a different era may have learned how much expression stalls action (or fidelity to truth); but because nuclear war puts a premium on action is probably not a reason we should expect this era to bypass the need for their own leaders-in-expression who can say what the masses are experiencing in this time. Their own Marx, their own Dickens, their own Vonnegut.

    • Rafael
      July 19, 2023 at 02:56

      I agree. Assange’s contributions are invaluable, but the inference that “we don’t know what the hell is going on” is false. Unlike what this article implies, large numbers of people know perfectly well “that we’re being deceived and manipulated.”
      As you say, the main failings lie elsewhere.

    • John S
      July 19, 2023 at 04:54

      Absolutely right Mr Macdonald
      Those who have faced and recognized the hard truth can advance in the right direction without comprehending every detail but success requires expanding our numbers, our knowledge and crowd sourcing our politics

    • July 19, 2023 at 11:14

      I agree that courage is key, certainly to ending imperialist hegemony, cutting off the move to international AI managed economies and politics ala WEF, and confronting civilizational habits that are unsustainably addicted to ever growing fossil fuel use and environmentally deadly mining practices. But I also agree that to map out any hopeful transition we need a bigger picture with all the problems of bad choices made evident. A great deal needs to be replaced by local food production, minimal FF transportation, to move from armies based on paranoia to organizations preparing for environmental crises with human labor and permacultural vision.
      What I like about Caitlin’s argument is that she admits that many proposed values and truths are without adequate scientific or practical support, and she and progressives are sometimes in the dark and manipulated by appealing lies as is obvious in so much of politics. The covid history is a good example, but there are others and political puritanism runs rampant when all the facts are not on the table and name calling prevails.
      Wikileaks pulled away the veil as did Robert Parry, Sy Hersch, Dan Ellsberg, and many others. Our big picture of power structures is sufficient to demand radical reform and the renunciation of imperialism . But…One of the largest and most complex problems has to do with biological sustainability and we need a body that is dedicated to the larger goal and not just new technologies integrated into neoliberal formulas that’ll never adequately address the issues. We will probably need to live differently to survive as a species and the more we can produce diverse working models of that goal the more likely we can avoid the worst of what is coming.

      • David H
        July 19, 2023 at 22:52

        Well said, Joseph Tracy. We cannot say with certainty a workers’ paradise will come about. Why? Because there is a good chance we’ll blow up the world is why. Assange was on the money; political theories are bankrupt. The texts are next to useless [just ask their authors who’s winning in Ukraine]. With more humans the world has become a different place. We can shoot for describing one lebenswelt for all its inhabitants, but at the moment there are so many many more than one. There’s one the kids digging up cobalt with their hands live in. There’s one those nursing home workers live in who suddenly got the influx of covid+ hospital overflow patients. There’s one those guest workers out in the Saudi oil fields live in. Myriad lebenswelts. Legion. Assange is right; we don’t know what’s going on. What is mushrooming in every corner of the world is more important than the theories. Yellow shirts turn into brown shirts before you know what hit you. It all happens fast, and you weren’t watching. Just try to remember what we all knew about surveillance before Snowden revealed a few things. We were in la la land in regard to the extent of it. It came up on us fast because our grasp of what was out there wasn’t all that lucid. What governments paid real attention when the 2015 warnings came out re coronavirus GoF research? Now more than half of those skeptical of the jabs think the quarantines were nothing but a control plot. They weren’t at the beginning; it was just that govs hadn’t paid attention. They didn’t have one iota of an idea of what to do. Which is generally in line with the oh so many environmental matters Joseph was alluding to above. How many years back did Ellul write that technology is the new capital? And yet the theories have maintained all along it was still all those ones and zeros China gave us for our bonds. Guess now we’ll find out what’s what, right?

    • Norah
      July 19, 2023 at 19:51

      Absolutely, I think Caitlin is under-playing the instinctive intelligence of the hoi polloi. Yes there are huge swathes of the populace that haven’t yet worked out that just about everything is going pear-shaped, but I find that the further down you go in the class system, the more the down-to-earth seem to know exactly what is going on, and from where the trouble is emanating. It is certainly true this side of the pond anyway ( in the UK ). Here there are a couple of problems with starting the process of change. Probably the main one is that the standard of living / comfort levels, of just about everyone, is so high that plainly speaking, most people may know the score, but they just couldn’t be arsed to do anything about it. Then you have the power of these Globalist Elites, their drive and organisational force, the fact that all the governments in the White Anglosphere have long since been captured, the MSM is totally owned by the Elites, foreign policy, monetary policy and more , are controlled by governments that are hand-in-glove with those Elites. Nationalist feelings in these counties are on the way out bigtime, encouraged by a very low birth-rate, massive and constant anti-patriotic propaganda, and interference in the school curriculums. So getting started to take on the Empire is very difficult. And we have no First Ammendment here in Blighty.

  7. Joe Wallace
    July 18, 2023 at 14:41

    “That all the most important aspects of our civilization’s operation are hidden, manipulated and obfuscated by the powerful makes a joke of the very idea of democracy. How can people know what government policies to vote for if they can’t even clearly see those policies? How can people know what to vote for when everything about their understanding of the world is being actively distorted for the benefit of the powerful?

    “Democracy is impossible when the public is flying blind, and so is any other means by which the public might impose its will on existing power structures.”

    We don’t live in a democracy. The workings of society are “hidden, manipulated and obfuscated” to deprive us of agency. We are ruled by (imagined) elites who don’t want the people to exert any kind of control over what government does in our name. Our betters fear that we might be “misled” by the truth, which would expose just how incompetent, venal and corrupt they really are.

  8. Em
    July 18, 2023 at 13:31

    “We can only begin fighting this from our own positions. None of us individually has the power to rip the veil of secrecy off the empire, but we do each individually have the ability to call out its lies where they can be seen and help wake up people to the fact that we’re being deceived and manipulated.” Although the main premise of the above underlined part of the complete statement is mathematically highly improbable, the question is: is it really impossible?

    Julian Assange is the living proof that the clause cited in the statement is not sound.
    Is this not precisely why this ‘one’, way ahead of his time, individual (JA), who began fighting from his own philosophical position; undermining the entire empires systemic edifice in the process, is regarded as a more dangerous threat than the explosion of nuclear weapons. This is the irrational governmental policy behind why he is being clandestinely held, and cold-bloodily, tortured?

    This one individual, alone, has disproved the above assertion.

    Whereas, ninety-nine point nine-nine percent of us: conservatively means that at least 70M of us are nevertheless in positions secure enough to act as (JA) did, yet are are still not courageous enough to act in our own, journalism’s, and Julian Assanges behalf, to set ourselves free from the tyranny of censorship’s secrecy.

    Those who are supposed to be truthfully informing us of what the actual situation is, are an infinitesimal minority, yet the power they wield makes them the major culprits of the populaces ‘sheeplehood’.

  9. July 18, 2023 at 12:52

    Caitlin = There IS a viable political economy theory and praxis put forward by the American political economist Henry George over 100 years ago in his great work Progress and Poverty which launched his great lecture tours that included Australia where several institutions promoting his work are still active. The key is the principle that all gifts of nature should be fairly shared and not subject to private profiteering. The solution is a public finance policy that removes tax burdens from labor and production and shifts it to the unearned income from land and natural resources. Even when partially implemented this approach shows clearly that we can build an economy that is both fair and free and also decentralized. Neoliberal economics was created by elites who paid universities to teach two-factor economics, only labor and capital, and made land (the earth itself) merely a subset of capital. The intention of this intellectual crime was to obfuscate and undermine the perennial wisdom teachings on economic justice.

  10. Private Idaho
    July 18, 2023 at 11:23

    “Horror grips us as we watch you die
    All we can do is echo your anguished cries
    Stare as all human feelings die
    We are leaving, you don’t need us”

    –“Wooden Ships”, 1968, by David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Paul Kantner.

  11. Private Idaho
    July 18, 2023 at 11:02

    Two other thoughts occurred while writing …

    One, the ‘alienation’ that you describe sounds a lot like the ‘ex-communication’ from the church back when the church and state were the same, and saying that the emperor had no clothes was considered by the priests to be a sin against god.

    The other is that the alienation sounds similar to ‘sanctions’.

    The latter kinda makes sense when you realize that the elitists who run this western part of the world all learned their skills by telling some other child that they could not join their elitist school club. One at least starts to see a pattern of behaviour, or of a logic process of ‘if it worked when they were 11, so why shouldn’t work when they are 60?’ So far, the real world is not turning out like they imagined, and ‘those people’ that they ‘sanctioned’ seem to be doing quite fine outside their elitist little club. Maybe being ‘alienated’ won’t be so bad either?

    All of the above seem far more powerful you are a member. Excommunication is feared only by the members of the church. Once it happens, one discovers that life continues. Being kept out of the elite kids club just means that you get to discover that often the ‘outsiders’ are more interesting anyhow.

  12. Robert Emmett
    July 18, 2023 at 10:55

    “We can only begin fighting this from our own positions. None of us individually has the power to rip the veil of secrecy off the empire, but we do each individually have the ability to call out its lies where they can be seen and help wake up people to the fact that we’re being deceived and manipulated.”

    Something like this very thought has been bouncing around in my brain now for some time. Thank you for articulating it so well.

    It was driven home while watching a documentary directed by Susan Kucera, narrated by the actor Jeff Bridges. What stuck with me is how it speaks to the very point Caitlyn makes here.

    It’s called “Living in the Future’s Past” & here’s a link for those who’d like to delve.


    I’d be surprised if it didn’t contain something you might disagree with or think out of date. But we’re not all taking the same steps of understanding at the same time or the same pace. And Caitlin frequently demonstrates how we can learn even from the actions of those with whom we viscerally disagree. Julian’s life demonstrates that as well.

  13. Private Idaho
    July 18, 2023 at 10:45

    The answer to that is at least 50 years old.

    The answer is to be willing to form a counter-culture. Even if it is a counter-culture of one, be willing. The power of that alienation ends as soon as you say ‘who cares?’ Especially when you find other people who join you in saying ‘who cares?’

    Or perhaps join you in Country Joe’s famous cheer from Woodstock … Gimme a F … … what’s that spell? If you listen to that, you are listening to half a million people shout that they don’t care about being alienated, and are deliberately using words that the squares don’t like.

    Who cares what the squares think? Just get yourself free.

    It is hard to fight a hateful, militaristic war culture from within that culture while consuming that culture. It is better to find the firmer ground to stand on by creating your own culture that you can believe in … even if you have to build your own.

  14. Private Idaho
    July 18, 2023 at 10:36

    “The enemy is anyone who is trying to get you killed. No matter what uniform they wear”
    –Yosarian’s Law, “Catch-22”, by Joseph Heller

  15. Michael Chebo
    July 18, 2023 at 09:28

    Thank you

  16. susan
    July 18, 2023 at 08:49

    Thanks for helping to open ‘eyelids’ Caitlin!

  17. Sam F
    July 18, 2023 at 07:21

    The best ways to expose the corruption of our former democracy are:
    1. Expose the secrets of political party racketeering and its corruption of Congress and exec agencies;
    2. Expose the corruption of the judiciary by suing the corrupt politicians and executive agencies.
    Both require dumping MSM and using balanced and well-informed websites like this one.

    The best ways to expose the truth of policy alternatives are:
    1. Ensure balanced public debate (see CongressOfDebate dotcom for a future institution);
    2. Avoid social echo-chambers and extremist and tribalist viewpoints in mews media.
    Both require dumping MSM and using balanced and well-informed websites like this one.

  18. Harold
    July 18, 2023 at 04:03

    Hello Caitlin. For some time I thought that, were the veil of secrecy ripped away from the Australian government’s inner workings and everyone could see the full scale of its perversity in the plain light of day we’d probably have immediate open revolution – but I was wrong. Australians love their ignorance. It’s a protective cocoon. There’s actually very little need for a veil of secrecy. Australians, who Julian Assange assessed as a suburb of the USA, prefer not to know. We love our “democracy”. It’s no secret.

  19. firstpersoninfinite
    July 17, 2023 at 23:52

    Great article. The Church Commission was almost fifty years ago. Has there been one since then? No. If they (I mean the military industrial complex, the secrets industry, the surveillance industry, corporate media, both political parties) are going to own us, then they should pay a price. If we must pay a price for dissension, then they should pay a price for maintaining the status quo in a situation of complete incarceration. That price? The slow destruction of the structure they hold so dear. Walk away, collectivize, and see if what they claim is of the utmost importance is of any importance whatsoever when we don’t support their propaganda. or support their payouts and money laundering for the sake of no one but themselves, and their non-Constitutional disruption of our already anemic democracy. What do we have to lose? Is incarceration, (I mean having no choices) the mirror of an acceptable civilization? Both parties are ossified, corrupt entities. Let them walk off the plank into the sea. They can sink or swim. It can be their choice and not our own.

  20. July 17, 2023 at 22:41

    Here are some quotes by the first President of the United States, George Washington, according to the web site below, which are extremely relevant today:

    “…reason is of no use to us if the freedom of Speech may be taken away — and, dumb & silent we may be led, like sheep, to the Slaughter.”

    “Truth will ultimately prevail where pains are taken to bring it to light.”

    “If Men are to be precluded from offering their sentiments on a matter, which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences, that can invite the consideration of Mankind; reason is of no use to us — the freedom of Speech may be taken away — and, dumb & silent we may be led, like sheep, to the Slaughter.”


  21. ray Peterson
    July 17, 2023 at 18:56

    No accident that journalism’s light and standard
    bearer for “truth that makes free” (Jn.8.32), languishes
    in prison and heading for worse.
    Seems today, that our world doesn’t want to live in truth’s light.

  22. Valerie
    July 17, 2023 at 18:40

    “We can only begin fighting this from our own positions. None of us individually has the power to rip the veil of secrecy off the empire, but we do each individually have the ability to call out its lies where they can be seen and help wake up people to the fact that we’re being deceived and manipulated.”

    That’s really difficult too. If you deviate from the accepted narrative, (ie: the western propaganda) then you are considered alien. And alienated as a consequence.

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